New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./ is pleased to announce the launch of Networked_Music_Review (N_M_R)

N_M_R is a research blog focused on emerging networked musical explorations made possible by computers, the Internet, and mobile technologies. N_M_R gathers data about projects, performances, composers, musicians, software and hardware. It includes interviews, articles, papers and reviews. N_M_R also provides up-to-date information on conferences, workshops, competitions, and festivals. Readers may comment on each of the blog entries and converse with interviewees. N_M_R Features:

LIVE STAGE: Online and offline events are spotlighted in real-time.

INTERVIEWS: Interviewees are available for discussion via the comments. We begin with Jason Freeman.

NETWORKED_MUSIC_WEEKLY (N_M_W): selected projects, artists, or events sent to subscribers weekly.

NETWORKED_MUSIC_NEWSLETTER (N_M_N): a monthly newsletter sent to subscribers.

GUEST BLOGGERS: Ryan Sciano is our first Guest Blogger. If you would like to be a guest blogger, please contact us at: newradio at turbulence dot org

RSS FEEDS are available for: Main page – all the posts; Live Stage; Interviews; and Net_Music_Weekly. Subscribe now:

N_M_R is supported by the New York State Music Fund established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. It was designed by Shual ( and built by Dan Phiffer (

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Helen and Jo