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New Netprov Comedy! Press,Release Grace,Wit&Charm

How many of your online friends are already using Grace,Wit&Charm™?

All the cool ones!

Does your sexting fizzle, not sizzle?

Does your avatar drop balls and hit walls?

Early adopters have known for years:

You need Grace,Wit&Charm™!


is the net’s premiere character enhancement plugin

. . . and it’s been the net’s biggest secret, until now!

Grace,Wit&Charm™ comes out of the shadows for the first time starting May 14 at &: #GWandC

Live at Teatro Zuccone May 17th and May 24th 7pm free; bring your beer into the theater; keep your cell phones on

Grace™ — moves your avatar more beautifully

Wit™ — upgrades your sense of humor

Charm™ — for the romantically impaired

Grace,Wit&Charm™    It’s why you friended them in the first place!

Grace,Wit&Charm™, a new netprov comedy

Exhibition/performances: UNTITLED (THE AUTHOR…) / OHNE TITEL (DER/DIE AUTORiN…)


Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz/Austria,, 18 June 2010 – 7 pm (Opening/performances), 19 June – 21 August 2010

worte#26/lesung/2010, by Eva Beierheimer and Miriam Laussegger
entwurf einer grammatik des kontinuums – sound/video/drawing/text, by Joerg Piringer and Nikolaus Gansterer

Artworks by:
Anna Artaker, Miriam Bajtala, Nikolaus Gansterer, Michael Kargl – aka carlos katastrofsky, Miriam Laussegger and Eva Beierheimer, Joerg Piringer

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At BASEL all visitors of all countries play at VOLTA6!

Visitors of all countries play The Celestial Hopscotch while The Volta Show!

The Celestial Hopscotch will be streaming today on Internet at 6pm there in partnership with Dock18 (*).

Direct link

Facebook event

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Huis Clos / No Exit – On Translation

Telematic performance with 6 performers
May 29th 2010 8.30 pm

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

Part of the Performmikka Internettikka event curated by Petra Heck
(Performmikka Internettikka link naar Nederlandse tekst)

6 Netartists will challenge one another into collective actions.
What will happen when they will only use their mother tongue and code to communicate?

Annie Abrahams in Amsterdam (NIMk) will only speak Dutch
Ruth Catlow  in London will only speak English
Paolo Cirio in London will only speak Italian
Ursula Endlicher in New York will only speak German
Nicolas Frespech  in Montélimar will only speak French Igor Stromajer in Hamburg will only speak Slovenian

Internet streaming in the salon
Process Guardian : Estelle Senay

Any malfunctioning will be part of the game and must be assumed, never panic.
Nothing can go wrong, all is permitted, we can play but we don’t have to – silence is beautiful.

More information Special thanks to Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Région Languedoc Roussillon.

FUTURITY NOW! transmediale.10 | 2 – 7 feb 2010

Festival for art and digital culture berlin
*Early bird discounts of 10% on transmediale.10 Passes until
December 18, 2009*

‘But my mind was too confused to attend to it, so with a kind of madness growing upon me, I flung myself into futurity.’ The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

As 2010 approaches – a year which has been synonymous with past images of the future – it is clear that global society is neither the utopia nor the dystopia traditionally presented in the fictions, architectures and theories of the 20th century. Rather, it is an increasingly complex web of economic, political and cultural systems dependent on the convergence of rapidly evolving technologies that compress what used to be thought of as ‘future’ into a more coherent and malleable ‘present’. As the future catches up to us, as a concept of technological evolution and progress, it seems to be experiencing an identity crisis.

transmediale.10 FUTURITY NOW! invites YOU to ask not what the future has in store for us, but what is it that we have in store for the future?

Dear Spectrites!

The programme for transmediale.10 – FUTURITY NOW! taking place Feb. 02 – 07, 2010 in Berlin is almost complete!

The festival kicks off Tuesday evening, February 2 at Berlin’s landmark House of World Cultures with a welcome address by Computer Art pioneer Herbert W. Franke and a special live concert featuring Charlemagne Palestine playing Berlin’s unique bell tower – the Tiergarten Carillon.

The festival?s exhibition ?Future Obscura?, by transmediale guest curator Honor Harger presents artworks that use the materials, mechanisms and machines of image-making to illuminate and define our relationship with atemporality – the collision of past, present and future. Over a dozen international artists, including Zilvinas Kempinas, Julius von Bismarck, Ken Rinaldo, Alice Miceli and Julien Maire, have created create interdisciplinary explorations of light and chronology – some of which are new works premiering at transmediale.10 – which will unfold across the House of World Cultures, and several urban spaces within Berlin.

