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Exhibition: A Modular Framework / Un Marco Modular



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Teatro Carlo Gesualdo
24 – 28 Agosto 2010
Piazza Castello – Avellino

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Per il secondo anno la terrazza del Teatro Carlo Gesualdo di Avellino, accogliera’ artisti di rilievo internazionale per l’evento più caldo dell‚estate irpina: Flussi, il festival di musica elettronica e digital art.

Uno spazio pensato per abbattere le barriere musicali e lasciare che arte scienza e cultura si mescolino nelle notti dal 24 al 28 Agosto.

Flussi e’ testimonianza di come esperienze individuali si uniscono allo scopo di proporre un’idea di musica e arte che possa restituirci nuove visioni e sonorita’. In questa edizione Flussi mettera’ a disposizione una didattica per professionisti e appassionati pronti a recepire e a infondere un sapere, una filosofia del free-software e dei nuovi media, installazioni interattive e una attenta selezione del meglio della musica elettronica contemporanea.

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Digicult NewsLetter

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“… La cosa più interessante a proposito della didattica strettamente integrata con la „pratica‰ del design è che la combinazione permette di rompere veramente i ruoli giocati tradizionalmente: non c‚è più una vera gerarchia ma, piuttosto, una reale piattaforma di scambio. Quando insegniamo, stiamo in realtà conducendo una ricerca in un campo del design che sta all‚interno del nostro programma personale, mentre quando esercitiamo la pratica del design stiamo in realtà dando alla ricerca la migliore applicazione possibile.

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Convocatoria de VJ en vivo > LaptopsRus, la generación portátil

Convocatoria abierta para el Encuentro AVLAB: LaptopsRus, la generación portátil
Código en vivo, performance en vivo, cine en vivo, arte vivo, ¡la vida en vivo!

Medialab-Prado convoca a la presentación de proyectos para su presentación en el Encuentro AVLAB que se celebra el 5 de junio de 2010.

LaptopsRus es una iniciativa en red organizada y conceptualizada por Maite Cajaraville (Madrid) y Shu Lea Cheang (París). LaptopsRus dirige este Taller/Encuentro AVLAB el 5 de junio en Medialab-Prado sobre los códigos y las herramientas de la performance audiovisual en directo.

Cierre de las convocatorias para la presentación de proyectos: 5 mayo, 2010
Publicación de proyectos seleccionados: 10 mayo, 2010.

Nerea García Garmendia
Comunicación / Press
Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Plaza de las Letras
Alameda, 15 28014 Madrid
Tfno. +34 914 202 754

NIMk Depreciated, solo exhibition Cory Arcangel

The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents:

Cory Arcangel
Buffalo, New York, 1978, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (USA)


29 August – 14 November, 2009
opening 28 August 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. with DJ Cinnaman

The Media Art Institute proudly presents the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands by the 31-year-old ‘darling of new media art’, Cory Arcangel (US). Recent films, modified video games and computer installations by the artist will be shown in the context of earlier work.

Cory Arcangel hacks, manipulates and reuses various technological applications, including video games, web software, film and print media. In doing so he comments on digital media technologies and cultures while at the same time continuing to seek the possibilities that present themselves on the cutting edge of humor, theory and technological shortcomings. His interest in technology spans from the vernacular or non-expert to the conscious disrupting of digital techniques. Using techniques common to conceptual art and performance, Arcangel’s work often comments on the relationship between these two.

The Netherlands Media Arts Institute is showing Arcangel’s best known work, ‘Super Mario Clouds’ (2002-). The artist altered a version of the Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers in such a way that only an iconic, bright blue sky with clouds slowly drifting by remained. For the work ‘Structural Film’ (2007) Arcangel used the medium of film, which has been around a much longer time. In this work the iMovie filter that imitates dust and scratches from a time-worn film, called ‘Aged Film’, was applied to a blank image. Arcangel then transferred the resulting quicktime film to 16 mm film, so that the work becomes a contemporary pastiche of Nam June Paik’s ‘Zen for Film’.

