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RECLAIM the MIND Open Call for Submissions Friction Research Issue #4

Open Call for Submissions
Friction Research Issue #4, Spring 2011

“When the possibility of expressing social reform vanishes, time has come to change our minds. [A.A. 2010]”

Reclaim the Mind is a transmedial collaborative initiative exploring empty spots in the human mind by:

– occupying the area between ‘reality’ and ‘truth’, – re-using forgotten (collective) memory-spaces, – connecting mental processes with physical spaces, – rewriting, tearing apart, scratching and stretching our lived environment in an effort to liberate our ursurpated sensibilities.

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Neural: New Issue and Other News

1. A new Neural issue (#34) is out! Subscribe now [] supporting us directly, or buy the magazine from the closest of the more than 200 stores (Neural is from now on distributed by Central Books in Europe and Asia, by Ubiquity in USA and by Selectair in Australia and New Zealand). A back issues pack is also available []. Issue’s index below (pass it to friends if you want).

2. Neural has a new ISSN: 2037-108X

3. Neural is now a no-profit association

4. Neural is now printed on FSC Certified Papers (mixed source, recycled and from new and well managed forests).

Issue #34, winter 2009
ISSN: 2037-108X

Centerfold: ‘20.12.53 – 10.08.04’ by Moira Ricci.

.Yes Men
.Janez Jansa
.Lieutenant Murnau
.Les Liens Invisibles

.False Files
.Too Good to Be True
.The Onion News Network

.Abandon Normal Devices .

.news: Tardigotchi, Pa++ern, Amatagana, Sk8monkey, Tim Tate’s Reliquaries, Heavy Metal Moshpit, Pitch Control, scoreLight, STiMULiNE, SoleNoid beta, Pirate Kiosk, Netless, Can’t You See I’m busy, 21st Century Home, Embroidered Text Messages.

..books/dvds: Lund/Audio.Visual, Minilogue/Animals The Movie, Mulder, Brouwer/Dick Raaymakers, Rainer, Rolling, Daniels, Ammer/See This Sound, Gilfillan/Pieces of Sound, Doctorow/©ontent, Castells/Communication Power, Sollfrank/Expanded Original, Turkle/Simulation and Its Discontents, Wasik/And Then There’s This, Shanken/Art and Electronic Media, Hauser/SK-INTERFACES, Leopoldserer, Schopf, Stocker/The Network for Art Technology and Society, Arns, Ruyter, HKMV/Awake Are Only The Spirits, Harrison/Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector. .

.cd reviews: An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music, Autistici, Stephan Moore, Daphne Oram, Anne Laplantine, Tom Hamilton, Herbert Friedl, Gregg Kowalsky, Marcus Maeder, Denis Tricot, Eric Cordier, Mudboy, Gintas K, Audrey Chen + Robert Van Heumen, Robert Hampson, Jorge Haro, Yutaka Makino, EVOL, Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Sample, Noise Vs. Subversive Computing, Feeding the Transmitter.

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest: David Solnit Interview/Submission Call deadline/New Journal Press book

We are excited and honored to present to you this interview with David Solnit by Jen Angel.

As a co-founder of Art and Revolution and one of the many visual choreographers of the Seattle WTO protests, David has inspired us and so many others.

1. On the Web-only article by Jen Angel
2. Submission Call, issue 7. May 31st
3. Fashion 2012- new from the Journal Press

1.On the Web-only article by Jen Angel
David Solnit and the Arts of Change
Interview by Jen Angel

In this substantial interview David Solnit, one of North America’s most significant radical artists and organizers, discusses at length his thoughts on participation, Obama, messaging and creativity’s role in social change. Interview by Jen Angel former publisher of Clamor Magazine and founding board member of Allied Media Projects. A must read.


2. May 1st Issue #7 Submission Call due.
We will contact people who submitted articles soon after

Go Post-Money!!!

