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Demilit, September 16th



#DEMILIT in San José, Ca. Sept. 16
Among many symptoms, San José is home to 10 government and 67 company locations on the Washington Post’s map of Top Secret America. We’ll study this creeping militarization through entry points such as drones, defense corporations, uses of force, gang profiling, and military bases. We’ll also take visitors on an outdoor exploration of downtown SJ with a focus on the security landscape. 

• Charlotte Casey, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and San José Code Pink
• Katherine Chandler, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric Department
• Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley Debug
Presented by the Demilit team in conjunction with 01SJ Biennial and (OP)Space, CCA Architecture URBANlab.

451 South First Street
San José, Ca.

See for more info. More Details below….

Full Abstract
The crisis of the contemporary spatial condition is produced in part by the hyper-expansion of militarization into all areas of life. Demilit, short for Decoding Military Landscapes, is an open pedagogical project aiming to know how the military and militarization affects society and space. We at Demilit (DM) take stock of the military presence in both routine and unexpected ways by using research, sound recordings, images and more. Among other symptoms, San José is home to 10 government and 67 company locations on the Washington Post’s map of Top Secret America. We’ll unpack this military presence through topics such as drones, defense corporations, uses of force, gang profiling, military bases, and much more. We will also take visitors on an outdoor exploration in downtown SJ focusing on the security landscape.

To find out more visit or follow @demilit on Twitter.

Charlotte Casey, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and San Jose Code Pink
“The CIA’s Travel Agent in Downtown San Jose: Jeppesen’s Involvement in the Torture Flights”

Katherine Chandler, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric Department
Visual artist. On drones, methods of recording, and creative non-violence

Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley De-bug
…On “gang enhancement” criminal charges, uses of force, and SJPD arresting practices

And the Demilit team (Bryan Finoki, Nick Sowers, Javier Arbona)
Schedule (subject to modifications):
10:30am Bagels & chat

11am  An intro by Javier Arbona and Bryan Finoki: Landscapes, Archives, and Crypto-geography

12:00pm  Raj Jayadev  |  Charlotte Casey
(visitors: feel free to bring a lunch!)

1:30pm  “Base edges: practices of listening, seeing and action” with Katherine Chandler & Nick Sowers

3-5pm   A guided walk and recording expedition in the vicinity of downtown.

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Nouvelle/net art/cyberculture


(English below)

Je est un autre, le numéro 37 du Magazine électronique du CIAC (Centre international d’art contemporain), est maintenant en ligne!

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New Chapter, “Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production”

Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art) invites you to Read | Write:“Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production”by Mette Birk, Mark Cantwell, Owen Gallagher, Eli Horwatt, Martin Leduc, Eduardo Navas, Tara Zepel

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Interview with National Arts Advocates

Recent video and audio interviews with Ian David Moss, Research Director at Fractured Atlas, integrated national arts and culture pundit, and collaborating designer/project manager on the Bay Area Cultural Assets Map, supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, can be found here on the National Art Strategies website.

Interview material from AllNonProfitsConsidered can also be found at

CSPA Quarterly Issue 3: Spring 2010

Available at MagCloud

CSPA Quarterly published by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

In this issue, we’re working against the stereotypes of the form, and attempting to broaden its term. As always, we’re exploring our chosen theme across disciplines and were delighted to include sculpture, visual art, theater, public art, and media art in the following pages. Instead of asking for work based on waste materials, we asked for work built from objects that already exist.

First Monday August 2010

First Monday has just published the August 2010 (volume 15, number 8 )
issue at

The following papers are included in this month’s issue:

First Monday
Volume 15, number 8 – 2 August 2010

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VIDEO OF ART BASEL CONVERSATION. Contemporary Art and New Media: Towards a Hybrid Discourse

Due to popular demand, Art Basel organisers have uploaded “Art and Technology. Contemporary Art and New Media: Towards a Hybrid
Discourse”, a talk whose participants were Nicolas Bourriaud, Curator and Writer (Paris), Michael Joaquin Grey, Artist (New York), Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO, ZKM Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe), moderated by Edward Shanken, Art Historian and Media Theorist (Amsterdam).

It is possible either to watch it or download it at

Professor  Shanken also informs he will be giving a talk on the same topic at ISEA2010 ( Dortmund, 23 August) and  chairing a panel on a similar theme at CAA in New York in February.



5/3/2010 * For immediate release

INDIANAPOLIS – The Society of Professional Journalists is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for excellence in journalism.

Judges chose the winners from over 1,300 entries in categories covering print, radio, television and online. The awards recognize outstanding work published or broadcast in 2009.

Dating back to 1932, the awards originally honored six individuals for contributions to journalism. The current program began in 1939, when the Society granted the first Distinguished Service Awards. The honors later became the Sigma Delta Chi Awards.

The awards will be presented Oct. 2 during the 2010 SPJ Convention and National Journalism Conference in Las Vegas.

For more information contact Lauren Rochester at (317) 927-8000 ext. 210 or at

Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, SPJ promotes the free flow of information vital to a well- informed citizenry; works to inspire and educate the next generation of journalists; and protects First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and press. For more information about SPJ, please visit

2009 Sigma Delta Chi Winners:

To view all categories:


Deadline Reporting (Affiliated)
“Massacre on Front Street,” Staff,

Deadline Reporting (Independent)
“Three-alarm Fire Destroys Greenwood Businesses,” Doree Armstrong, Cory Bergman, Kate Bergman, Dale Steinke,

Digital Media Presentation (Affiliated)
“AP Economic Stress Index,” Staff, The Associated Press

Digital Media Presentation (Independent)
“The Bay Area Toxic Tour: West Oakland,” Kim Komenich, Kwan Booth, Josh Wilson,

Investigative Reporting (Affiliated)
“Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy,” Chicago Tribune Online Staff, Chicago Tribune

Investigative Reporting (Independent)
“Buried Secrets: Gas Drilling’s Environmental Threat,” Abraham Lustgarten, Joaquin Sapien, Sabrina Shankman, ProPublica

Non-Deadline Reporting (Affiliated)
“Real Florida,” Jeff Klinkenberg, Maurice Rivenbark, St. Petersburg Times

Non-Deadline Reporting (Independent)
“Credit Rating Series,” Ben Protess, Lagan Sebert, Huffington Post Investigative Fund

Online Column Writing (Affiliated)
Charlie LeDuff, The Detroit News

Online Column Writing (Independent)
“Sharp Eye on Washington, Minimum Snark,” Jill Lawrence, Politics Daily

Public Service in Online Journalism (Affiliated)
“The Promise Audit,” Staff, National Journal

Public Service in Online Journalism (Independent)
“Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice,” Kristen Lombardi, Kristin Jones, Gordon Witkin, David Donald, The Center for Public Integrity

Specialized Journalism Site, Staff, CNNMoney

Ricardo Dominguez and the Question of Academic Freedom at UCSD

Ricardo Dominguez addressing his supporters at UC San Diego Library Walk, on April 8, 2010

On March 4, 2010, Ricardo Dominguez and other members of Bang Lab participated in the student protests which took place across University of California campuses. The protests were organized to express students’ and faculty’s disagreement with the ongoing fee hikes, budget cuts, and the apparent privatization of the UC system. Dominguez and his collaborators organized a virtual sit-in on the Office of the President website, which was interpreted by school officials as a “Denial of service attack.”

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First Monday published the April 2010 (volume 15, number 4) issue

The following papers are included in this month’s issue:

First Monday
Volume 15, number 4 – 5 April 2010

Digital reading spaces: How expert readers handle books, the Web and
electronic paper
by Terje Hillesund

Video pollution on the Web
Fabricio Benevenuto, Tiago Rodrigues, Virgilio Almeida, Jussara Almeida,
Marcos Goncalves, and Keith Ross

Emotion homophily in social network site messages
by Mike Thelwall

Singapore teens’ perceived ownership of online sources and credibility
Andrew Duffy, Tan Liying, and Larissa Ong

Evaluating quality control of Wikipedia’s feature articles
by David Lindsey