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MediaLab Prado: Próximas actividades / Upcoming Activities · 18.04.2011 – 24.04.2011


Visualizar’11: Comprender las infraestructuras: convocatoria para colaboradores

Convocatoria para colaborar en el taller avanzado de desarrollo de proyectos Visualizar’11: Comprender las infraestructuras, que se celebra del 14 de junio al 1 de julio. Los colaboradores participarán en la producción de los proyectos seleccionados, dirigidos a investigar, analizar y representar a través de datos el funcionamiento de infraestructuras y sistemas globales. Medialab-Prado ofrece alojamiento gratuito para colaboradores en un albergue juvenil durante el taller (plazas limitadas). Cierre de la convocatoria: 12 junio 2011. Inscripción gratuita. Imagen: Mercamadrid: Una topología visual de la red de flujos de los alimentos. mickamroch (CC BY 2.0) [+info]

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Failure Support Group – Help Failure Succeed!

Consider donating to help produce a Failure Support Group in Baltimore, MD, in April 2010.

Check out our video on Kickstarter and donate now!
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things is interested in failure and wants to produce a Failure Support Group in Baltimore, MD, as part of the Transmodern Festival. But we can’t make that happen without your help to donate small bits of cash to get us there.

Art projects fail a lot, particularly those that are participatory, public and/or social. They fail for different reasons and cause myriad revelations. Nevertheless, the structures that we use to talk about these works and contexts where they are presented often don’t leave room for discussing the failures plainly and objectively. Our Failure Support Group will provide an open and honest forum for creative folks to talk about their failures in a supportive context. Help the Institute for Infinitely Small Things bring the Failure Support Group to Baltimore by donating a small amount of money now.

Próximas actividades / Upcoming Activities · 31.01.2011 – 06.02.2011

MEDIALAB-PRADO?Plaza de las Letras?C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid?+34 913 692 303? gratuita / Free admission
(English below)

Jugando con Números: Seminario de malabares. Sesión II
Lunes, 31 enero / 17:00h a 20:30h en Café Teatro Matadero Madrid

Segunda sesión del seminario de malabares, en el marco del taller/grupo de trabajo Jugando con números. Esta jornada está dedicada al taller de malabares de mesa “Table Juggling” y contará con la presentación del Sean Gandini. [+info]

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NERO No.25 – New Issue

Click here for contents (English / Italian)

COVER by Tim Gardner?SPECIAL PROJECT by Rapha?´l Zarka?WIKIDIARY PT.1: MY MID-LIFE CRISIS IN ROME by Fritz Haeg?80s NEW YORK: REARVIEW MIRROR by Cornelia Lauf and Daniela Salvioni?COME DINE WITH US by Ed Atkins and Caterina Riva?DOUGLAS OF DETROIT by Cary Loren?ALCUNE ITALIE by Francesco Arena?E BY ?ÖB?ÑKE by ?Öb?§ke?THE REVISIONISTS by Joseph del Pesco and Renny Pritikin?THE FRUSTRATED SCULPTOR SYNDROME by Manuel Orazi?RELIGION OF MY TIME AND THE TUNING OF KARMA by Michele Manfellotto?COMPOSITES by Luca Lo Pinto and Valerio Mannucci?TROVATELLI by Julia Frommel?WORKS THAT COULD BE MINE AND WORKS THAT I WOULD LIKE … by R?§ di Martino?PROGRESS BAR by Carola Bonfili?A BRIEF CATALOGUE OF LISTS & INSTRUCTIONS IN VISUAL ART the thematic section of the

Videoakt Open Call/ Convocatoria Videoakt


(Spanish below)

Dear friends,

homesession participates to the second edition of VIDEOAKT, Videoart International Biennial – Barcelona, May 2011, among the celebration of Loop videoart Festival and Fair.

We are glad to announce their open call for videoart. A jury of experts will be in charge of the selection and of awarding a video: the winner will receive the AMISTER Art Friendly award granted as in the last edition, by AMiSTER Collection. The prize consists of the purchase of the winner work by the AMISTER Collection, travel, and hotel expenses.

Everyone is invited to participate without any limit of age or nationality/residence. The deadline is 15-02-2011 (referential date concided with the stamp).

More information:

We warmly invite you to inform you about this event and the bases.

Estimados amigos,

homesession participa a la segunda edición de VIDEOAKT, Bienal internacional de videoarte – Barcelona, Mayo 2011, en el marco de la celebración del festival y de la feria Loop de videoarte.

Nos complace anunciar su open call para videoarte: un jurado formado por expertos del videoarte seleccionará algunas de las obras presentadas tanto para selección como para ganador a concurso. La obra ganadora será acreedora del premio AMISTER Art Friendly, otorgado como en la versión anterior por la Colección del HOTEL AMISTER. Que consiste en la compra de la obra para la colección, pasaje y hotel al ganador para las fechas del evento.

Estáis todos invitados a participar sin límite de edad, ni procedencia.

Más información:

Os invitamos cordialmente a informaros sobre este evento y las bases de participación.

media sponsors videoakt

MAPPING TIME: Visualization of temporal patterns in media and art

Exhibition by Lev Manovich, Jeremy Douglass, William Huber

With: Adelheid Heftberger, Agatha Man, Alex Avrorin, Bertrand Grandgeorge, Bob Li, Chanda L. Carey, Christa Lee, Christine Pham, Colin Wheelock, Daniel Rehn, Devon Merill, Jia Gu, Kedar Reddy, Laura Hoeger, Michael Briganti, Nichol Bernardo, Ong Kian Peng (aka Bin), Rachel Cody, Sergie Magdalin, So Yamaoka, Steven Mandiberg, Sunsern Cheamanunku, Tara Zepel, Victoria Azurin, Xiangfei Zeng, Xiaoda Wang.

October 4 – December 10, 2010
University of California, San Diego

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Demilit, September 16th



#DEMILIT in San José, Ca. Sept. 16
Among many symptoms, San José is home to 10 government and 67 company locations on the Washington Post’s map of Top Secret America. We’ll study this creeping militarization through entry points such as drones, defense corporations, uses of force, gang profiling, and military bases. We’ll also take visitors on an outdoor exploration of downtown SJ with a focus on the security landscape. 

• Charlotte Casey, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and San José Code Pink
• Katherine Chandler, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric Department
• Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley Debug
Presented by the Demilit team in conjunction with 01SJ Biennial and (OP)Space, CCA Architecture URBANlab.

451 South First Street
San José, Ca.

See for more info. More Details below….

Full Abstract
The crisis of the contemporary spatial condition is produced in part by the hyper-expansion of militarization into all areas of life. Demilit, short for Decoding Military Landscapes, is an open pedagogical project aiming to know how the military and militarization affects society and space. We at Demilit (DM) take stock of the military presence in both routine and unexpected ways by using research, sound recordings, images and more. Among other symptoms, San José is home to 10 government and 67 company locations on the Washington Post’s map of Top Secret America. We’ll unpack this military presence through topics such as drones, defense corporations, uses of force, gang profiling, military bases, and much more. We will also take visitors on an outdoor exploration in downtown SJ focusing on the security landscape.

To find out more visit or follow @demilit on Twitter.

Charlotte Casey, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and San Jose Code Pink
“The CIA’s Travel Agent in Downtown San Jose: Jeppesen’s Involvement in the Torture Flights”

Katherine Chandler, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric Department
Visual artist. On drones, methods of recording, and creative non-violence

Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley De-bug
…On “gang enhancement” criminal charges, uses of force, and SJPD arresting practices

And the Demilit team (Bryan Finoki, Nick Sowers, Javier Arbona)
Schedule (subject to modifications):
10:30am Bagels & chat

11am  An intro by Javier Arbona and Bryan Finoki: Landscapes, Archives, and Crypto-geography

12:00pm  Raj Jayadev  |  Charlotte Casey
(visitors: feel free to bring a lunch!)

1:30pm  “Base edges: practices of listening, seeing and action” with Katherine Chandler & Nick Sowers

3-5pm   A guided walk and recording expedition in the vicinity of downtown.

Share: or follow @demilit on Twitter for news and updates

“Form+Code” book launch / Future of the Public School

September 4-5, 2010

This weekend, we’ll be reopening our space at 951 Chung King Road with two events that we’re very excited about: the Form+Code book launch and a class called Future of the Public School.

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The Nodel London network convenes again this Autumn for a season of Do It Yourself media activity across London. The open source movement has taken up residence in our consciousness and pushed itself firmly into our hardware. Now we all can make our own monster to take on the Big Society.

Following the ’06 and ’08 seasons, London venues, organisations and artists come together again to treat you to an Autumn of media events, exhibitions, workshops and residencies.

Highlights include Waterman’s ‘Unleashed Devices’ exhibition, a series of workshops at SPACE using electronics and Arduino, A10 Media Lab performances and a Digital Weekend at the V&A Sackler Centre.

Can we subvert the machine and build ourselves an alternative?

Betalevel Events

Our summer break comes to a resounding close with the Furious Fists of Friday-Saturday Double Explosion!

Singular Ideas in Sound
FRIDAY Aug 20, 8:30pm

Microtonal music by Portland’s AURES
Electro-acoustic music by Burlington’s GREG DAVIS
Opening sets by LA artists EARN and RALE

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