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Category: Performance

cyberformance “Calling Home – Part 1”

Liz Bryce (New Zealand) James Cunningham (Australia) Suzon Fuks (Australia/Belgium) and Cherry Truluck (U.K.) began working together in 2007 and formed the group activelayers in March 2008 because we are interested in discovering a mode of ‘cyberformance’ which satisfies our need for the ‘real’ – the interactive.

We invite you to our cyberformance
“Calling Home – Part 1”
on UpStage
Tuesday July 1, 2008, find your local time here:
eg: 5am NY, 10am UK, 7pm Bris., Melb., 9pm NZ,

Meet Heather, Esme, Michael J Finch and Grand Uncle.
Can you help them find their home?
Go to and click on the pictures to get to each character’s “stage”. Load each stage in a separate tab or window. Make sure your sound is on. It’s that simple!!

The stages will be active 15 minutes before the performance. Feel free to type in the chat at any time. If you have trouble loading the stages, contact for support.

Interested in participating in the evolving stories of Michael J Finch, Grand Uncle, Heather
Smith and Esmé?
Follow-up here

Let’s meet online!

liz bryce, james cunningham, suzon fuks, cherry truluck

1000 Joyce Walks Call for Participation

What: 1000 Joyce Walks

When: Bloomsday June 16th 2008

Where: Any city in the world

How: Generate a map and walk in your city


Participants are now sought for the 1000 Joyce Walks project taking place on June 16th (Bloomsday) 2008.

1000 Joyce Walks is a participatory global intervention which aims to create a day of psychogeographical exploration with 1000 interventions in 24 hours across the globe.

The project uses the Joyce Walks project to remap routes from James Joyce’s Ulysses to any city in the world to be used as the basis of walks which navigate urban space in a new and unexpected way .

Based on the Situationist Dérive Joyce Walks is a participatory spatial tool which overlays virtual layers of meaning over real space enabling the user to create temporary location based interventions and social spaces which tactically insert themselves into the urban environment inscribing a new set of meanings onto the very fabric of the city.

Participation is easy.
– Use the Joyce Walks website to generate a walk in any city of your choice,
– invite your friends and peer group to join you on your walk and
– document the experience simply with some photos and/or videos,
– use the Joyce Walks site to generate a googlemaps mashup of your walk to be shared on the Joyce Walks site or embedded on any webpage

1000 Joyce Walks is a project by Dublin based artist Conor McGarrigle

More information

Joyce Walks


Conor McGarrigle




MARCH 23–JUNE 30, 2008
INFO 213/626-6222

If you have taken part in an Allan Kaprow artwork between 1960 and 2008, tell us about it!
Simply lift the phone in the phone booth at the MOCA Geffen and follow the instructions; or
Dial 213/455-2926 from any phone, anywhere and record a memory of your participation including your name and the Happening title, date, and location.

Your recording will be uploaded to the audio archive on the Trade Talk web site at

TRADE TALK is an Installation and Conversation Series based on Allan Kaprow’s TRADING DIRT
Experience, participation, reflection, and memory are elusive aspects of Allan Kaprow’s art, which are framed in this installation by artist Suzanne Lacy, architect Michael Rotondi, and media producer Peter Kirby.
Referring to Kaprow’s intimate 1988 artwork Trading Dirt, this installation invites private and public reflections—a collection point for the experiences of those who have taken part in Kaprow’s Happenings, Environments, and Activities—as told by the participants themselves.

Please remember to join us for our Saturday Series at 3pm in the Trade Talk installation at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary!

“In the Mean Time” Touring to Germany

“In the Mean Iime” is an exhibition responding to the governmental refusal to sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was recently considered by the United Nations General Assembly. The process was brought to a stalemate during the 61st session in September this year by Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. The Artists in the exhibition are representative of the four countries, commenting on the times that we live in.