The daily programme begins on Wednesday February 3rd with the “Free Culture Incubator” Salons curated by Public Art Lab curator Ela Kagel, the Phuturama sub-conference hosted by c-base ‘conceptioneer’ Gregor Sedlag and this year?s Marshall McLuhan Lecture by telepresence artist Graham Smith. Daily screenings curated by Marcel Schwerin highlight works from the Award competition and explore atemporal junctures between technology and image production.

Spectacular performances by Ryoji Ikeda and J?rgen Reble with Thomas K?ner initiate tm.10?s extensive live programme including six events in collaboration with CTM which also reflect their theme ‘Overlap’, and feature some of the most important figures working within music and sound today.

The tm.10 ‘Future Observatory’ conference, with keynotes by Bruce Sterling, Conrad Wolfram and Richard Barbrook, kicks off on Friday February 5, with a special ?Futurity Long Conversation? bringing 23 leading artists, designers, theorists, journalists and media interventionists, including people such as Jem Finer (Longplayer), Susan Neiman (Einstein Forum), Andy Cameron (fabrica), Denisa Kera (transgenesis), Gustaff Harimann Iskandar (common room network), Trebor Scholz (digitallabour), R?gine Debatty (wemakemoneynotart), and Warren Neidich (Flusser Award 2010 nominee) among distinguished others. From their own positions and experience, they will discuss, contextualize and explore the abstract and qualitative elements defining our take on what the concept of future – and with that, the tm.10 festival theme FUTURITY NOW! – must be today. Accompanying the Futurity Long Conversation? transmediale.10 Award nominees Sosolimited will unveil an entirely new work ‘The Long Conversion’, using ground-breaking text and visual analysis tools, as a tandem live coding performance of the The Long Conversation.

The format of the Long Conversation was developed in conjunction with the Long Now Foundation, an international organisation crafting ways with which to perceive time and durational process in radically different and perhaps media technologically appropriate ways. In their approach, we are in a period which redefines the ‘now’ within a timespan of a 1000 years, altering our notions of future and the acceleration of progress and development.

Artists Salons, workshops, satellite events across Berlin and a special night of sound art and performance from Shanghai – Myths of the Near Future – complete the program!


Reserve your Festival Passes now for transmediale.10 FUTURITY NOW!

Early bird discounts of 10% on all transmediale.10 Day Passes and Festival Passes, as well as Kombi Passes for transmediale and club transmediale (CTM) are available until December 18, 2009 only! The discounts apply to all Passes – including reduced student passes, and are done via reservation and invoiced pre-payment.

To reserve your passes, please use the form here:

Mixed Relations / Technesexual – Mixed Reality Live Audio Performances, and Workshops

Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cardenas
Oct. 2th, 4th, 15-17th, 2009

CONTACT: Micha Cardenas, 619-750-8851,
Elle Mehrmand, 714-287-2237,

Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand will be doing a performance called Technesexual that uses DIY biometric sensors that were made by hand to create live audio which will be heard in real space and virtual space at the same time. It is a Mixed Reality performance exploring relationality between people and between people and technology.

Cardenas and Mehrmand will be performing Technesexual in Tijuana at Entijuanarte at the Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT), in San Francisco at Arse Elektronika and in Montreal at Artivistic. They will also be doing a 3 day workshop in Montreal, sharing the technology used for the performance with workshop participants including DIY electronics, Second Life and Puredata.

More info and photos here:

Entijuanarte 09 at CECUT – – *entijuanarte* es una plataforma artística y cultural que busca alentar la exposición, promoción y venta de arte contemporáneo de artistas nacionales y extranjeros, individuales y colectivos. Su convocatoria incluye disciplinas y medios diversos como pintura, escultura, fotografía, dibujo, grabado, medios digitales, instalación y performance. Este año, en su quinta edición, entijuanarte 09, refrenda su compromiso y expande el papel que su presencia ha ido conformando con las pasadas ediciones dentro del escenario artístico y cultural regional y nacional.

Arse Elektronika – – Of Intercourse and Intracourse = Sexuality, Genetics, Biotech, Wetware, Body mods =Scottish SF author Iain Banks created a fictitious group-civilisation called “Culture” in his eponymous narrative. The vast majority of humanoid people in the “Culture” are born with greatly altered glands housed within their central nervous systems, who secrete – on command – mood- and sensory-appreciation-altering compounds into the person’s bloodstream. Additionally many inhabitants have subtly altered reproductive organs – and control over the associated nerves – to enhance sexual pleasure. Ovulation is at will in the female, and a fetus up to a certain stage may be re-absorbed, aborted, or held at a static point in its development; again, as willed. Also, a viral change from one sex into the other, is possible. And there is a convention that each person should give birth to one child in their lives. It may sound strange, but Banks states that a society in which it is so easy to change sex will rapidly find out if it is treating one gender better than the other. Pressure for change within society would presumably build up until some form of sexual equality and hence numerical parity will be established. Does this set-up sound too futuristic? Too utopian? Too bizarre?

Artivistic 2009 – TURN*ON – – The world to come is so sexy. We are unstoppable for we are fueled with an incredible urge to embrace the pleasure provided by difference, exchange and liberation. Our actions today are charged with an energy that is animated by the rise of change and a movement that is simply irresistible. For its upcoming fourth edition, Artivistic is going sexy. From October 15 to 17, 2009, we invite participants to discuss, question, and imagine the proxemics of sexuality, technology and politics. While keeping issues of power and control in question, we want to turn to the potency of pleasure, curiosity, humor, and desire in order to TURN*ON that which has yet to be thought and experienced differently.

El Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo invita a la presentación inaugural de la obra digital de Gustavo Romano. Utilitarios para un universo inestable

El Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo invita a la presentación inaugural de la obra digital de Gustavo Romano. Utilitarios para un universo inestable

Miércoles 17 de junio de 2009 a las 20:00 horas
Entrada libre  I  Cupo limitado

Desde sus inicios creativos como artista, Gustavo Romano ha experimentado con las posibilidades conceptuales y los procesos de producción de los nuevos medios como el video, la animación y el Internet.

Mi deseo es tu deseo (1996) es una de las primeras obras en las que Romano trabajó con los procesos de la red; expuesta por primera vez en México en 1997, esta pieza habla sobre la falsa identidad en el entramado de los networks. En Hyperbody (2000-2004), el artista recurre a la compleja temática de la corporeidad digital. Mediante el desmembramiento de los órganos de un hombre y una mujer, dispersos en los dominios de la red a partir de una imagen obtenida de la sonda espacial Pioneer 10, como referente interespacial de la humanidad, el artista vincula cada parte de esos órganos humanos con en el espacio digital de la red.

Romano devela su etapa de “clasificador” en Cyberzoo (2003-2005), al construir un zoológico de la era digital donde se resguardan peligrosas especies en peligro de extinción. En este zoológico de la info-esfera, famosos virus informáticos, considerados como vida artificial, son resguardados y estudiados. En The World 1:1 (2003), se vincula la experiencia de la navegación de Internet con latitudes y percepciones “reales” de la urbanidad. A su vez, el proyecto IP Poetry (2006) se basa en la generación de poesía que existe a partir de la búsqueda, en tiempo real, de material textual en la Web. En esta pieza, robots que se encuentran conectados a Internet convierten los textos hallados por ellos en sonidos e imágenes pregrabados, los cuales emite una boca humana que recita los fonemas. Las diferentes instrucciones de búsqueda conforman la estructura y el sentido de cada poema IP.

Para Romano, la autorreflexión que realiza del arte en red se da de manera lúdica y espontánea, contraponiéndola con la realidad concreta, lo cual representa una constante en el sentido de producción en Internet.

Curaduría: Arcángel Constantini

Gustavo Romano (Buenos Aires, 1958) ha realizado exposiciones individuales en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires; Galería Ruth Benzacar; Centro Cultural Recoleta; Centro Cultural de España en Montevideo; MEIAC de Badajoz, entre otros. Sus obras han sido exhibidas también en el New Museum of Contemporary Art, Nueva York; Casa de América y Fundación Telefónica, Madrid; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo; IFA en Bonn, Stuttgart y Berlín; Massachusetts College of Arts, Boston; Instituto Cervantes en Viena, Nueva York y Beijing. Además, ha participado en bienales como las de La Habana, Singapur, Lima, Porto Alegre, Bienal del Fin del Mundo y Videonale. Romano es uno de los directores de Fin del Mundo, espacio virtual en Internet que, desde 1996, reúne proyectos de net art. Entre otros reconocimientos, recibió el Primer Premio en Buenos Aires Video XII y fue ganador del concurso internacional Vida 7.0, patrocinado por la Fundación Telefónica; en 2006 se le otorgó la beca Guggenheim.


Gustavo Romano

Utilitarian Objects for an Unstable Universe

Ever since he started working as an artist, Gustavo Romano has experimented with the conceptual possibilities and processes of the production of new media such as video, animation and the Internet. For Romano, this self-reflexive Web-based work is playful and spontaneous; it is also meant to be contrasted with day-to-day reality‹a consistent characteristic of Internet art practice.

