The New American Dictionary Book Launch Party

Thurs, Apr 26
6:30pm -8:30pm

The New American Dictionary

Book Launch Party for the New American Dictionary: Interactive Fear/Security Edition Presented by The Institute for Infinitely Small Things

Join the Institute for Infinitely Small Things for their book launch!

The New American Dictionary: Interactive Security/Fear Edition is a new book by the Boston performance group, the Institute for Infinitely Small Things. The dictionary, a 144-page paperback, catalogs 68 fear and security terms that are either new or recently redefined. Terms in the dictionary include: Islamofascist, Freedom Fries, Friendly Fire, Preparedness, Regime Change, Smart Bomb, Surge, Torture, Waterboarding and 60 more…

The New American Dictionary is a provocative book that calls for readers to pay attention to the ways in which terminology of fear, security, and war have permeated American English post-9/11. Emphasizing the mutable way that these words enter our language, the New American Dictionary is an “interactive” workbook— there are 58 terms that are left undefined for the reader to pencil in their own definition.

Books will be on sale for 25% off the retail price at the party and are also available at,, and the Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, MA.

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This event is presented in conjunction with the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

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