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A Constructed World: How to be in a group / One monkey don’t stop no show

Saturday, October 23

You are invited to a class at The Public School this weekend:

How to be in a group

facilitated by Geoff Lowe from A Constructed World

Saturday at 5pm

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Beatriz Santiago Muñoz at the Distributed Gallery

June 7 to August 7, 2010

Telic is excited to be exhibiting Archivo (2001) by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz at the Distributed Gallery this summer.

“A series of re?enacted historical events with social and political significance in Puerto Rico are performed and improvised by various non-actors. The videos were shot in a very improvised way, without rehearsing or deciding beforehand in which way the body would fall or who would play whom. Various groups and individuals improvise performances of the death of a notorious killer, or the squatter-police confrontation that took place in Vila Sin Miedo. In each case, there is something trivial or significant that ties the person to the memory. In the case of Villa Sin Miedo, it is the first generation that grew up in Villa Sin Miedo who performs the event from what they have been told by their parents. In other cases, passerby, or people engaged with the place in various ways improvise a performance of the event.”

Bicicleta at Ooga Booga

Ebanistas at The Public School

Hipodromo at Via Cafe

Escambron at Fong’s

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1972, where she continues to live and work.

The Public School: Announcements + Proposals + Schedule

1. Scheduled classes
2. New class proposals
3. Proposals at other Public Schools
4. The Public School Enrollment!

1. Scheduled classes
JUN 3: art as a magickal practice (3 meetings remaining)
this course will bring together artists and occultists to discuss how art and magick intersect.

JUN 5: Speculative Realism (Harman, Meillassoux , Brassier, Grant)
Speculative realism is a newly-emerging philosophical mode of inquiry that attempts to think outside of the deadlocks of continental and analytic philosophy, primarily with a non-anthropocentric metap

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The Public School NY Benefit Party to Kick Off Summer Season at 177 Livingston


Brooklyn, NY — School’s in for summer at 177 Livingston in Downtown Brooklyn. The Public School Benefit Party kicks off the season on Saturday, May 22 at 9:00pm. Performances will include DJ Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Chain and the Gang), Multitudes, Zach Layton + Alex Waterman with East Side Percussion, Steve Gunn + John Truscinski, Glockabelle, DJ Glayze and a video installation by Jem Cohen (CHAIN, Instrument). A $5-$20 pay-as-you-wish donation will be charged at the door. All proceeds will go toward supporting the operating costs for The Public School New York.

To celebrate its first year of programming, The Public School New York will touch on themes directly related to its current line-up of classes. The evening’s eclectic mix of performances represent the upcoming “Disorganizing Sound: Twentieth-Century Improvised Music and the Beyond,” and in the spirit of “Traversing 42nd Street,” Jem Cohen will show uncut footage from Late City Final, his longstanding project documenting the evolution of 42nd Street. Party-goers will have the opportunity to talk theory over cocktails in the “Kultural Kapital” Lounge and readers may indulge in a bibliography launch for the recently completed five-session class, “The Page + The Screen: Siting Text in the Early Twenty-first Century and Beyond.” Cocktails, beer and baked goods will also be available for purchase.

The Public School New York is part of a global network of schools with no curriculum. With chapters in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Brussels, Paris, San Juan, and other cities around the world, members of The Public School collaboratively generate ideas via its website and discussion boards. Programming includes free reading groups, skill-based workshops, seminar-style discussions, lecture-driven classes and participatory projects.

For more information and to RSVP, visit

The Public School: Announcements + Proposals + Schedule

1. New class proposals
2. Scheduled classes
3. Proposals at other Public Schools
4. The Public School Enrollment!

1. New class proposals

Travel with Sushi: From Origin to Mid 19th Century
The sushi we eat today is evolved from the “Edo-mae style” typical of the mid-19th century. So what was sushi like before then? This is a course offering a culinary time-travel adventure. As you explore a non-linear history of sushi, you will experience a range of typical regional and historic forms of this Japanese culinary art. Sharing collections of historic paintings and illustrations that tell of the development of sushi from its earliest origins, I will bri

Hacking Everyday Objects
Deconstr uct, Analyze, Recreate, InventThrough the use of found objects, abandoned electronic parts, and open-source technology, we can:_Take things apart_Understand elemental properties in the items_Redesign & reprogram themA way to repurpose old electronics, materials, and objects References for the class can involve resources such as these:

2. Scheduled classes
APR 24: Greywater Systems (2 meetings)
Overview of Greywater Irrigation systems including:Pros and Cons of Greywater reclamationTypes of Greywater SystemLegality / Building Code Issues The class will also include a hands-on workshop i

APR 25: Theory/Practi! ce based workshop on the manifesto

Theory: history and purpose of the manifesto in collective action/movementsPractice: Collaborative development of a manifesto based on combined knowledge, experience, and interests of class participen

MAY 27: art as a magickal practice (4 meetings)
this course will bring together artists and occultists to discuss how art and magick intersect.

3. Proposals at other Public Schools
watercolor/ink painting/drawing

Loosen up! I’d start the class by doing some simple exercises and movements to release some tension & get everyone loose in the wrists, head and shoulders.Get down! Set up would be where-ever you feel most comfor! table (I like the floor!)Dig in! The class would be a lot about method & technique of putting water-based colors on different kinds of paper. It’s helpful to start with a pencil drawing, we will be doing sketching and using the watercolors to accent the drawings.

plato's republic reading group?
close reading of plato. one book every two weeks?

The Shape of The Philly Public School, 6:30 PM, April 21st, 2010
Below are notes from the last Shape of the Philly School Meeting. This week we can talk specifically about:solidifying and launching classes/building a summer scheduledepartmenal emphasis — are there people interested in stewarding groups of classes?outreach Please feel free to bring up questions and comments, and things you would like to explore in this upcoming meeting by leaving a comment on this page. ThanksApril 7th 2010 Class Logistics !

Selling Stars and Alternative Realestate
This course could research and share examples of alternative real estate, such as the giveaway and the selling of marginal unbuildable land as advertising promotions, micro real estate, and the selling of stars, to name just a few.

on board of the submarine KOURSK K-141 / à bord du sous-marin KOURSK K-141
This workshop would outline the basic steps toward obtaining 501(c)3 status, while examining the benefits (and difficulties) of operating as a nonprofit organization. Participants might choose to develop their applications together over an extended period of time, from drafting an “articles of incorporation” to filing IRS Form 1023.

Conversion Strategies: Temporary-use and the Visual Arts

In New York, four distinct models for exhibition production have evolved as a result of recent economic decline:Nomads: curator-led organizations, often with nonprofit status, that develop exhibitions for unoccupied spaces, and are supported by grassroots fundraising initiatives. (e.g.

Wednesday (or any other day?) Projects would be a collaboration in which photographic artists gi! ve each other a new random photographic assignment once a week. We would then meet up for an informal session where the resulting images are presented or pinned up and discussed. If desired, participants can also get personal comments and advice from me, the workshop facilitator.

4. The Public School Enrollment!

Just about every class at The Public School has a small fee, which goes entirely towards overhead. Our membership program helps ensure low class fees and keeps the classes accessible to a diverse audience.


$200 for a year or $60 for a quarterly subscription

+ Unlimited free classes (except for materials)

+ Early sign up for classes with limited enrollment

+ Biannual meeting with Public School Committee

+ Reduced price for Telic publications

+ You help keep class fees low in general

+ Your enrollment is a tax-deductible donation


+ Ask someone at The Public School

+ Go to

+ Or send a check to:

Telic Arts Exchange

818 N. Hill St., Ste. 617

Los Angeles, CA 90012

TELIC: Facs of Life screening on Sunday, February 21

Sunday, February 21 at 7pm

On Sunday, February 21, we are lucky to have Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson visiting us from Paris to screen their 2009 film, Facs of Life. The screening will begin at 7pm, but we invite you to come earlier for a conversation with Silvia and Graeme.

Facs of Life departs from Gilles Deleuze’s Vicennes seminar of 1975-1976 and follows several individuals who participated there as students. In the words of the filmmakers, it “is a ?lm of conceptual/poetic dispositifs that charts trajectories of those affected by Gilles Deleuze’s laboratory of machinic thought at the Centre Expérimental Universitaire de Paris 8 – Vincennes (1969-1980). The film generates its lignes d’erre and its cinematographic territories from a series of encounters: with videos of Deleuze’s courses at Vincennes made by a group of militant cineastes; with several of those who attended the seminar and who appear in these images; with the woods of Vincennes where the university buildings (pulled down in 1980) once stood; with students of the new Paris 8 university at St Denis; and inevitably with the phantoms of revolution that continue to haunt our desires.”

A trailer can be found here:

Telic Arts Exchange
951 Chung King Road
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tel: 213.229.8907

Ambivalence as part of “Actions, Conversations, Intersections”

Every Sunday in February from 3-5pm

The Public School is a part of Actions, Conversations, Intersections, “an exhibition of participatory projects” at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, which runs from January 24 – April 18, 2010. Our involvement begins this Sunday, February 7th at 3pm, so we hope you’ll come out!


Our course on “ambivalence” will be meeting simultaneously in two places – the Municipal Art Gallery (the site of the Actions, Conversations, and Intersections exhibition) and Telic Arts Exchange (where The Public School regularly holds classes). Each group will be able to see and hear the other through a commonplace video conference call (Skype, iChat, etc.). Teachers, speakers, and other guest presenters will go to whichever location seems more appealing that day and no one will be informed of their decision until the last minute.

We often wonder what happens when participatory art projects are brought into the gallery, particularly when they already regularly function without an exhibition space. This question is amplified when the project and exhibition are in the same city. Does the project migrate to the exhibition, leaving its “normal” site closed? Does it announce itself as nomadic, settling temporarily in exhibition space after residency after biennial? Does it produce an exhibitable double of itself to accommodate the requirements of the gallery? Does it refuse any mutation or compromise in order to preserve its singular authenticity?


This course will (maybe) explore different concepts and theories of ambivalence, typically defined as “simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action;” “continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite);” and “uncertainty as to which approach to follow.”

In addition to researching and reading what various contemporary thinkers have to say about ambivalence, we will also attempt to debate the relative pros and cons of ambivalence as a state/position/strategy. What is dangerous, or, alternately, enchanting, about ambivalence? How might we theorize an ethics of uncertainty?

Readings will include excerpts from USC professor Karen Pinkus’ new book on alchemy and ambivalence, as well as selections from psychoanalytic, queer, trans and other works relevant to the topic. Suggestions encouraged!

This class will be led by Sarah Kessler and others.

the first class:

– How might we define ambivalence (what does ambivalence seem to signify)?

– Is ambivalence an affect? An intellectual state? An ambiance? A process?

– In what ways is ambivalence represented?

Reading: Karen Pinkus, “Excursus: Ambivalence,” from Alchemical Mercury: A Theory of Ambivalence. Possible second reading: Judith Butler, “Ethical Ambivalence,” in The Turn to Ethics.

Also: Please, if you like, bring various definitions/representations of ambivalence to class (textual excerpts, images, video clips, etc.) for group discussion.

Actions, Conversations, Intersections invite

Telic Arts Exchange
951 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012
tel: 213.229.8907

Johanne Løgstrup – the first Distributed Gallery exhibition of 2010

January 8 – February 26, 2010

Johanne Løgstrup, a curator based in Copenhagen, has selected the videos that are installed in the Distributed Gallery for the months of January and February. This show – which features the artists Rikke Benborg (at Fong’s), Vladimir Tomic (at Via Cafe), Cecilia Westerberg (at Ooga Booga), and Jette Ellgaard (at The Public School) – has neither a title nor a comprehensive statement, so you are invited to come to our space at 951 Chung King Road, where we have a guide with the video locations and the descriptions of each of the pieces.

For more information, see

Jette Ellgaard, Forsamlingshus/Village hall, 2009, 3 min.

Jette Ellgaard, Forsamlingshus/Village hall, 2009, 3 min.

Rikke Benborg, It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards, 2008, 10 min.

Rikke Benborg, It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards, 2008, 10 min.

Vladimir Tomic, Trilogy, 2004, 4 min., 7 min. and 8 min.

Vladimir Tomic, Trilogy, 2004, 4 min., 7 min. and 8 min.

Cecilia Westerberg, Cry me a river, 2007, 4 min.

Cecilia Westerberg, Cry me a river, 2007, 4 min.

The Public School: News and 5 Classes Coming Up

There are several new classes coming up soon at The Public School.

but first, have a look at a piece about Telic and the school that we like on the Art21 blog, written by Lily Simonson:

Also, over the past couple months, we’ve been participating in the launch of three new chapters of The Public School in New York, Paris, and most recently, Brussels. If you are visiting there, or maybe already ARE in any of these cities, there are great classes to take!

But here’s what we’ve got coming up in Los Angeles at our new space at 951 Chung King Road:


Performance / Performativity / Enactment, taught by Liz Glynn beginning Saturday at 2pm, explores the theoretical construct of performance and performativity.

Beyond Ikea and Carl Larsson: Exploring the wide (wild) world of contemporary Swedish Design meets only once, on Sunday at 10:30am

Also, we’re offering three workshops at the Mobile Media conference with the Department of Design | Media Arts at UCLA, but these are already full… you can check out the event here


Ranciere: The Emancipated Spectator is a two-session class beginning November 21 that focuses on Ranciere’s essay; discussion led by Robert Summers.

Kultural Kapital, facilitated by Christina Ulke and Sean Dockray, begins the next day, at noon. It investigates, among other things, the ethics of collaborative cultural practice.


Cinecultural Practice and the Political Avant-Garde is a six-month series of screenings and discussions… more information about this coming soon.

Telic Arts Exchange
951 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T: 213.344.6137

The Public School (for Architecture) New York

We are excited to announce an open call for class proposals to The Public School (for Architecture) New York. Propose any classes that you would like to take, or classes that you would like to teach, or classes that you would simply like to happen at

If you are in New York, then we invite you to an Open House on Wednesday evening, September 30 at the Van Alen Institute on West 22nd Street. Here you can propose and sign up for classes, offer to teach, find out how the school functions, and celebrate the launch of New York’s newest school for architecture. (more info on Open House below)

This project is a collaboration between Telic Arts Exchange and common room (an architectural collaborative based in New York) and it is supported by a New York Prize Felowship from the Van Alen Institute. Excerpting from the fellowship website, which summarizes our joint statement:

“The Public School (for Architecture) in New York City grows out of common room and Telic’s combined interests in the social, political, and economic aspects of architecture and an awareness that the process of working to-scale in the built environment is a productive form of negotiation. Expanding The Public School beyond its existing posts in Los Angeles and Chicago, common room and Telic seek to operate within and between those spaces in New York that have been opened up by current economic crises. Through open-ended discourse and alternative approaches to practice, common room and Telic propose to reactivate dismantled professional networks of the New York architecture community into a productive force that – while unable to repair the economic situation – can collectively begin to make sense of it and explore techniques for adaptation. They plan to install classrooms in semi-public transitional spaces within institutions throughout the city—waiting rooms, lobbies, and la rge corridors—and will publish a corresponding course reader.”

The Public School (for Architecture) New York
a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project by common room and Telic Arts Exchange

Open House:
Wednesday September 30, 7-9pm

Van Alen Institute
30 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010


Please join us for the Public School (for Architecture) New York’s inaugural Open House and launch of the Teachers Lounge at the Van Alen Institute. Through the duration of the fellowship term, the Teachers Lounge will serve as a resource for the Public School (for Architecture) faculty, and a meeting place for School participants to discuss classes, curricula, and related topics of interest. Following Wednesday’s Open House, the lounge will be open to the public each Wednesday, 10am-5pm, through December 9, 2009. During the Open House, visitors will be able to meet the instructors, sign up for classes, propose classes and discuss current and potential class topics with Public School administrators.

Fall Schedule:

September 30: Open House
October 13-25: Class Session I
November 1-22: Class Session II (in collaboration with Performa, as part of Performa09, the third visual art performance biennal)
December 1-11: Class Session III

The Public School (for Architecture) New York is a self-organizing educational program for which the curriculum and schedule are proposed by the general public. Administered by common room and the Telic Arts Exchange in collaboration with Performa, courses will be taught throughout New York City as itinerant installations during Fall 2009. The curriculum will be developed through public access to its website. Enrollment is open to non-architects and architects alike. The project locates areas where new ideas are possible, suggests ways that architecture can be engaged even while financial support is diminishing, and seeks to identify and activate a community of users beyond affiliations to a single organization. In doing so, the school aims to create a public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public.

Visit to propose classes, comment on or register in a class, offer to teach a class, and find out when and where classes will take place.

The Public School (for Architecture) New York is a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project and is supported in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Annenberg Foundation.

Telic Arts Exchange
951 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T: 213.344.6137