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Finaliza inscripción al Máster de Comunicación Digital Interactiva UVic

El próximo 30 de septiembre finaliza el plazo para inscripciones a la tercera edición del Máster de Comunicación Digital Interactiva de la Universitat de Vic que comenzará en Octubre de 2010. Aún quedan plazas disponibles. Se puede solicitar más información en la UVic: (0034) 938 861 222, escribir a mastersuniversitaris (at) o a hugo.pardo (at) Datos sobre el máster:

• Formato semi-presencial apto para estudiantes extranjeros (estancia en Barcelona: 3 meses).
• El Máster se cursa en la escuela de diseño BAU (en el Distrito @22).
• Entre los partners de este máster se encuentra la Corporació Catalana de Ràdio i TV Interactiva (CCRTV Interactiva), la Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN), Ars Media, Eumogrà, Ubiqua y Marcel-lí Antúnez.
• Véase en el Portal del Máster una lista actualizada de los profesores).  Aquí la presentación de Cristóbal Cobo (Oxford Internet Institute), Alejandro Piscitelli o la visita de Martha Ladly, Gonzalo Frasca, Javier Díaz Noci, Ramón Salaverría, Marcel.lí Antúnez, Santiago Miralles, todos en la edición 2009/2010, o Bob Logan, Juan Pablo Puerta (Craigslist) y Pierre Levy en otras ediciones.
• El Máster dura 90 créditos, esto es, un año y medio. El primer año se cursan los módulos con contenidos (60 créditos); los 30 créditos restantes corresponden al proyecto (recorrido Profesional) o a la tesina de investigación (recorrido de Investigación). Esta segunda parte es no-presencial, o sea que los alumnos extranjeros pueden regresar a su país y volver a Barcelona para la defensa final de la tesina/proyecto.
• Los alumnos que opten por el recorrido de Investigación podrán continuar su formación en el Doctorado de Comunicación Digital Interactiva.

CONSERVING, DOCUMENTING, ARCHIVINGS meetings of electronic & digital art conversation to be held in Buenos Aires

These events, organized by Taxonomedia, will take place in the Cultural Centre of Spain at Buenos Aires (CCEBA), in the Space of Telefónica Foundation and in the Latin-American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (Malba), during the 1, 2, 3 and 6 of September.

Topics previously addressed in the first edition, Conserving electronic art: what to preserve and how to preserve it?, will resurface in the thematic areas that have proved fundamental: digitalization, documentation, storage of art-works/art-pieces, and information access.

The seminar will bring together national or international experts, among others  Timothy Murray (Rose Goldsen Archive, Cornell University, NY), Gabriela Previdello (Archive FILE- electronic language internacional festival, San Pablo), Lluis Roque (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona), Ricardo Dal Farra ( CeiArte, Untref Buenos Aires – Concordia Univerisity, Montreal), Glòria Munilla (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya),Verónica Vitullo (Mediateca FADU, UBA), Proyecto Ludión and Diego Alberti.

Check the full program at .

Taxonomedia- Asociación para la conservación digital

Call for netart: JavaMuseum 2010 – Celebrate!

Call for proposals
deadline 1 September 2010


2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum –
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, but that’s not all –>
in addition [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||

will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, as well.

On this occasion, JavaMuseum is realising a big show online, entitled: “CELEBRATE!”
which started on 1 January 2010 already –

FUSO: 2nd International Video Art event in Lisbon

This initiative, produced by Duplacena and The Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, will be held between July 28th and July 31st, 2010.

Eight programs of video and digital art will be screened, mainly in open air, in the BES Arte & Finança Centre, the garden of Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, the garden of The Goethe Institute and the terrace of The Berardo Musem in Belém.

Sergio Edelstein (Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv), Thierry Destriez (Heure Exquise! France) and Elsa Aleluia (independent curator) have been invited as guest curators.  Special screenings include a retrospective of Marcel Odenbach (Germany) in presence of the artist.

More information of all events and works at

Selected New Projects by Garrett Lynch

A number of performances and installations in Second Life all centered around the same themes of identity and location.  Documentation of two performances are online now:

On Exactitude of Similitude

I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL)

Between Saying and Doing was exhibited at the exhibition curated by Patrick Lichty, Liminality: The Space Between Worlds ( and On Exactitude of Similitude was performed on the same site at I AM Columbia.  I’m currently squatting there and installing new work or changing it every few weeks so do drop by every now and then.  You can see the current work on the SLURL map ( without even logging into Second Life.

Turbulence Commissions: “WWW-Enabled Noise Toy” and “Moments of Inertia”

June 7, 2010

Turbulence is pleased to announce two new commissions: “WWW-Enabled Noise Toy” by Loud Objects and “Moments of Inertia” by R. Luke DuBois, with Todd Reynolds.

“WWW-Enabled Noise Toy” by Loud Objects

Loud Objects, NYC-based circuit sorcerers, present a wacky way to learn hardware audio programming. The “WWW-Enabled Noise Toy” invites anyone with a web browser to write their own audio code, program it remotely onto a Noise Toy, and play it live via webcam. In the spirit of “try it yourself” software demos, the website provides a simple environment for experimenting with low-level microchip-generated audio. Load code from Loud Objects’ own library of performance algorithms, hone your own noise techniques, and add your work to the online archive to share it with other microchip coders and create an open source noise community.

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Buy some art and support Rhizome! As part of our annual Benefit

Rhizome be auctioning off art in a silent auction, available here . Purchase original works by Kerstin Bratsch, Paul Chan, Brody Condon, Mark Essen, Amy Granat, Steven Lambert, Julie Mehretu, Emily Roysdon, Michael Smith, AIDS-3D, and Eteam. Auction ends May 26th at 11:45pm.

Proceeds from the auction support Rhizome’s programs, including commissions, exhibitions, events, criticism, and resources! Give today and feel good about getting something great for your wall or screen.

LEONARDO SCHOLARSHIP FOR MediaArtHistories MA awarded to Fran ILICH

From a field of applicants from twelve countries from four continents, Mexican media artist, author, and researcher Fran Ilich Morales Munozhas been awarded the first Leonardo Scholarship in the Media.Art.Histories MA program at the Department of Image Science at Danube University, Austria. The jury, consisting of Edward Shanken, jonCates and Oliver Grau selected Ilich from a highly competitive group of candidates based on his extraordinary accomplishments, intellectual sophistication, independent vision, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ilich is Director of the Literature Department at the Centro Cultural de Tijuana, Founding Director of Possible and Founding CEO of Spacebank. He was Co-founder and Moderator Nettime-Latino and has contributed essays to Wired News, Modem.txt, and Al Fin. His videogame artwork, “Banner” (with Blas Valdez) was exhibited at 01 San Jose (2009) and ARCO XX, Madrid (2001). His Internet soap opera, “Fea y Rebelde” was exhibited at Documenta 12, Kassel (2007). He was General Director and Curator of the Borderhack! festivals in 2001, 2002, and 2005.

The scholarship is planned to answer the critical challenges of the 21st century, which require mobilization and cross-fertilization among the domains of art, science and technology by supporting the studies of a new researcher or artist.

(low-residency; English language, international faculty) The postgraduate program MediaArtHistories conveys the most important developments of contemporary art through a network of renowned international theorists, artists and curators like: Erkki HUHTAMO, Lev MANOVICH, Christiane PAUL, Paul SERMON, Edward SHANKEN, Jens HAUSER,Sean CUBITT, Christa SOMMERER, Gerfried STOCKER, Knowbotic Research, Frieder NAKE, Oliver GRAU and many others.

Artists and programmers give new insights into the latest software, interface developments and their interdisciplinary and intercultural praxis. Keywords are: Strategies of Interaction & Interface Design, Social Software, Immersion & Emotion and Artistic Invention. Using online databases and other modern aids, knowledge of computer animation, netart, interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as the most recent reflections on nano art, augmented reality and wearables are introduced. Historical derivations that go far back into art and mediahistory are tied in intriguing ways to digital art. Important approaches and methods from Image Science, Media Archaeology and the History of Science & Technology will be discussed.

=>DANUBE UNIVERSITY KREMS – located in the UNESCO world heritage Wachau, 70km from Vienna, is the only public university in Europe specializing in advanced continuing education by offering low-residency degree programs for working professionals and life long learners. Our students & faculty members come from the USA, Italy, Canada, Syria, Austria, Mexico, & Hong Kong, among others. Without interrupting their career, students have the opportunity to learn through direct experience, social learning in small groups and contacts with labs and industry. They gain key qualifications for the contemporary art and media marketplace. The Center in Monastery Goettweig, where most MediaArtHistories courses take place, is housed in a 14th century building, remodeled to fit the needs of modern research in singular surroundings.

=> LEONARDO/ISAST – Leonardo creates opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas between practitioners in art, science and
technology. Through publications, initiatives andpublic forums, Leonardo/ISAST facilitates cross-disciplinary researchin these fields, seeking to catalyze fruitful solutions for the challenges of the 21st century. Among the challenges requiring cross-disciplinary approaches are establishing sustainable environmental practices, spreading global scientific and artistic literacy, creating technological equity, and encouraging freedom of thought and imagination.

=>LEAF – The Leonardo Education and Art Forum promotes the advancement of artistic research andacademic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Serving practitioners, scholars, and students who are members of the Leonardo community, LEAF provides a forum for collaboration and exchange with other scholarly communities, including the College Art Association of America (CAA), of which it is an affiliate society.

Further Information:

Turbulence Commission: “I’m Not Stalking You; I’m Socializing: Black & White” by Liz Filardi

March 8, 2010

Turbulence Commission: “I’m Not Stalking You; I’m Socializing: Black & White” by Liz Filardi

One of the original cases of criminal stalking in America is retold within the framework of a social network called “Black & White”, which consists of two mirrored profiles, those of Laura Black and Richard Farley. The website extrapolates on the tongue-and-cheek usage of the term “stalking” to describe the accepted social protocol, a far cry from the original behavior that, in this case, lead to a massacre at a booming Silicon Valley company in 1988. This project points to new and different levels of trust, privacy and social order in our networked society, tells the story behind the first Anti-Stalking Law passed in California in 1991 in the language and structure of networks, and tragically binds together two tormented Americans, once at opposite ends of an ineffective restraining order.

Liz Filardi received an MFA in Design and Technology from The New School, where she also worked as teaching assistant to Ken Wark and Orit Halpern. In 2008, she was nominated for the William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for “Truth Recruit”, a performance in which she visited a Bronx high school dressed as a military recruiter. Her performance video, “Viral Conversations” is currently on display with Iraqi Memorial at Sheppard Gallery in Reno, Nevada. Based in New York, Liz is a production manager and web designer at Kickstand Animation, Research and Design and has interned at Rhizome, Eyebeam and Rocketboom.

Jo-Anne Green
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
917.548.7780 or 617.522.3856
New American Radio:
Upgrade! Boston:

Chico Art Net 2009 Annoucement

The Electronic Arts Program of CSU, Chico is proud to announce Chico Art Net 2009! View the following guidelines to submit your artwork.

-The submission must be a dynamic digital art piece. This includes either video, animation, stop motion, and/or interactive work.
-You must host your project on your own site.
-Please submit the URL of your project to along with a brief biography of yourself.
-An artist statement is encouraged (maximum 100 words).
-There is a limit of three entries per person.
-Please do not submit work that requires downloading specialized plug-ins or downloads. We want all of our viewers to be able to view the piece successfully and with ease.
-The 2009 winning artwork will be posted on
-Upon acceptance, the work selected must be hosted and maintained at the same URL address for at least one year.

Submission deadline: Thursday, October 1, 2009

Selections will be made and participants notified by mid-November.

Watch for our promo trailer @