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Exhibition: A Modular Framework / Un Marco Modular



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by Raquel Herrera

A look at Brian Mackern’s vintage computer, “toothless”, which he sold in a performatic move.

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MAPPING TIME: Visualization of temporal patterns in media and art

Exhibition by Lev Manovich, Jeremy Douglass, William Huber

With: Adelheid Heftberger, Agatha Man, Alex Avrorin, Bertrand Grandgeorge, Bob Li, Chanda L. Carey, Christa Lee, Christine Pham, Colin Wheelock, Daniel Rehn, Devon Merill, Jia Gu, Kedar Reddy, Laura Hoeger, Michael Briganti, Nichol Bernardo, Ong Kian Peng (aka Bin), Rachel Cody, Sergie Magdalin, So Yamaoka, Steven Mandiberg, Sunsern Cheamanunku, Tara Zepel, Victoria Azurin, Xiangfei Zeng, Xiaoda Wang.

October 4 – December 10, 2010
University of California, San Diego

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Open Call for Networked Art: 3 Commissions @ $3,000

Open Call for Networked Art: 3 Commissions @ $3,000 ( and Pace Digital Gallery ( announce an Open Call for Networked Art to be commissioned for the exhibition “”

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New Chapter, “Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production”

Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art) invites you to Read | Write:“Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production”by Mette Birk, Mark Cantwell, Owen Gallagher, Eli Horwatt, Martin Leduc, Eduardo Navas, Tara Zepel

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Glide art intern working at colleting sound

Urban Remix partnered with Glide Church for a workshop.

Collective Soundscapes: UrbanRemix in San Francisco

by Carl DiSalvo 

This past June we had the opportunity to participate in the City Centered Festival of Locative Media, in San Francisco. Working together with members of Glide Memorial Church and Bay Area musician Ken Ueno, we used the UrbanRemix platform to explore the collective production of soundscapes from the Tenderloin district. The technical platform of UrbanRemix consists of both a mobile application (for iPhone and Android phones) for recoding field audio and a web application for browsing and mixing that audio.

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CSPA Quarterly Issue 3: Spring 2010

Available at MagCloud

CSPA Quarterly published by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

In this issue, we’re working against the stereotypes of the form, and attempting to broaden its term. As always, we’re exploring our chosen theme across disciplines and were delighted to include sculpture, visual art, theater, public art, and media art in the following pages. Instead of asking for work based on waste materials, we asked for work built from objects that already exist.

Book Review: White Heat Cold Logic

White Heat Cold Logic: British Computer Art 1960-1980 –

Ongoing Modernism and the Rise of the Heroic

Edited by Paul Brown, Charlie Gere, Nicholas Lambert, and Catherine Mason

Published by The Leonardo Book Series /MIT Press


Between 1960 to c. 1980, is a set of decades most often portrayed as a period of endless creativity and technological optimism. Back then, artists designed and built their own machines, were invited to collaborate with computer scientists in a multitude of higher, social processes (including the development of interactivity) and were wholly influenced by cybernetics and techno mathematics. (1)

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Future Exhibitions, No. 2 Available Now

A publication seeking answers to tomorrow’s questions.

Main Site:


2009 Swedish Travelling Exhibitions launched Future Exhibitions – a publication concerned with searching the world for signs of what is to come. Given the visitor’s experiences, life choices and dreams, what is the probable future of the exhibition as a medium, a voice, experience and contemporary fountain of knowledge? And what future do we who are working in the field hope to see?

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Rooftop Film 2010 Summer Series

Rooftop Films kicks off our 14th Annual Summer Series of “Underground Movies Outdoors.” In 2010, Rooftop will screen 23 feature films and 21 programs of short films, including festival hits and world premieres. Films come from around the world, with off-beat and hilarious comedies, intimate and intense dramas, powerful and personal documentaries—all of which reflect Rooftop’s focus on exciting, innovative, independent cinema.

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