Arcangel’s video installation ‘Sweet 16′ (2006), which by now could almost be called a classic, will also be presented. In this work two intros to the Guns N’ Roses video clip ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ sometimes run synchronously, and are sometimes totally out of sync. That is because the two videos’ lengths are off by one note. The artist’s love of music also emerges in his latest work ‘Drei Klavierstücke, op. 11’ (2009). In this video Arcangel brings together short YouTube fragments of cats walking on pianos. The artist edited all the separate fragments one note at a time, so that the cats collectively play Schönberg’s ‘op. 11’, a pioneering work of ‘atonal’ music.

Cory Arcangel completed his Bachelor in ‘Technology in Music and Related Arts’ at The Oberlin Conservatory of Music, in Oberlin, Ohio, in 2000. Together with friends from the conservatory, in 1998 the artist set up the programmers’ collective BEIGE. In addition to being an artist, Cory Arcangel is also a musician and performer. At the age of 27, Arcangel already had a solo exhibition in the Migros Museum in Zürich, Switzerland. Since then his work has been shown in group exhibitions in museums all over the world. Arcangel has had shows in commercial galleries in New York (USA), Paris (France), Salzburg (Austria), London (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Geneva (Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden) and other.

Powered by BeamSystems

Contact for the press:
Marieke Istha, Communication
+31 (0)20 6237101

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Opening hours: Tue t/m Sat and each first Sunday of the month Sunday September 6, October 4, November 1, 1300 – 1800 hrs. Entrance 4,50 (2,50 with discount). Museumkaart free

Media Art Platform:

HARVESTWORKS INSIDE CONCERTS: Gestures and Responsive Media

Gestures and Responsive Media
MAY 14 – 16, 2009, 8.30PM
20 Greene Street, (between Canal & Grand)
A/C/E/1/6/N/R/Q/W to Canal
$15 General Admission, Roulette members FREE
$10 Harvestworks members, students, seniors and under 30

“…lustrous sonic landscapes using [her] highly trained vocal cords”
-The San Francisco Chronicle

“…the naked freedom of jazz improvisation and the alien crunch of digital mechanisms”
Pitchfork Media

Produced in partnership with Roulette’s Mixology Festival, the 2009 Harvestworks Inside performance series presents “Gestures and Responsive Media”, three concert programs focusing on modern experiments in performance technology. Central to this series is the exciting way that live performers are exploring the use of gesture to control computers and building technological environments for free, improvisatory play. From Pamela Z’s gesture-based vocal experiments to Sha Xin Wei’s phenomenological experiments with movement and media, the presenting artists not only expand the boundaries of traditional performance and instrumentation, but also humanize electronics through creative means.

Thursday May 14 – Pamela Z / Elliott Sharp
Friday May 15 – Zach Layton / Sha Xin Wei
Saturday May 16 – Sawako / Bill Hsu & James Fei

Thursday May 14 – Pamela Z / Elliott Sharp

Pamela Z will perform work for voice, electronics, and interactive video including Suitcase Suite, being developed as part of her work-in-progress Baggage Allowance.
Elliot Sharp will present new works as part of his ongoing Tectonics project. Tectonics is the name under which Sharp performs his solo electro acoustic music. The live concerts are performed on his 8-string guitar bass, a laptop computer running a variety of applications, hardware processors, plus various electronically modified horns.

Friday May 15 – Zach Layton / Sha Xin Wei

Zach Layton will perform new works exploring synaesthesia, geometric forms, minimal surfaces, kinetic visual patterns and sonic gestures. Sha Xin Wei, with Clarinda Mac Low, will present, Ouija, an open workshop/seminar experiment with dancers in responsive media. Ouija is a phenomenological experiment about gesture, intention and collective vs. individual agency. It uses the forms of a contemporary dance and movement art workshop to explore the medium of movement and media.

