Platform2 presents “The Commons” on The Common

The picnic is on – rain or shine! We have a waterproof picnic blanket, a tent, 10 umbrellas and a backup plan.
Friday, June 1, 5:30 – 7:30PM
Meet in front of the State House on Boston Common at the 20-foot picnic blanket.
Food & drink on hand, but please bring something of your own to share.

A picnic on the Boston Common where we will discuss “the Commons” in relation to the work of invited guests, including Iain Kerr, Stan Pipkin and Paul Bartow of spurse and David Bollier of Excerpts from Lewis Hyde’s upcoming book on the commons will be read.
What is the Commons?

The word “Commons” has now come to be used in the sense of any sets of resources that a community recognizes as being accessible to any member of that community. The nature of commons is different in different communities, but they often include cultural resources and natural resources. — from Wikipedia

“The commons is an emerging new paradigm for understanding how groups of people can create and preserve value in more sustainable ways. Unlike the conventional market paradigm, the commons consists of a diverse set of models rooted in social norms and ecological principles. A growing number of scholars, activists and policymakers is beginning to recognize the power of the commons matrix and its importance in creating and managing resources.” — from

Iain Kerr, Stan Pipkin and Paul Bartow of spurse – an international collective composed of individuals with experience in a wide variety of fields. spurse has no (fixed) content or members – rather it is a viral multiplicity that is continuously reforming itself as it becomes new projects and new events. In this, it is open to change, contradiction, multiplicity, tangents, infection, and betrayal. We are interested in considering the public as that which must be continually constructed as a part of the invention of public space. In this we are interested in emergent forms of individuality – swarms, crowds, the person, groups, ecosystems…

David Bollier is an activist, author and Editor of, the website and blog of the Tomales Bay Institute that explores the commons as a new paradigm of politics, economics and culture. He is the co-founder of Public Knowledge, a Washington public-interest advocacy group that fights reckless extensions of copyright law, and the author of /Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth/ (2002), /Brand Name Bullies: The Quest to Own and Control Culture /(2005), and seven other books. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Platform2 is a series of events that are designed to facilitate dialogue about art & social engagement. Platform2 is organized by iKatun and Jane D. Marsching. Visit the Platform2 Blog.