Visualizing Work.Flows and (Filtering-)Processes | CONT3XT.NET #07.07

The mailinglist [CC] “curating media/net/art–discussions” by CONT3XT.NET is now open and starts with its first topic “visualizing work.flows and (filtering-)processes”. If you are interested in participating from June 1st to August 31st 2007 please register at – Excerpts of the contributions to the mailinglist will be published in the forthcoming catalogue presented in October 2007 in Vienna


1 visualizing work.flows and (filtering-)processes

Curating on the Internet is a working process that wants to be visualized in the same way as the processes frequently hidden behind Internet-based art-forms. The curator, “who does not want to get ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the system, but stays at her place to deepen her knowledge” (1), acts not only as an intermediary in the presentation of art but also of his/her own filtering-processes, choices and decisions. The transparency of his/her work is more relevant for the transparency of the presented artworks, too, and aims to get a broad public involved in a collective discourse. “With the steady incorporation of the Web into the mainstream arts scene, the launching of exhibitions and the building of archives has become an increasingly creative and authorial practice.

However, the act of curating used to be a clandestine affair. Those holding the position would have once worked quietly within the institutional archives, orchestrating their exhibitions anonymously from ‘behind the curtain,’ but now in the past ten to fifteen years the process of curating and the person who practices it have emerged center stage in public discourse” (2). Spoken metaphorically, the constant and ongoing publication of a “curator’s notebook” contributes to the visualization of a work-flow that does not only show the final results of this process in shape of an exhibition. It unfolds the existence of a network of non-linear thoughts, relational research and deductive/inductive (filtering-)processes.

(1) SCHULTZ, Pit: The Producer as Power User. IN: KRYSA, Joasia (ed.): Curating Immateriality: The Work of the Curator in the Age of Network Systems. Autonomedia. Brooklyn / New York. 2006.
(2) WILLIAMS, Alena: Net Art and Process. Some Thoughts on Curatorial Practice,


Upcoming topics:
2 virtual/real representations in real/virtual spaces
3 facing participation / the lack of collaboration
4 web 2.0–curatorial facilities or technical barriers
5 involvement of (art-)institutions / rise of significance


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The curating of Internet-based art on the Internet is a multifaceted communication-process between Internet-users with all kinds of different backgrounds regarding the content. Along with the changing conditions of production and reception of art on the Internet came new possibilities of curation which deserve study. [CC] “circualting contexts–curating media/net/art” is a series of experimental long-term research projects hosted by the Vienna-based organisation CONT3XT.NET, investigating current tendencies in the curation of (New) Media and Internet Art.