Saturday May 16 – Sawako / Bill Hsu & James Fei

Sawako, with a bit of help from technology, will improvise with underwater recordings from around NYC and Hawaii, as well as with actual water. Aqua Field is Sawako’s recent ongoing project related to water and the ocean. Bill Hsu and James Fei will perform a suite of pieces for alto saxophone and electronics. Hsu’s software extracts timbral and gestural information from the real-time saxophone performance, and uses this information to guide its behavior. The pieces will explore a range of system behavior, from completely autonomous improvisation to full manual control.


Pamela Z is a composer/performer who makes solo works combining a wide range of vocal techniques with electronic processing, samples, and gesture activated MIDI controllers. She has also composed scores for dance, film, and new music chamber ensembles. She has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. Her numerous awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Creative Capital Fund, the CalArts Alpert Award, the ASCAP Award, an Ars Electronica honorable mention and the NEA/JUSFC Fellowship.

Elliott Sharp is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer and central figure to the avant-garde experimental music scene in New York City for over thirty years. He has released over 200 recordings spanning the musical spectrum but all bearing his personal sound. He leads the projects Carbon and Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics, and Terraplane and has pioneered ways of applying fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetic metaphors to musical composition and interaction as well as pioneering real-time computer-based improvisation with his Virtual Stance project of 1986. Sharp’s solo Tectonics program was featured at the re-opening of NYC’s PS1 Contemporary Art Center in October 1997.

Zach Layton is a composer, curator, improviser and new-media artist with an interest in biofeedback, generative algorithms, experimental culture and architecture. Based in Brooklyn, his work investigates complex relationships and topologies created through the interaction of simple core elements like sine waves, minimal surfaces and kinetic visual patterns. Zach has performed and exhibited at many venues in New York, South America and Europe. Zach is also founder of Brooklyn’s monthly experimental music series, Darmstadt: classics of the avant-garde co-curated with Nick Hallett. He is co-curator of the PS1 summer warm-up music series and is one of the directors of Issue Project Room.

Sawako is a Tokyo/NYC-based sound sculptor. After beginning in video art, Sawako shifted her focus from the video camera to sound. Sawako did audio and/or live performances in Japan, USA, Lisbon, London and Canada among other countries, and has collaborated with a wide range of artists such as Taylor Deupree, Taku Sugimoto, Chika, O.blaat, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jacob Kirkegaard and Andrew Deutsch. Sawako obtained a Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University and received a B.A. from Environmental Information Department at Keio University, SFC, Japan. Born in Nagoya, Japan.

Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Computer Science at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, Sha Xin Wei directs the Topological Media Lab, a studio-laboratory for the study of gesture and materiality from computational and phenomenological perspectives. Sha Xin Wei was trained in mathematics at Harvard and Stanford Universities, and worked more than 12 years in the fields of scientific computation, mathematical modeling and the visualization of scientific data and geometric structures. In 1998, Sha also co-founded the Sponge art group in San Francisco, to build public experiments in phenomenology of performance.

BIll Hsu builds software and performs with electronics. His work mostly involves using gestural interfaces to control synthesis, and exploring systems that interact with human performers. His recent performances include concerts at NIME 2007 and MIX Festival 2007 (both New York), and Fete Quaqua 2008 (London). He teaches computer science at San Francisco State University.

James Fei (b. Taipei, Taiwan) moved to the US in 1992 to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. He has since been active as a composer, improviser and sound artist. Works by Fei have been performed by the Bang on a Can All-Stars, Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble, MATA Micro Orchestra and Noord-Hollands Philharmonisch Orkest. Fei teaches sound art and intermedia at Mills College.

“Artists designing software and interfaces that become the engines of their art constitute an emerging field where viewers and performers participate and collaborate with machines to produce a new sensory experience”

About Harvestworks:
Harvestworks is a nonprofit Digital Media Arts Center that provides resources for artists to learn digital tools and exhibit experimental work created with digital technologies. Our programs are made possible with funds from New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Materials for the Arts, the Mary Flagler Cary Trust, the Jerome Foundation, media The foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Art, The New York State Music Fund, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, The Argosy Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation, The NY Community Trust, The Andy Warhol Foundation and the Friends of Harvestworks.

About Roulette:
Roulette Intermedium is an Experimental and New Music presenting organization dedicated to the development of emerging and established artists. Since 1978, our ongoing purpose has been to provide opportunities for innovative composers, musicians, sound artists and interdisciplinary collaborators to present their work in accessible, appropriate and professional productions. Roulette hosts over 100 New Music concerts each season, with our annual spring Mixology Festival focusing on new and unusual uses of technology in music. Please visit for more info or to stream recordings from our free online archive as well as learn more about your favorite artists through interviews, sound clips, and videos now available on our new Blog.

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, New York, NY 10012,, Tel 212-431-1130, Fax 212-431-8473

Futuresonic 2009 Art Programme

Urban Festival of Art, Music and Ideas
13-16 May Manchester UK

Futuresonic’s 2009 art programme is more ambitious and relevant than ever. Themes include society, technology and the city plus this year Environment 2.0. The exhibition takes place across Manchester and beyond, with the focal point an exhibition at the CUBE gallery.

Kim Abeles (US)
Prayas Abhinav (IN)
Ackroyd & Harvey (UK)
Carlo Buontempo (IT)
Lluis Sabadell Artiga (ES)
Rob Bailey (UK)
Amy Balkin (US)
Mike Bennett (IE)
Jonathan Cohrs (US)
Jonah Brucker-Cohen (US)
Alfie Dennon (UK)
Yara El-Sherbini (UK)
Cleo Evans (UK)
Usman Haque (US)
Drew Hemment (UK)
HeHe (UK/FR)
Aaron Koblin (US)
Megan MacMurray (US)
James Marriott (UK)
Eva Meyer-Keller (DE)
Fujiko Nakaya (JP)
Christian Nold (UK)
Angela Pablo (US)
The Owl Project (UK)
Andrea Polli (US)
Janine Randerson (NZ)
Scenocosme (FR)
Will Schrimshaw (UK)
Royal College of Art & Yamaha
Yuri Suzuki (JP)
Elin Wikstrom (SE)

CUBE exhibition 13-23 May, opening 5pm on 13 May
All Art exhibitions and events are free


Curator’s Statement


The 2009 exhibition has grown out of three years of background work which commenced in 2006. It adds an engagement in the environment to the festival’s now perennial themes of society, technology and the city.

Artists here avoid cliches and address environmental sustainability in ways both forceful and irreverent. Eva Meyer-Keller re-enacts catastrophic weather scenarios using household objects in Handmade, and Kim Abeles’ exhibits commemorative plates with images of U.S. presidents, created by exposing the plates to an amount of smog proportional to their environmental records.

Futuresonic has developed a social engagement within its art programme, and in Beuys’ Acorns by Ackroyd and Harvey this resonates within a wider art historical tradition. Installing 250 oak saplings grown from artist Joseph Beuys’ acorns, they revisit his notion of social sculpture, where the artist is asking dangerous questions, seeking to change the social order.

The exhibition includes artworks which are purely aesthetic, such as Janine Randerson’s compelling film Rorschach Clouds, artworks which are conceived directly as social interventions, such as the urban gardening projects of Prayas Abhinav in Petpuja, as well as pieces which arise out of a sustained engagement and dialogue between artists and scientists such as the work of Andrea Polli.

A focus on participatory artworks continues, with a public recital of the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) coordinated by Amy Balkin, an art device for prospecting for oil in the city centre by Jon Cohrs, and a number of large scale, participatory mass observation projects on climate and biodiversity by Futuresonic with the Met Office and Natural History Museum.

Elin Wikstršm introduces us to wheelchair tag rugby in a conceptual art event and exhibition in which the drama and brutality of the game offers a metaphor for the invasion of non-native species of plants and animals in the year of Darwin’s bicentenary, and also a celebration of the sporting prowess of the disabled wheelchair rugby players prior to London 2012.

Several artworks make visible and tangible the outcomes of our actions at a local level, including aesthetic and conceptual design objects by Usman Haque and Megan MacMurray & Angela Pablo, and documentation of HeHe’s award winning Nuage Vert projecting energy usage onto a powerstation vapour cloud.

Across the Art Programme artists explore other themes, including a number of sound art projects, centred on an important exhibition by Yamaha and Royal College of Art. Futuresonic 2009’s focal point is, however, very much this year in seeking to open an original engagement in the environment, with projects which aim to provoke and inspire.

Drew Hemment
Artistic Director


The Festival


Futuresonic Urban Festival of Art, Music and Ideas features world premiers of astonishing artworks, an explosive city-wide music programme, and visionary thinkers from around the world. Now in its 14th year, Futuresonic is the UK’s leading festival for digital culture, and this year was nominated for the prestigious Lever Arts Prize. An urban festival experience, it is anticipated that over 50,000 festival visitors will engage with 300 artists and 100 events across 30 venues.

13-16 May, Manchester UK

Futuresonic is presented by FutureEverything CIC. It is a Regularly Funded Organisation (RFO) of Arts Council England North West, a pillar event of Manchester City Council and is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. FutureEverything was shortlisted for the highly acclaimed 2009 Lever Prize.

Futuresonic is presented in partnership with ImaginationLancaster, a major new research lab at Lancaster University.

In 2010 Futuresonic will return as FutureEverything





Futuresonic offers a range of opportunities to get involved through volunteering. In the lead up and during the festival this may include tasks in marketing, production, artist liason and front of house.

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved in making the festival a great success. Contact:

10th Edition of the ELEKTRA Festival

Arnaud Rebotini // Black Strobe // Ryoji Ikeda // ANTIVJ+Principles of Geometry // Kurt Hentschläger

Ryoichi Kurokawa // Defasten // Otolab

In Montreal, for the 10th Edition of the ELEKTRA Festival

May 1-10

Tickets now on sale!

Montreal, Wednesday, March 11, 2009 — From May 1st to 10, 2009, the 10th Edition of the Elektra international digital arts festival will be held in Montreal. Tickets for this anniversary edition are available on the Admission network ( and at the Usine C ticket office (514-521-4493). The Festival’s team is proud to provide a taste of things to come for this 2009 Edition — which promises to delight both adepts of the digital culture as well as anyone on the lookout for new experiences.

10 years — a milestone worth celebrating. Right? There’s no doubt that’s exactly what the ELEKTRA think tank had in mind when they invited Frenchman Arnaud Rebotini to present the live Canadian premiere of his brand new album, Music Components. Indeed, the Black Strobe producer and singer will be back in Montreal for a live performance he’ll captain with his analog machines. But what can the audience expect? More organic techno that happily leverages dancing pop/rock accents. Set aside your inhibitions, and let Rebotini drive. And on that same special 10th anniversary night, Black Strobe will join in at Elektra to enthral rock lovers and hard core electronic music fans alike.

Saturday, May 9, Usine C – Canadian premiere

Japan’s own Ryoji Ikeda is one of the world’s greatest electronic music artists and composers. Actively present on the Japanese and international scenes since 1995, Ikeda sets the stage with A/V performances that have earned him recognition well beyond the musical realm. And he’ll be in Montreal, ready to thrill eye and ear!

Friday, May 8, Usine C

The ANTIVJ label, alongside Principles of Geometry — a square fave of the popular Tigersushi label — will thread Canadian soil for the first time to introduce Stereoscopic show. Equipped with 3D glasses, the audience will attend a singular performance where live musicians and seasoned VJs will unite to breathe an entirely new dimension into A/V performance.

Saturday, May 9, Usine C – Canadian premiere

Kurt Hentschläger is coming to Montreal for the ultimate presentation of Feed . . . For the sheer joy of those who already know him. But above it all for those who can’t even yet fathom what they’ve missed out on.

Wednesday, May 6, Thursday, May 7, and Friday, May 8, Usine C – Last Montreal show

Ryoichi Kurokawa is the archetype of the A/V artist who knows just how to push the envelope of new technologies to enhance his work. His latest performance coaxes the audience into a journey where minimalism and complexity cohabit flawlessly with A/V sculptures at times exciting and exuberant, at others mind-blowing. Indefinable and an absolute must.

Thursday, May 7, Usine C

Lauded during the 8th Edition of Elektra, Montrealer Defasten will be back for the Canadian premiere of his first feature film, Openland. Focusing on digital animation, Defasten draws parallels inside a bubble of information, space and urban landscapes. In this cinematographic hybrid, Montreal artist Patrick Doan weaves interviews, meta-story, documentary sequences and metaphorical digital landscapes to drive an aesthetic exploration of micro-states.

Thursday, May 7, Usine C – Canadian premiere

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the first ever Canadian foray of Italian collective Otolab, with an A/V performance characterized by aesthetic flair, largely inspired from the graphical and architectural universe. Through op7, Otolab develops multiple perspective and trompe-l’œil shifts to prompt the audience to derive new sound and image perceptions. A not-to-be-missed performance for a glimpse of the new digital arts scene emerging in Europe.

Friday, May 8, Usine C

And while you’re waiting to celebrate this 10th anniversary with us, check out the latest news at:

SoundPOOL: Call for Soundart

SoundLAB – sonic art project environments

Call for soundart for SoundLAB VI
deadline: 31 December 2008

Call for entries:
SoundLAB VI – “soundPOOL”
– sound compositions – a challenge for imagination –

SoundLAB is looking for its 6th edition to be launched in March 2009, sound compositions which represent a real challenge for human imagination

All details, the complete call, the regulations and entry form can be found here

SoundLAB – sonic art project environments
corporate part of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Visit also SoundLAB I -V on –

Próximas actividades / Upcoming Activities · 07/10-12/10

AVLAB 1.0 – experimentación audio/vídeo
1 – 26 octubre
Del 1 al 26 de octubre puede visitarse la muestra compuesta por los nueve proyectos desarrollados colaborativamente durante las dos semanas que ha durado el taller AVLAB 1.0, dedicado a apoyar iniciativas relacionadas con el sonido y con el extenso campo creativo que forma su intersección con la imagen en movimiento. Entrada gratuita. [+info]
De martes a viernes de 10h a 20h. Sábados: 11h a 20h. Domingos: 11h a 15h.

En colaboración con el Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea, Experimentaclub08 y LIMb0.

<16º Encuentro AVLAB> Experimentación sonora y visual
· Wilson Sukorski (Brasil)
· Félix Lazo (Chile)
· 1605munro (Argentina)
Jueves, 9 de octubre / 19:00h

Actuación/performance en vivo precedida de introducción teórica. Coordinador: Daniel González Xavier.
Vuelven los Encuentros AVLAB con una programación dedicada a Latinoamérica, en colaboración con Limb0 y Experimentaclub08. Con las actuaciones de Wilson Sukorski (Procesos creativos y música de invención), Félix Lazo (Seis estudios para una obra vacía) y 1605munro – Andrés Jankowski (Electronic avant laptop: De la utilización musical individual a la instrumentación orquestal colectiva). [+info]


CCTV Mapping Party
Sábado, 11 de octubre / 11:00h – 14:00h

Un encuentro que parte de la Plaza de las Letras de Madrid (Alameda, 15) para recorrer la ciudad y descubrir, fotografiar y documentar sistemas de seguridad de video-vigilancia a través de la aplicación CameraMap, desarrollada por la plataforma addSensor en el 2º Encuentro Inclusiva-net: Redes digitales y espacio físico en Madialab-Prado (Marzo 2008). [Ver vídeo]

El sábado 11 de octubre a las 11:00h tendrá lugar la primera CCTV Mapping Party con motivo del día Europeo Libertad sin miedo – ¡Detengan la vigilanciamanía! Se introducirán cámaras desde varias ciudades de España y desde Ámsterdam, La Haya, Nueva York y Lisboa… ¡Tráete tu cámara de fotos y descubre el otro Madrid vigilado! [+info]


Arquitecturas de la cultura del mañana-mañana
Hasta el 21 de octubre

Convocatoria para formar parte de un grupo de trabajo que se reunirá mensualmente para debatir acerca de las interacciones entre los centros culturales, la arquitectura, la ciudad y sus habitantes, tomando como punto de partida el proceso de rehabilitación del edificio de la antigua Serrería Belga de Madrid para su conversión en un centro dedicado a usos culturales dependiente del Área de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Inscripción hasta el 21 de octubre.
Formulario de inscripción online:


Todos los días / 21:00h – 02:00h

Plazanimada superpone la red y la calle, ofreciendo una plataforma abierta para la expresión pública en la ciudad a través de

Los dibujos enviados por los usuarios remotos son proyectados y recibidos de manera pública y compartida por los usuarios presentes en el espacio físico de la Plaza de Las Letras. [+info]


Todos los viernes / 19:00h

Los Viernes OpenLab constituyen un espacio de trabajo, encuentro y experimentación abierto a todos aquellos interesados en desarrollar o colaborar en propuestas, prototipos o experimentos con objetos electrónicos, interactivos, sonoros,sistemas de visión artificial, etc. Es gratuito y no es necesario inscribirse. Confirmar fechas en [+info]


Más información:
Descarga aquí la programación hasta diciembre 2008


AVLAB 1.0 – A/V experimentation
October 1 -26
Nine collaboratively developed projects will be showcased from October 1 through 26,
2008 at Medialab-Prado, as a result of the intensive two-week international workshop, AVLAB 1.0. These installations use audio and its intersection with video to artistically approach and reflect on the relations between our senses and our daily context. Free admission. [+info]
Tue to Fri: 10am to 8pm. Sat: 11am to 20pm. Sun: 11am to 3pm.
In collaboration with the Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea, Experimentaclub08 and LIMb0.

<16 AVLAB Meeting> A/V Experimentation
· Wilson Sukorski (Brazil)
· Félix Lazo (Chile)
· 1605munro (Argentina)
Thursday, October 9 / 7pm

Live performance preceded by a theoretical presentation. Coordinated by Daniel González Xavier.
AVLAB Meetings are back again, featuring three Latin American artists in collaboration with Limb0 and Experimentaclub08. With Wilson Sukorski (Creative Processes and Invention Music), Félix Lazo (Six Studies for an Empty Work) y 1605munro – Andrés Jankowski (Electronic Avant Laptop: From Individual Musical Use to Collective Orchestral Instrumentation). [+info]


CCTV Mapping Party
Saturday, October 11 de octubre / 11am – 2pm

A meeting starting at the Plaza de las Letras in Madrid (Alameda, 15) to scour the city in search of surveillance cameras and security systems, to photograph and to document them. The application CameraMap will be used. CameraMap was developed by addSensor during the 2nd Inclusiva-net Meeting: Digital Networks and Physical Space at Madialab-Prado (March 2008). [Watch video]

On Saturday October 11, at 11am the first CCTV Mapping Party will take place, celebrating the International Action Day “Freedom not fear – Stop the surveillance mania!” Cameras from other cities of Spain and Amsterdam, The Hague, New York and Lisbon will be on live streaming. Bring your photo camera and discover the other surveilled Madrid! [+info]


Architectures of the Culture of Tomorrow-Tomorrow
Deadline: October 21

Call to take part in a working group that will gather every month to discuss topics such as the nature of interaction between the cultural centers, architecture, the city and its inhabitants. The starting point is the restoration of the old Serrería Belga (Belgian Sawmill) building in Madrid, which will be turned into a center dedicated to the cultural activities of the Department of Arts of the Madrid City Council. Submission deadline: October 21
Online submission form:

Interactive Installation at the Plaza de las Letras
Every night / 9pm – 2am

Plazanimada overlaps the net and the street, acting like a open space for public expression in the city through

Drawings sent by users are projected in a public way and share by the users in the actual space of the Plaza de las Letras. [+info]


Every Friday* / 7pm

Fridays OpenLab are a work and meeting space for experimentation open to everyone interested in developing or collaborating in projects, prototypes, and experiments with electronics, interactivity, sound devices, computer vision, etc. Free admission, no signing up required. *Double check dates at [+info]


More information: