“Media Studies 2.0” London Metropolitan University

Dr William Merrin, University of Swansea: ‘Media Studies 2.0’

Weds 30th May (4pm – 6pm): ILRC Seminar Room Commercial Road


Further information: Contact Jon Baldwin(j.baldwin@londonmet.ac.uk)

Open to all staff, students, and the interested general public.

There has recently been a call to reject certain aspects of traditional Media Studies and establish a Media Studies 2.0. This has largely been led by William Merrin (http://mediastudies2point0.blogspot.com/) and David Gauntlett. (http://www.theory.org.uk). Merrin describes this as a ‘desire to see every part of media studies broaden its knowledge and references and re-test and update itself to get to grips with the new media revolution.’ This debate has seen some exchanges on the MeCCSA website, and the seminar will allow elaboration and discussion of Media Studies 2.0.

William Merrin is the author of Baudrillard and the Media: A Critical Introduction (2005), and Media Studies: A New Introduction (2007). He is editor of New Media: Key Thinkers (2008) and Engaging Baudrillard (2008).