Native American artist James Luna will show ‘Spinning Woman’ a video installation from ‘Emendatio’ his solo exhibition as part of the 2005 Venice Biennale. Showing alongside is Redfern-based painter Gordon Syron, an urban Aboriginal art pioneer with a penchant for the issues of (re)colonisation and Nadia McLaren offers her feature film documentary ‘Muffins for Granny’ a complex story of personal and cultural survival featuring interviews of six Native Canadian Elders who describe the physical, emotional and sexual abuse they suffered at Catholic Residential Schools.

Other artists in the exhibition examine a range of issues including cultural maintenance, media critique, pride, resistance and ecological sustainability through a range of contemporary artistic media.

The artists were brought together by Jenny Fraser, who says of the show “ ‘in the mean time’ highlights mean spirited actions that should never be suppressed, but brought out in the open and discussed in public forums and lounge rooms alike, communication is the first step towards problem-solving. This is not just a problem for Indigenous people, mean-spirited actions of governments affect most of us. The artists in this exhibition are strong people who offer food for thought”.

‘in the mean time’ will open at 6pm on Thursday 24th January, 2008 at Neue Galerie Dachau, Brunngarten str 3 85221, and close on Sunday 2nd March, 2008, featuring James Luna, Gordon Syron, Christine Christophersen, Sharyn Egan, Nadia McLaren, Adam Martin, Andrew Hill, Bethany Edmunds, Kewana Duncan and artist/curator Jenny Fraser.

more info:

Neue Galerie Dachau:

Raw Space Galleries –

raw space galleries on face book:

cyberTribe on facebook:

James Luna

‘Muffins for Granny’ by Nadia McLaren

Artist/Curator Jenny Fraser –



Istanbul’s new art venue located in Beyoglu, combines art, technology and food

With the ‘Virtual Chef- Iran’ experience

Virtual Chef – Iran

The Virtual Chef project explores, through food, the international and diverse aspects of Istanbul. Here in the city Julie Upmeyer finds the ingredients for a meal, planned by Ashkan Sepahvand in Iran (Berlin). Her adventures and findings are posted on the Caravansarai website. On the night of the dinner, we receive real-time instructions on how to cook our meal. The entire process will be viewable in real time on CITV. It will also be available afterwards in the archive.

Along with Virtual Chef, a unique international photography project – Never Been to Tehran – can also be seen in Caravansarai.

Never Been to Tehran

Imagine a city that you’ve only seen in reproductions or perhaps have merely heard about. A place, like many others, that only exists for you through indirect sources—the nightly news, hearsay, literature, magazines, movies, and the Internet. Using these secondhand clues as firsthand research materials, invited worldwide participants—who have Never Been to Tehran—will take photographs (from their home base) of what they imagine Tehran to look like. This worldwide exhibition includes 29 international participants who will be contributing photographs, streamed to Caravansarai as a continuously evolving slideshow.

The program is as follows:

Friday November 30th, 2007

• Virtual Chef – Iran : a meal

• Never Been to Tehran: a photography project

19:00 – exhibition viewing

20:00 – cooking – live with Ashkan Sepahvand

21:00 – eating

(+3 GMT)

About Caravansarai:

Caravansarai is a project space and meeting point, organising events, projects, workshops, collaborations and feasts, producing programming for the internet-based TV station ‘Caravansarai Istanbul TV’ – CITV . Caravansarai is open to individuals and projects, local, virtual and international collaborations.


meeting point and project space in Istanbul

Aynali Cesmi Cad. 6

Tepebasi – Beyoglu – Istanbul

More information about Virtual Chef – Iran:

For high res. Images and more information please contact:

Julie Upmeyer
+90 (0) 538 379 8556

Vortrag: Internationales Performance Festival aus Cali

Donnerstag, den 15. November um 20 Uhr

Seit 1998 organisiert Helena Producciones das Internationale Performance Festival in Cali (Kolumbien). Helena Producciones besteht aus einer Gruppe von bildenden und visuellen Künstlern, die ein interdisziplinäres Interesse in der Kunst haben. Ziel dieser Gruppe ist die Ausstellung und Förderung der aktuellen künstlerischen Praxis. Sie konzentrieren sich in der Bildung und in der Verstärkung der lokalen Gemeinschaft, der Künstler und anderen kulturellen Akteuren, durch Recherchen, Workshops, Vorträgen und unterschiedlichen Veranstaltungen mit einen bildungsorientierten Charakter, welcher die Öffentlichkeit miteinbezieht.

Helena Producciones sind: Wilson Díaz Polanco, Ana María Millán Strohbach, Andrés Sandoval Alba, Claudia Patricia Sarriá Macías, Leonardo Herrera und Juan David Medina Jaramillo.

Ana María Millán, Mitbegründerin von Helena Producciones und Residentin in GlogauAIR, wird uns über das Festival informieren.

Mehr Information:

:::Lecture: International Performance Festival of Cali

Thursday, November 15th at 8 p.m.

Since 1998, Helena Producciones organises the international Performance Festival in Cali (Colombia). Helena Producciones is composed by a group of artists, who have an interdisciplinary approach to the arts. The aim of this group is to exhibit and promote contemporary art practices. Their work wants to strengthen and to educate local community, artists and other cultural operators through research, workshops, lectures and other events with an educational character that implicate general public.

Helena Producciones are: Wilson Díaz Polanco, Ana María Millán Strohbach, Andrés Sandoval Alba, Claudia Patricia Sarriá Macías, Leonardo Herrera and Juan David Medina Jaramillo.

Ana María Millán, one of the founders of Helena Producciones and resident in GlogauAIR, will inform us about the Festival.

More Information:

:::Conferencia: Festival Internacional de Performance de Cali

Jueves, 15 de noviembre a las 20 h

Desde 1998 organiza Helena Producciones el Festival Internacional de Performance de Cali (Colombia). Helena Producciones está compuesta por un grupo de artistas plásticos y visuales, quienes comparten un interés interdisciplinario por las artes. El objetivo de este colectivo es la exposición y la promoción de la praxis artística actual. Su trabajo se concentra en la educación y en el fortalecimiento de la comunidad local, de los artistas y otros actores culturales a través de investigaciones, talleres, conferencias y otras actividades con fines educativos, que involucran a la comunidad.

Helena Producciones son: Wilson Díaz Polanco, Ana María Millán Strohbach, Andrés Sandoval Alba, Claudia Patricia Sarriá Macías, Leonardo Herrera y Juan David Medina Jaramillo.

Ana María Millán, miembro fundador de Helena Producciones y residente en GlogauAIR, nos dará mayores detalles sobre el festival.

Más información:

Glogauerstrasse 16
10999 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 612 2275

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Open Ear event – Network Final Call for Works

:: Network – 20/11/07, call for works ::

A network is any system of interconnected points / locations, nodes, which become greater, augmented, than when in isolation. While emphasis is most often placed on the nodes, it is the connections / links / lines / flows, the spaces between, the hinterland of the network, and their resulting mesh / matrix, which provides the site, means and context for the networks ability to transfer and transform. Similarly art can be thought of as a space in-between:

“The work of art occupies a pivotal point between two sets of behaviour, the artist’s and the spectator’s. It is essentially a matrix, the substance between. It exists nether for itself nor by itself.” (Ascott, R. 2003, Telematic Embrace)

On November 20th Open Ear will host an event curated by Garrett Lynch ( /) entitled Network which will present performances on this theme. Sound and visual artists / groups working with networks as a thematic or technical element to their work within live performance contexts are invited to contribute to the event. Proposed performances can include the use of networks to dynamically generate or enhance performance, to collaboratively create a performance through a network, to discuss the nature of networks and their impact on society etc. All proposed performances are required to be audio-visual, audio or visual with selection preference given to audio-visual works. Performances can last up to a maximum of 30 minutes each.

As the event is free we are unable to offer individual payment but will provide access to a supply of equipment (please include a list of requirements in your proposal and we will attempt to cater for this) at the venue, suitable refreshments and possibly accommodation if required. Contributions to the event will be included in the DVD of all six events published by the C3U Music Label later in 2008.

