Failure! Experiments in Aesthetic and Social Practices, Published by the Joaap Press

Edited by Nicole Antebi, Colin Dickey, and Robby Herbst

An odd wonderful book, the first from the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press. While the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest may be constituted as a standard bearer for the “possibilities” for “futures” driven by art and activist practices, this collection of essays and interviews looks squarely at the implications of the percieved personal, public and ideological wreckages that ceaselessly pile up, hurl at our feet and choke our wings (to paraphrase Walter Benjamin).

Contents include a look at the afterlife of Valerie Solanas and her Scum Manifesto, an exploration of the Digger inspired Morningstar Commune in Northern California which was deeded to God, a look at the monuments that remember forgotten mine wars in Southern Illinois, A consideration of the finality of death and its implication for AIDS activism, and a series of interviews with contemporary artists.

Contributors include: Catherine Lord, Doug Harvey, Sam Green, Sam Durant, Yoshua Okón, Eduardo Abaroa, William Pope.L, Temporary Services, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Catherine Hollander, Zoe Trodd, David Schafer, Richard Dedomenici, Alex Juhasz, Sarah Kanouse, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Sarah Lewison, John Conley, and Tommy Williford.