This exhibition, Gustavo Romano. Utilitarian Objects for an Unstable Universe, includes Mi deseo es tu deseo (My Desire Is Your Desire, 1996) which is one of the first pieces in which Romano worked with the Web; this piece deals with the concept of assumed identities within the interplay of networks. In Hyperbody (2000 2004), the artist refers to the complex issue of digital corporeity and associates human body parts with the Web¹s digital space. Romano began a stage of work as a ³classifier² of species with the construction of Cyberzoo (2003 2005), a digital-era menagerie for endangered creatures that are harmful to mankind. In The World 1:1 (2003), the experience of navigating the Internet is associated with ³real² coordinates and perceptions of urban space. In turn, the project IP Poetry (2006) is about generating poems based on a real-time search for text materials on the Web.

Curator: Arcángel Constantini

Actividad relacionada

Desmontajes. Del net art 0.1 al 2.0
Taller de Curaduría orientada a nuevos medios

Imparte: Gustavo Romano
Jueves 18 de junio de 2009, 11:00 a 14:00 horas Para curadores e investigadores especializados y público interesado Auditorio del museo I Gratuito I Cupo limitado

Informes e inscripciones
Departamento de Educación del Museo Tamayo
Tels. 5286-6519 ó 5286-6529 ext. 2229

Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo
Paseo de la Reforma y Gandhi s/n
Bosque de Chapultepec, México, D.F.
Tels. 5286-6519 ó 5286-6529

Lampo: Magic Matrix Mixer Mountain


Mark Beasley, jonCates, Jake Elliott, Alex Inglizian, Tamas Kemenczy, Nicholas O’Brien and Jon Satrom will collaboratively build a MAGIC MATRIX MIXER MOUNTAIN in Lampo on JUNE 6 2009. Cobbled together from broken computers, functional microphones, surveillance cameras, local feedback loops and international communication networks, this MAGIC MATRIX MIXER MOUNTAIN rises up from foothills and climbs skywards. Audio, video and datastreams flow up and down from the mountain. Each foothill is a self-contained system (artist) that sends tributary audio, video and data via a matrix of mixer connections. All these streams are sources mixed in realtime into a multi-channel audio and video landscape.

During the performance and installation at Lampo, five of the artists will build the MAGIC MATRIX MIXER MOUNTAIN on-site while two are connected remotely via the Internet. All of the artists (foothills) will feedback and feedforward to expose the graceful musicality of faulty technologies. Decoding and rebugging digital media, the MAGIC MATRIX MIXER MOUNTAIN will exist for one night only but will be accompanied by an operator’s instruction manual, to be written, arranged and printed live in realtime along with the performance of the audio, video and datastreams.

Installed and performed live in Lampo, the MAGIC MATRIX MIXER MOUNTAIN began through a collaborative process of free association and deep-linked metaphors online. A nonverbal montage of images, animations and videos posted to a group blog documents this process:


Collectively, our collaborative projects have or will be show or presented internationally in Mexico City, Mexico; Madrid, Spain; Montreal, Canada; Linz, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Beijing, China; nationally in cities such as Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago; and online on New Media Art platforms such as,, Turbulence and Networked_Performance. We have organized spaces, events and platforms such as dai5ychain, dorkbot Chicago, r4WB1t5, BUSKER, HARDCoded, Chicago Hackmeetings, [FRAY], The Upgrade! Chicago and Version Festivals (02, 03 and 04). We are on faculty, teaching or have taught at The School of the Art Institute, Columbia College, Marwen and Street Level Youth Media.

Mark Beasley is an artist/educator making software, video, performance and web art.

Jon Cates makes, organizes and teaches experimental New Media Art, including Art Games, Machinima, Computer Witchcraft, digitalPunk and Noise musics.

Jake Elliott is a cyberpsychedelic artware engineer. This is not a metaphor.

Alex Inglizian is a sound designer, experimental musician, computer programmer, electronic technician, and educator. Inspired by broken radios, children’s toys, and vintage synthesizers.

Tamas Kemenczy branches and merges interactive fiction, the demoscene and programmable spells.

Nicholas O’Brien is a media maker and educator interested in the relationship between identity and virtual constructs such as memory, architecture and cyberspace.

Jon Satrom performs real-time audio/video, databends multimedia computer files, and creates colorful glitch-ware. He spends his days fixing things and teaching. He spends his evenings breaking things and learning.

——————————————————— (Facebook)

Espacio Enter Canarias-Call for Digital Art & Culture

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS es un Encuentro Internacional de todos los sectores relacionados con el arte y la cultura digital, de las ideas que nos permitirán diseñar el futuro y de la innovación tecnológica.

Fecha: 22 al 27 de septiembre 2009; lugar: Tenerife. Islas Canarias;
Espacios: TEA, Espacio de las Artes y Auditorio de Tenerife;
Directores: Montse Arbelo y Joseba Franco; Organiza: ART TECH MEDIA.
Patrocinador principal: Septenio, Gobierno de Canarias; Colabora: Cabildo de Tenerife…

Acogerá aquellas expresiones artísticas contemporáneas relacionadas con la innovación y los nuevos medios, así como el Simposio Future Now.

Entre los objetivos previstos destacamos el impulso al desarrollo de la alianza estable entre Arte, Ciencia, Innovación, Tecnología, Empresa, la Sociedad y las Instituciones para, juntos, construir una auténtica Sociedad del Conocimiento para todos.

Convocatorias abiertas hasta 30 de junio 2009:

-Arte-Ciencia-innovación: Communidades Digitales- Storytelling geoespacial- Artificial Life- Software Art- Arte Transgénico- Arte Generativo- Videojuegos- Robótica- Open Source- Animación,2D, 3D- Videocreación- Net-art- Blog, videoblog- Creación para plataformas móviles- Videodanza.

ir a inscripción arte_ciencia_innovación>

-Festival Internacional Cine Digital Experimental:
Largometraje-Cortometraje-Cine3D-Animación- Web- 60seg

ir a inscripción festival_internacional_cine_digital_experimental

-Convocatoria STAGE: Performance- Teatro nuevos medios- Danza nuevos
medios- Innovación Últimas Tendencias-Desarrollos web 2.0,3.0- Otros

ir a inscripción convocatoria_Stage

-Convocatoria ADVANCE MUSIC: DJ´S- Wj´S- Electronic Music-
Experimental Music- Live Visual Sessions- Streaming Music- Sesiones
Experimentación Sonora

ir a inscripción convocatoria_Advance_Music

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS is a International Meeting for all sectors
related to art and digital culture, for ideas that will allow us to
design the future of technological innovation.

Dates: 22th to 27th september 2009; Place: Tenerife. Canary Island; Headquaters: TEA, Espacio de las Artes and Auditorio de Tenerife; Directors: Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco; Organiza: ART TECH MEDIA. Principal Sponsor: Septenio, Gobierno de Canarias; Collaborator: Cabildo de Tenerife…

It will embrace contemporary artistic expression related to innovation and new media and also the Future Now Simposium.

It aims to strengthen the linkage between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise in order to construct Knowledge Society for all citizens.

Calls open until 30th june 2009:

-Art-Science-Innovation: Digitals Communities- Storytelling
geoespacial- Artificial Life- Software Art- Transgenic Art- Generative
Art- Videogamess- Robotic- Open Source- Animation,2D, 3D-
Videocreation- Net-art- Blog, Videoblog- Creation for mobile
platforms- Videodance.

go to registration form: art_science_innovation

-Internacional Digital Experimental Cinema Festival: Film-
Webfilm-3D_Cinema- Short Film- Animation- 60seg

go to registration form: internacional_digital_cinema_experimental

-STAGE call: Performance- Theatre new media- Dance new media- Fashion
Innovations- Web development 2.0, 3.0- Others

go to registration form: Stage_call>

-ADVANCE MUSIC call: DJ´S- Wj´S- Electronic Music- Experimental Music-
Live Visual Sessions- Streaming Music- Experimental Sound Sessions

go to registration form: Advance_Music_call

Value project at Tensta Konsthall

Tuesday to thursday May 12-14, 12-5 pm interactive activites
Thursday May 14 6 pm performance

Over a period of 4 months, two dance groups, Transforma from Sweden and Tanzlaboratorium, Ukraine have been meeting once a month, working together, exchanging ideas and performing in Stockholm, Kiev and Odessa, with the support of Swedish Institute/SWIZHE. Last meeting of “Value” project will be in Tensta Konsthall 12-14th of May.

Value project has been exploring different questions such as; Is it possible to purchase a dance? How do we set the value of a work of art, an experience, a human being? What are the limitations of what we can buy? What exactly are we buying when we are buying art? Is it a material object, an experience, status, talent? Is it possible to purchase contemporary art if it is immaterial?

In Tensta Transforma and Tanzlaboratorium will present different proposals of interactive activities with audience/people in Tensta for the days 12-14th of May. On May 14th at 18.00 there will be an interactive performance based on the experiences and experiments from the different parts of the Value project.


You can find more info about Value project on

Tensta Konsthall
Taxingegränd 10
163 04 Spånga
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 36 07 63
Fax: +36 8 36 25 60

Tensta Konsthall is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, The Foundation for the Culture of the Future and The Swedish Inheritance Fund.