For the 7th issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, we are looking for articles and compendiums in the form of manifestos , alphabets, radical critiques, how-tos, guides or ideas with expository or theoretical or curatorial text about (but not limited to) the following subjects:

Critical inquiries into popular front styled movements today- how to make the big left push.
Street vending
Conscientious uses of style, media and branding in movements
Examples of building grassroots power and non-traditional alliances
Time banking
economic meltdown and counter models, Land-use strategies and alternative housing projects
Class composition

Please send your proposal to by May 31st.
Please send a concise paragraph describing your proposed article.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Editorial Collective
(Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Christina Ulke)


3. Fashion 2012- new Journal Press comic book.

New from the Journal Press

Fashion 2012- a relational style guide for the next decade
-by Marc Herbst

With global warming and a new round of intense economic turmoil, its clear that there are changes on the way. Radical and progressive culture has the opportunity to create a context for the new social patterns that will emerge in this mix.

Fashion 2012, a relational style guide for the next decade begins to define the emotional needs and social possibility that opens up in this gap in order to suggest areas of mundane though meaningful artistic production.

32 page comic book (4 inches by 5 inches)
to purchase.
to preview

TEXT: aminima:: Feature, Humphrey II

This PDF file is released in collaboration with a minima:: new media magazine, published in Spanish and English. For more information, please visit

Text available in English and Spanish: download PDF

In the beginning, there was Humphrey— a mechatronic device that worked in conjunction with a pair of data glasses to simulate flight in a 3-D environment. This installation in the Ars Electronica Center has been a smash hit with visitors ever since the opening of the museum, which has replaced almost all of the “exhibits” on display there at least once over the past eight years. And, indeed, Humphrey will remain aloft in Ars Electronica’s airspace, but his new design will greatl enhance and intensify the experience of flight. Continual improvements in processing capabilities make it possible to generate simulations that get closer and closer to perfection. Virtual reality systems use stereoscopic imagery to produce the illusion of a real, three-dimensional environment.

Kaleidoscope. A Contemporary Magazine Launch Issue (March-April 2009)

Thomas Houseago by Michael Ned Holte; Martino Gamper by Emily King; Allora & Calzadilla by Chris Wiley; Melvin Moti by Thomas Michelon; PORTRAIT: Felix Burrichter by Francesco Vezzoli; Goshka Macuga by Chris Sharp; PIONEERS: Stan VanDerBeek by Simone Menegoi; Genealogy Of The Fashion Accessory by Paola Colaiacomo; ENIGMA No.1 by Becky Beasley; Berlin’s Empty Center by Carsten Krohn; Semio-Sex By Dan Graham; Mark Manders by Andrea Wiarda; Tadeusz Kantor by Maurizio Cattelan; Raphaël Zarka by 220 Jours; Whatever Happened To The London Night? by Francesco Pedraglio & Caterina Riva; PANORAMA: Istituto Marchiondi Spagliardi by Alessio Ascari; MAPPING THE STUDIO: Tania Bruguera by Luca Cerizza; ON EXHIBITIONS: “This is tomorrow” by Paola Nicolin.

Plus news, reviews, and a thematic section on the subject of exoticism, curated by Andrea Viliani and Alessio Ascari – including a themed interview with Danh Vo, a specially commissioned project by Willem De Rooij, an ‘exotic’ playlist by Invernomuto and a concerted overview with contributions by Rosa Barba, Carlos Basualdo, Matti Braun, Gerard Byrne, Jeroen De Rijke, Francesco Manacorda, Chus Martinez, Mathias Poledna, Florian Pumhösl, Paul Sietsema, Simon Starling, Michael Stevenson, Adam Szymczyk, Armando Andrade Tudela, and Christopher Williams.

Kaleidoscope is the first European free magazine of contemporary art and culture, a bimonthly publication with a circulation of more than 50,000 copies distributed across an international network of 25 countries making for a total of 400 points of distribution, to an audience of up to 250,000 readers.

