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Category: online Project

Call for netart: 10 Years JavaMuseum

Call for proposals

extended deadline 31 October 2010


2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum –
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, but that’s not all –>
in addition [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, as well.

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Various Activities by G. Lynch

I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL) ( will be screened at Global Container XII ( on Thursday, 26/08/10 at the Culture Factory Polymer, Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn, Estonia.

The event promises to be an interesting one with a cross section of performance art + sound + dance + cinema + fine arts + meeting place.

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CSPA Quarterly Issue 3: Spring 2010

Available at MagCloud

CSPA Quarterly published by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

In this issue, we’re working against the stereotypes of the form, and attempting to broaden its term. As always, we’re exploring our chosen theme across disciplines and were delighted to include sculpture, visual art, theater, public art, and media art in the following pages. Instead of asking for work based on waste materials, we asked for work built from objects that already exist.

netEX: calls & deadlines –>August 2010

10 Years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
newsletter contents
calls & deadlines
01 Call:  2010 deadlines internal
11 Calls:  August 2010 deadlines external
11 Calls: ongoing external/internal
Calls & deadlines
August 2010: deadlines internal
NewMediaFest’2010 has currently 1 call running

*deadline 1 September 2010
Java Museum – Forum for internet Technology in Contemporary Art
will be celebrating in 2010 its 10th anniversary and is looking for
Internet based art from the years 2000-2010
details, regulations and entry form can be found on


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Hackerspaces and Bioscience projects


BioCurious – A hackerspace for biotech – The Community Space for Citizen Science”experiment with friends” Open PCR! – Read and Write !

DIYBio — an organization that aims to help make biology a worthwhile pursuit for citizen scientists, amateur biologists, and DIY biological engineers who value openness and safety.

Hacker Dojo – Mountain View hacker space offering events, classes, e-mail list, discussion list, and other inroads.

Noisebridge – Making waves in San Francisco. Cross pollination with Europe and many interesting events held at their space – modding, hacking, cooking, and other artforms. DIY computing, ecology, techno art.

Pearl Biotech – Do you dream of hacking your own genome? Smart tools for the modern genetic explorer

ONLINE RESOURCES: Cities, architecture, air

Informal Cities, Design E-zines, DIY Mapping
Selected works:
Delirious LA

Head Full of Air


The Los Angeles River: Past, Present and Possibilities

Urban Think Tank

Videoart from Norway on VideoChannel

VideoChannel Cologne
proudly presents
Feature of the month June 2010
Selection of Norwegian Video Art from Oslo Screen Festival 2010 curated by Margarida Paiva (dirctor Oslo Screen Festival)

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Second Life artist-in-residency: Yoshikaze “Up-In-The-Air”

Yoshikaze is an artists’ studio in Second Life, run by Goodwind Seiling/Sachiko Hayashi with support from Humlab, Ume? University, Sweden. Its main activity is to provide SL-Artist-In-Residence (Up-in-the-air Residency). The residency is project based and can be applied to throughout the year. The artist is expected to give at least one presentation of the project at the end of the residency. The residency length is normally 1-3 months.

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Online Project: “Charting Art’s Thoughts” by Chiara Passa

“Charting Art’s Thoughts” is a spontaneous neuronal network of thoughts. Thus, thoughts about digital art from ‘Hyperuranium’ have landed on a virtual map. The short (160 characters as twitter displays messages) art’s thoughts are generated from Twitter posts that match a database of keywords related to art . At every page’s reload, the earth’s map refreshes itself and tracks new words and phrases. Charting Art’s Thoughts is a circuit where random thoughts on new media art are shared on a map! This map is inspired from the’s theory that says: “Ideas are in the air and the earth is spinning around, connecting with these ideas at various places. So an identical idea could land or be had in New York and Rome at the same time.”

Link to the project:

Art Collaboration: Precision Targets

Precision Targets, an interactive essay about technology and the militarization of everyday life.

The project places you inside a cube containing six parallel stories told through interactive comic panels that are married to threads of an essay by scholar Caren Kaplan.

Precision Targets was designed by Erik Loyer and illustrated by Ezra Claytan Daniels.

Launch the project: