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Turbulence Spotlight: “Aleph Null” by Jim Andrews

Turbulence Spotlight: “Aleph Null” by Jim Andrews

“Aleph Null” is a generative, interactive, open source work written in JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas tag. No plugin required. “Aleph Null” is color music. No audio. It takes practice to tease the really good stuff out of it. It’s like an instrument that way. Or a game in which the goal is to experience color music and create visuals you like. It’s like hunting the Snark, beauty or butterflies. Unlike most instruments, “Aleph Null” will play something whether a person is playing or not. But it benefits immensely by a human player. It knoweth not beauty, is but the instrument of thine own incandesence.


Jim Andrews has been publishing since 1996. It is the center of his work as a writer, poet, programmer, visual artist, audio artist, and net artist.

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Call for Performances/presentations

WATERWHEEL will be launched on 22 August, in Brisbane (Australia) AND will take place live online on the TAP at 6.30pm – find your time here – Media release attached.

The TAP is an online, real-time venue and forum, workshop and stage for live networked performance and presentation. Here you can create and collaborate, rehearse and remix, present and exchange, participate and communicate—privately as a crew or publicly with an audience. The Tap provides tools for live networking and real-time media mixing.

This is a call for proposals for performances/presentations (of 5 minutes each maximum) for the launch of WATERWHEEL – with a deadline for proposals of 12 August 2011. The entire performance/presentation program will be no longer than 30-45min.  Below some info on how to use WATERWHEEL. Do not hesitate in contacting us for more details or a guided tour of the TAP.

Suzon Fuks
Australia Council for the Arts Fellow
skype: suzonfuks
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

A new online platform exploring ‘water’ as a topic and metaphor. Here is a short video presentation about it – check our vimeo account for a new video coming soon showing the TAP in its latest development!  See also media release attached and info below.
All you need is a computer with internet access and a web browser with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. To contribute and collaborate via the Tap, you might also need a webcam and headset depending on your performance/presentation.
* sign up, you will receive an email with a link
* Activate the link, you can create your TAP (please give it a title) and upload on the WHEEL (check also your junk/spam box, maybe email goes there)
For details, please download pdf document about upload requirements & how to use the TAP.

Video tutorial here.
You can upload: Image (JPG, PNG)  | Video (MP4) | Animation/Slideshow (SWF) | Audio (MP3) | Document (RTF, PDF, DOC, XLS) : all media about ‘water’ as a topic or metaphor

* once you signed up and activated the link received by email
* you can create your TAP (please give it a title) and upload on the WHEEL (check also your junk/spam box, maybe email goes there)
* If you want to invite someone on your TAP, add that user in your crew
* user will receive an invitation by email with a link
* link has to be activated
* user will log in
* then click on ‘My Taps’ & on the table, there will be ‘superD’ TAP or another titled TAP you’ve been invited to
* On the right side of the table, you have a link ‘ENTER’. Click on it.
* the TAP will load on your webpage (patience, it might take a few minutes – you might be asked to update your flash player to new version, that doesn’t take much time. Just follow the prompt. But you might need to re-log-in)
* You can go with or without webcam. You will need to go on the top menu and select a tab (webcam, visuals, audio) and within each tab, an icon that you will drag onto the stage below. If you want to type chat, go on the write side at the bottom, there is an entry for public and crew. And in the middle on the right, there is another entry for a crew private chat (not seen by audience).
* if you click on a media (once it is dragged on the white page), you will see a palette of tools – first row from top: keep your mouse down when you select one of the tools, second row: resetting tools, third row: just a click on the tool you need, volume icon: keep your mouse down and go down to diminish the volume.

This project is initiated by Suzon Fuks as part of a Fellowship assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; in collaboration with INKAHOOTS and IGNEOUS, supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council, the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ausdance Queensland, Youth Arts Queensland & iMAL. Creative Sparks is a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. People collaborating so far on the project are from NZ, Australia, Indonesia, India, Serbia, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Canada & USA.

| blog | vimeo | flickr | twitter | WATERWHEEL site

All I Remember by Elisabetta Benassi – Book launch – May 23, 2011 – Castello di Rivoli – Rivoli, Turin



All I Remember
by Elisabetta Benassi

May 23, 2011 – h. 7.00 pm – Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea – Piazza Mafalda di Savoia – Rivoli, Turin
Book signing – h. 7.30 pm

Conceived as an artist’s book as well as a work of art, All I remember, is a collection of 477 backs of photos retrieved from the archives of the most important daily newspapers in the world, collected and photographed by the artist over the last three years. Elisabetta Benassi has selected the most significant photos of the 20th century in a backwards route through personal and collective memories. Each page of the book corresponds to a single photo back characterized by a data sheet with the dates, the photographers’ names and an objective description of that which is represented in the image, as is usually done in image filing systems. The result is an original history of our past, made of written images and of memorable moments of the history of the 20th century.

Published by NERO

Produced by Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli-Turin in collaboration with Magazzino, Rome

The book launch is in conjunction with everything is connected 2 – Allora&Calzadilla, Elisabetta Benassi, Goshka Macuga, Anna Maria Maiolino, Katerina Šedá. Curated by Beatrice Merz – May 24 – September 18, 2011 – Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

LEA backed Exhibition on MAPPING


LEA New Media Exhibition
Re-Drawing Boundaries

Curator: Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

This exhibition presents key innovators in Locative Media, New Media and
Mapping in a show that works to display not only fields and works but more
of cross pollinations, progressions, the need to move beyond labels just
like the importance of reconsidering borders on maps, what space is and
what pragmatic tools and previous forms can do.

The selected artists are:

Kate Armstrong, Alan Bigelow, Louisa Bufardeci, Laura Beloff, J.R
Carpenter, Jonah Brucker Cohen, Vuk Cosic, Fallen Fruit, Luka Frelih,
Buckminster Fuller, Rolf Van Gelder, Natalie Jeremijenko, Carmin Kurasic,
Paula Levine, Mez, Lize Mogel, Jason Nelson, Christian Nold, Esther Polak,
Proboscis, Kate Pullinger, Carlo Ratti, Douglas Repetto, Teri Rueb,
Stanza, Jen Southern, Kai Syng Tan, Jeffrey Valance, Sarah Willams, Jeremy
Wood, Tim Wright.

We are in an age of cartographic awareness that is arguably unprecedented,
but is of a malleable map, of layered spaces, of maps in new contexts.
Boundaries are not the only things that are being reconsidered on maps:
mapping systems and our base sense of space. It is how we see and share
information, communicate, react and remember. The sea change is occurring
right now and it is being led by the ideas of works of these radical
thinkers and others who are making the static map and our sense of space
open up.

The range of works in this exhibit have not only shown in Biennials in
some cases or started whole fields of work in others, but more
importantly, show in them a connectivity of exploration and practice
between many people and works in differently named fields. Data is not
just cold measure; place is not static; function can be many fold and
startlingly so by intention. Space and location are not simply to be
marked or named. There are histories, tensions, conflicts, stories, many
types of data and ways of measure.

This show will exhibit 2 new important artists/practitioners each week
from several different fields.

We begin with locative pioneer, Teri Rueb, and cross platform provocateur,
Jonah Brucker Cohen. Both look at space, data and why we should be more
aware and inquisitive but in very different styles and aesthetics.

Exhibition Schedule

Week 1: Jonah Brucker Cohen, Teri Rueb
Week 2: Carlo Ratti, Sarah Willams
Week 3: Stanza, Lize Mogel
Week 4: Jeremy Wood, Mez
Week 5: Rolf Van Gelder, Carmin Kurasic, Kai Syng Tan
Week 6: Jason Nelson, Vuk Cosic
Week 7: Kate Pullinger, Tim Wright
Week 8: Douglas Repetto, Alan Bigelow
Week 9: Christian Nold, Esther Polak
Week 10: Laura Beloff, J.R Carpenter
Week 11: Proboscis, Kate Armstrong
Week 12: Jen Southern, Buckminster Fuller
Week 13: Jeffrey Valance, Natalie Jeremijenko
Week 14: Fallen Fruit, Louisa Bufardeci
Week 15: Luka Frelih, Paula Levine

FEATURE: Base de datos, Nilo Casares

la base de datos de una parte de mi vida como comisario [edición iberoamericana] (nilo casares, 2010)

Desde que en el año 1995, Vuk Cosic recibe un correo electrónico anónimo ilegible debido a incompatibilidades de software, se inicia lo que podríamos llamar la era del propiamente dicho.

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by Raquel Herrera

A look at Brian Mackern’s vintage computer, “toothless”, which he sold in a performatic move.

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Inaugura la exposición “Transductores. Pedagogías colectivas en red”


Del 01 de octubre al 28 de noviembre de 2010.

Taller: 16, 17, 23 y 25 de noviembre de 2010.

Dirección: Ramon Parramon. Coordinación. Maite Palomo.

El proyecto está producido por ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies y dirigido por Antonio Collados y Javier Rodrigo. Archivo Móvil TRANSDUCTORES es un proyecto organizado y producido por el Centro José Guerrero.

TRANSDUCTORES pretende investigar y activar iniciativas en las que se articulen de manera flexible las prácticas artísticas, la intervención política y la educación, a partir de la acción de colectivos interdisciplinares.

TRANSDUCTORES se concreta en el despliegue de un archivo relacional con el que difundir, entrelazar y problematizar las prácticas arriba mencionadas a través del estudio de diversos casos, buscando su articulación directa en el contexto mediante la puesta en marcha de seminarios, talleres de formación y el trabajo en colaboración con agentes locales.

Los materiales compilados en el archivo visibilizan los procesos llevados a cabo por esos colectivos, o bien son los resultados formales de muchas de sus prácticas (publicaciones, carteles, diagramas, mapas, vídeos, etc.). Estas prácticas se presentan como modelos de pedagogías colectivas donde se abordan problemas sociales específicos (como por ejemplo el reciclaje, la salud, las basuras, las energías limpias, el concepto de ciudadanía, la regeneración urbana) mediante el desarrollo sostenible, la participación ciudadana o la cultura visual. Estas iniciativas incluyen el trabajo interdisciplinar de educadores, estudiantes, artistas, arquitectos, paisajistas o urbanistas, promoviendo el intercambio de habilidades y conocimientos, a la par que construyen un aprendizaje en colaboración e instituyendo espacios alternativos de educación y ciudadanía.

TRANSDUCTORES. Pedagogías colectivas en red pretende activar el trabajo de las prácticas y materiales presentados en el archivo relacional como un laboratorio pedagógico situado en ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies. Para tal propósito TRANSDUCTORES. Pedagogías colectivas en red se articula en torno a tres ejes:

– La presentación de cuatro casos de estudio incluidos en el archivo relacional del proyecto.
– La creación de un centro de recursos donde se recogen los materiales complementarios de los otros estudios de caso investigados en TRANSDUCTORES, así como un conjunto de publicaciones de los referentes de las prácticas y una programación de vídeos a la carta.
– Un taller abierto titulado “Estrategias para trabajar en el territorio” cuyo objetivo es activar los contenidos del proyecto cultural TRANSDUCTORES en colaboración con diversas redes e iniciativas locales del entorno.

FutureEverything online activities at Media Arts Festival, London

FutureEverything is presenting a Lounge, Panel, Artwork and Online Forum at Media Festival Arts in London 8-10 September.

FutureEverything Panel: We Don’t Need Another Bubble (How To Build A Sustainable Digital Culture).

From the series of debates that began with The City Debate, Manchester, during May, FutureEverything offers a vision of the future of
art and innovation emerging from digital culture. Participants: Drew Hemment, Marleen Stikker, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Toby Barnes.

9 September, 14:00. Roundhouse London.


FutureEverything Lounge

Workshop and discussion event on digital culture and public space, encouraging open conversation and an informal ambience. Highlights include
Bill Thompson plus a HackData workshop led by Matthew Somerville.

9 September, 12:00-17:00. Circle Bar, Roundhouse London.


Digital Debates – Lounge Warm-Up/ Online Forum

Bill Thompson will be leading a debate on public space in an online/digitised world and how culture is presented in it.

2-8 Stepember.


Questions for the Opening Night Panel/ Online Forum

Cuts, closures, reorganisation‚ what does it mean for the Arts, and what part can digital play in overcoming the change and austerity? This panel will help shape following debates featuring Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport), Mark Thompson (Director-General of the BBC) and more.

2-8 Stepember.


Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima, Ten Thousand Cents

“Ten Thousand Cents” is a digital artwork in which a representation of a $100 bill is drawn by thousands of individuals working in isolation from one another paid one cent each via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

8 September, 18:00-23:00. Roundhouse London.

Call for netart: 10 Years JavaMuseum

Call for proposals

extended deadline 31 October 2010


2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum –
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, but that’s not all –>
in addition [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, as well.

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Call for netart: JavaMuseum 2010 – Celebrate!

Call for proposals
deadline 1 September 2010


2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum –
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, but that’s not all –>
in addition [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||

will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, as well.

On this occasion, JavaMuseum is realising a big show online, entitled: “CELEBRATE!”
which started on 1 January 2010 already –