Kaleidoscope boldly intends to create a platform for information that will satisfy the demands of the contemporary art enthusiast – an attentive and demanding reader with a discerning eye on the art scene, who requires, above all, that a magazine be a faithful guide, capable of orienting his or her appreciation toward new avenues and discoveries. Kaleidoscope is also committed to fostering genuine engagement and research, whether in the form of images or cultural criticism. Prestigious writers, challenging exchanges between artists and curators, and the magazine’s authoritative voice will all contribute to shaping contemporary discourse. While the focus will be on contemporary art, there will also be incursions into related ?elds, such as architecture, design, and fashion.

Alongside the publication of the magazine, the activity of Kaleidoscope includes:
– a project space for exhibitions, located in our headquarters and animated by a rigorous and highly selective programme; the space also features an extensive stock of international art, architecture, design and fashion magazines available to browse or buy.
– an editorial production of catalogs and monographs, academic texts, artists’ books and editions. From time to time, our publications will assume different formats and strategies of distribution: our aim is to explore all the opportunities offered by printed matter and publications in general for a variety of customers who seek a stimulating and dependable partner.
– an art agency at disposal of both institutional and private organizations in need of a highly professional consulting staff, able to develop all the stages of a project, from production to communication strategies.
– a website where visitors can freely download a digital version of the magazine and visit three special blogs: Backstage, maintained by our team, which constitutes a backstage view of Kaleidoscope’s process; Guestroom, which hosts the thoughts and opinions of art professionals and cultural producers; and Inbox, which is dedicated to our readers and users and whoever may want to share with us their own reflections.

To check out the list of Kaleidoscope distribution spots and learn more about the project, please visit our website:
For any further information, please contact us at:

Asso S.r.l.
Galleria Buenos Aires, 10
20124 Milan, Italy
TEL +39 (0)2 365 355 63
FAX +39 (0)2 365 361 17

ArtAsiaPacific, Issue 62, Mar/Apr 2009

2009 begins with a complex international financial crisis that has put a stranglehold on public and private cultural budgets, museum programming and the expansion plans of institutions around the world. But declining revenue isn’t the only pressing issue. The terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November have turned up the tensions between nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan, and the conflict between Israel and Hamas over the Gaza Strip has reignited.

ArtAsiaPacific issue 62 follows the impact of these developments while highlighting a number of under-recognized but highly influential artists who have continued to work in challenging political and economic environments.

Among the artists winning overdue acclaim is Mike Parr, Australia’s elder statesman known for his physically demanding and often masochistic performances. In his conversation with the artist, contributing editor Michael Young found Parr “non-apologetic about the political dimension of his work, though he concedes that it can be terroristic.” The late Tetsumi Kudo, a Japanese postwar artist who was preoccupied by human destruction, created radical assemblages of hand-crafted severed body parts trapped in day-glo bird cages. Here, in a discussion with Kudo’s peers, Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center curator Doryun Chong talks with the modern Butoh dancers Eiko & Koma, about Japan’s political climate of the 1950s and 1960s.

In ArtAsiaPacific 62, we welcome AAP’s new features editor, Ashley Rawlings, who examines the career of Lee Ufan, a Korea-born artist and theorist of the Japanese avant-garde Mono-ha group. In his sculptures Lee pairs large rocks with steel plates, and his paintings are made with just a few precise brushstrokes. We also introduce contributing editor Donald Dinwiddie from London, who contemplates Kutlu? Ataman, a Turkish artist whose films and videos investigate collective memory, identity and utopia. Ataman has recently embarked on “Mesopotamian Dramaturgies,” an eight-part series that explores Turkish contemporary history. AAP managing editor HG Masters covers Yin Xiuzhen, whose site-specific installations and sculptures explore the rapid modernization and social changes China has undergone since Deng Xiaoping promulgated his “open door” policy in 1978.

In Profiles, AAP looks at several initiatives that have the potential to become influential cultural voices in their region, including the upcoming Sharjah Biennial and the third edition of Art Dubai in the United Arab Emirates’ burgeoning art scene. AAP also covers the new Nam June Paik Center in Korea, with its mission of encouraging the kind of experimentation practiced by video artist Nam June Paik and the 1960s avant-garde artist group Fluxus.

Adopting a more pensive mode in Essays, historian Cecelia Levin revisits Bengali modernism. For the Point, Hammad Nasar of the London nonprofit Green Cardamom gallery considers the ramifications of the Mumbai bombings on the cultural sector in the Subcontinent. In Projects, AAP sits down with Beijing-based painters Liu Xiaodong and Yu Hong, who discuss what it means to be an artist in China today. We also listen to one of Mumbai’s great modern painters, Jehangir Sabavala, who describes the colors that have inspired his work over the last 60 years. From Manila, Marlyne Sahakian takes us into photographer Ringo Bunoan’s studio for Where I Work. Rounding out the magazine is senior editor Don J. Cohn’s review of three recent books on contemporary Chinese art.

While the future may look economically bleak, there’s bound to be a silver lining in there somewhere. Gallerists, critics and artists will recall a not too distant moment when the talk shifted from “What does it look like?” to “How much does it cost?” AAP hopes that in the coming months we will see a return to an appreciation of the true value of art.

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest: Monthly Lecture/Inaugeration Events/New Book

New Years
Hides Busy Hands
Time Now For All

1. The Journal’s 1st 3rd Sunday Telic/Public School Class
2. New Book, “A Call To Farms” Book joins Journal Press
3. Stories Inauguration Reading In LA
4. In Boston: Platform2 presents MANIFESTO!SLAM Inauguration night beantown fun


1.1st 3rd Sunday Telic/Public School Class

Journal at the Public School:(
Public School:(

Sunday, January 18 12.00 Noon

The Journal Editorial Collective will be doing a monthly class at Telic’s Public School in Chinatown.
The goal is to expand upon the ideas in our issue #6 of the Journal

The first class is described below:
An noon, Tensions of Power and Creativity in Acts of Distributive Protest kicks off a series of 6 classes by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, called “Theory in 3 acts/thought technique.” Meeting on the third Sunday of every month through June, Journal editors Robby Herbst, Christina Ulke, and Marc Herbst expand on the subject matter contained in Issue 6. The Journal (or a part thereof) will also be joining the Public School committee (D.A.N.) to expand the theoretical reach of the Journal beyond “Theory in 3 acts” and into the school curriculum as a whole. (

From Telic:
In the USA, Sundays in January mean one thing – theory! And we’ve got three theory classes on Sunday, January 18 at our ongoing project, The Public School. If you’re interested in any of the classes, you’ll need to register and download the readings and find out other pertinent information.


2. New Book, “A Call To Farms” Book joins Journal Press

A snowy trip to chicago. We return with this important document for sale.
Why doesn’t every region have a Radical Culture Corridor?

Purchase it online here:

A Call to Farms
Continental Drift through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor
Edited by Sarah Kanouse et al

60 pages
Edition size: 500

From June 4 to 14, 2008, a group of people traveled through Illinois and Wisconsin in search of a Radical Midwest. Continental Drift is a series of spacial-political inquiries initiated by theorist Brian Holmes and the 16 Beaver Group. This book documents an iteration of this search by a group of artists and theorists who wander the Northern Plains looking for moments of social and ecological frictions and divergences. Made up of short essays on sites and means of travel- the book is a sweet application of Lucy Lippard’s “Lore of the Local” and some kind of neo-situationist extended road trip. This is a publication that hints at ways to develop deeply contextual theory and to outlive the grids of mechanization. Stops include organic dairies, urban farms, the Black Holocaust Museum and the Experimental Station.

Contributions by: mIEKAL aND, Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune, Martha Boyd and Naomi Davis, Lisa Bralts-Kelly, Ryan Griffis, Eric Haas, Sarah Holm, Brian Holmes, Sarah Kanouse, The Langby Family, Nicolas Lampert, Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross, Claire Pentecost, Dan S. Wang, Mike Wolf and Rebecca Zorach


3. Stories Inauguration Reading In LA

Inauguration Subversion Event at Stories Books

Time: 7 pm, Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Inauguration night.

Place: Stories. 1716 Sunset Blvd. (Echo Park) Los Angeles, CA 90026.

The Journal has asked a few local’s to read haikus for the occasion. A song may be sung.
Katie Bachler, Ken Ehrlich, Colin Dickey will grace us with their poetry.
Artillery Magazine represents along with one of our favorite literary provocateurs, Jason Flores Williams.


4. In Boston: Platform2 presents MANIFESTO!SLAM Inauguration night beantown fun

This came in over the wire from Andi Sutton

Platform2 presents MANIFESTO!SLAM

An evening of 5-minute manifestos performed by YOU.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 – Inauguration Day – 7-9PM.

We invite you to stand on a soap box to read, sing, dance, scream, build, perform – to SLAM! – your own (or your favorite) manifesto. In this celebration, we will climb aboard a bio-diesel bus and drive through Boston broadcasting our individual and collective voices throughout the city. Join us to manifest the visions we have, the politics we feel, and the movements we revere.
We will gather together words, thoughts, and gestures of action.

We will distribute them on loudspeakers from the windows of a bio-diesel bus.

We will mail hard copies and documentation to the White House.

We will provide a soap box and musical interludes.

You will provide the manifesto.


We always appreciate your comments, suggestions, ideas and feedback. Be in touch.
Look below to get off this list. We finally got a real list serve service (thankfully).

Right on.

New issue of Urban Lifestyle Report – New Media

Today we are launching the English version of “Urban Lifestyle Report – New Media”. In this issue you can read about how companies are using wikis as communication tools, Internet video to empower you site, the APs war against bloggers, the future of account planning and much more.

“Urban Lifestyle Report – New Media” is a monthly (10 issues/year) subscription based trend report covering the constantly evolving media landscape. The focus lies on the so called “new media” and how they are changing the whole marketing arena. This blog contains extra material, video, links and updates related to this report. For more information about how you can subrscibe to Urban Lifestyle report please contact

For more information about our other products and services visit our corporate wesite –

The New Printed Neural Issue #30, “Dangerous Games” is Available

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3 issues
Europe 24,90 Euro – World 46,50 U.S. Dollars.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[Neural n. 30 contents]
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
.Ludic Society/Margarete Jahrmann interview.
.Homo Ludens Ludens exhibition report.
.Play Cultures, the world of digital games report.
.Be My Controller, opening the urban,
button by button.
.news: Emotoscope, Modi 2.0, Rom Check Fail
Amalgus Cycle Process1, HAI.
..books/dvd/cd-rom: Delusive Spaces,
Unit Operations,
Art Machines Machines Art, Conspire,
From Technological to Virtual Art. .
centerfold: ‘Totemobile’ by Chico Macmurtrie
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. Paul Slocum (interview),
. Modified Toy Orchestra (interview),
. news: (Skinstrument, Plink Jet, Street Radio,
Tinnitus Tamer, BeatBox)
. reviews: (Carsten Nicolai: Static Faders,
Fundamentals of Sonic Arts,
Background Noise, Sonic Acts XII, Rechenzentrum Silence)
. reviews cd: (Mahmoud Refat, Frank Rothkamm, Philip
Jeck, Scorn,
Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester, Carter Tutti,
Charlemagne Palestine,
An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music vol. 5,
Saralunden+Andrey Kiritchenko, Maja Ratkje, Fenin,
Now Underscan,
Nemeth, Yuta Segawa, Robert van Heumen, Favourite
Places, Autistici,
Schurer, Kapital Band 1, Josh Russel)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. Too close to the Screen, Reality and Unreality
in wargames,
. The H-Gamer’s Song of Dawn,
. Golden Farmers / Ge Jin (interview),
. news (2.4Ghz, Intelluctual Property Donor, Fake
is a Fake, P2P Art,
. reviews: (MyCreativity Reader, Art and
Revolution, Access Denied,
An Atlas of Radical Cartography, Digital Contagions)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Alessandro Ludovico
Neural Magazine – English ( Italian
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With a donation of $250- $150 sliding scale, you will receive a gift of 7 limited edition posters by artists Diyan Achjadi, Brendan Fernandes, Freda Guttman, Terrance Houle, David Poolman, Mark Schilling and Z*otz Collective.

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