Proposals should take the form of a word / pdf / rtf / txt document (two pages maximum) with:

1) A description of the work (500 words maximum).
2) Images to give us an idea of the proposed work.
3) A full list of required equipment (please note that the event will host several performers so complex configurations involving lengthy set-up times will not be catered for).
4) Urls to previous examples of work online.
5) A short bio (200 words maximum).
6) Artist(s) / group / performer(s) name and contact details.

Please email proposals as attachments (not pasted into the email) to Garrett Lynch (garrett [at] asquare dot org) no later than 12pm (GMT), Friday 02/11/07.

:: The Venue ::

Canterbury Christ Church Broadstairs Campus, situated on the east coast of Kent, England approximately 30 minutes from Canterbury, opened in 2000 with a wide selection of higher education courses. The campus is committed to the arts and cultural regeneration of the area and regularly host’s events, exhibitions and performances on site.

Address: Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2WA, England.

Detailed information on how to get here can be found on the university website:

Open Ear, audio-visual events and performances 2007 – 2008 are supported by Canterbury Christ Church University. For all further information, up to date details on events as they happen and videos of previous events please see the Open Ear website at: /


An Evening of Multimedia Performance Featuring Nerve Theory

An Evening of Multimedia Performance Art Featuring:
Nerve Theory:
Live @ The Palace Theater
With an opening video-set of ³Unititled Landscapes² provided by Ecoarttech

Hamilton, NY
Friday, November 2nd, 2007, 9pm

Free admission & open to the public

Nerve Theory a.k.a. Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman, will perform ³H5N1,² a live multimedia performance blending video, music, voice and some very nasty dark humor. This transcontinental duo (Austria, Canada, USA) jumps on the mutating, evolving H5N1 virus, using the very real threat of a global pandemic as a launching pad for a series of bone-chilling statements about the world we live in.

Ecoarttech was formed by Cary Peppermint & Christine Nadir in 2005 with the aim of working with digital and sustainable technologies and contemporary environments to create art and texts about the environmentality of modern life.

Directions to the Palace Theater in Hamilton, New York:
directions For more information, call 315-824-1420

This event is part of the Creative Solutions for Sustainable Futures Forum and is sponsored by Colgate¹s Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts, the Department of Art and Art History, Film and Media Studies, and Environmental Studies

TELIC: Horrorshow

October 27 – November 24, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday October 27, 6-9pm

Joe Deutch performance at 8pm
Special Guest: Little Chan

13 artists from New York and Los Angeles exploring the macabre have been brought together by Joshua Callaghan for HORRORSHOW, which opens on Saturday and continues through November 24. This group show includes film, video, sculpture, photography, painting, and there will be a performance by Joe Deutch at 8pm, during the opening reception.

Patterson Beckwith
Nathan Danilowicz
Joe Deutch
Skylar Haskard
Tim Jackson
Dawn Kasper
Lindsay Lawson
Karen Lee
Daniel McDonald
Kembra Pfahler
Mary Pongratz
Ben Shaffer
Jeffrey Wells

Organized by Joshua Callaghan

TELIC Arts Exchange
975 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T: 213.344.6137

Viral SymphOny Performance on Art Radio

Art Radio :: Wednesday Oct 24, 2007

13:00 UTC time
09:00 a.m. EST, New York, NY;
other time zones :: 14:00, Amsterdam; 16:00, Helsinki
live feed:

1. viral symphOny, Joseph Nechvatal, New York/Paris, ,

2. Concentration, Hight Zero Festival, 2004, Susan Alcorn,,,
Baltimore, MD

3. MONAD, This! Is! The! New! European! The! Free! Jazz! CD, Tom Boram and John Berndt, DOGGPONY Records, LA, CA,


Pixellatedly Yours,
Joseph Nechvatal

“The work of art, for those who use it, is an activity of unframing, of rupturing sense, of baroque proliferation or extreme impoverishment which leads to a recreation and a reinvention of the subject itself.” -Félix Guattari, “Chaosmosis: An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm”