BOOK LAUNCH: REAL LIFE Magazine, Selected Writings and Projects 1979-1994

Sunday, September 23 at 4pm


Join the conversation with Thomas Lawson, Susan Morgan and Miriam Katzeff and make a toast to the changing art world of New York and Los Angeles in the 80s, the vitality of small, artist-based publications, and the always essential link between art and ideas.


*REAL LIFE Magazine: Selected Writings and Projects 1979-1994*
highlights a selection of writings and artists’ projects from REAL LIFE magazine, which was originally edited by artist, writer, and curator, Thomas Lawson and writer, Susan Morgan. Published in twenty-three issues from 1979-1994 as an intermittent black and white magazine, REAL LIFE featured artists and art historians writing on art, media and popular culture interspersed with pictorial contributions. The development of the magazine through its 15 year history, traces the influences, development and transitions of artists through the 80s.

The anthology features writings by and about Dara Birnbaum, Eric Bogosian, Rhys Chatham, Mark Dion, Jack Goldstein, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Kim Gordon, Dan Graham, Thomas Lawson, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Allan McCollum, John Miller, Dave Muller, Matt Mullican, Adrian Piper, Richard Prince, David Robbins, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Michael Smith, John Stezaker, Bernard Tschumi, Jeff Wall, Lawrence Weiner, and James Welling among others.

*REAL LIFE Magazine: Selected Writings and Projects 1979-1994* Edited by Miriam Katzeff, Thomas Lawson, and Susan Morgan. Introductions by Matthew Higgs, Thomas Lawson, and Susan Morgan.
Published by Primary Information Distributed by D.A.P. ISBN 10 Digits:
0-9788697-0-2 ISBN 13 Digits: 978-0-9788697-0-0 Softcover.
320 pages. Black and white $30, more information:

“…the book is filled with artist interviews (such as a seminal 1986 session with David Hammons by Kellie Jones); writings (including imporant early texts by Richard Prince, one written under the nome de plume “Fulton Ryder,” and several pop-culture-analyses by Barbara Kruger): and projects, such as a 1985 Mark Dion piece on the economics of art restoration. One gets a real sense of artists talking to one another…” Michael Lobel, Modern Painters

“…an excellent, if sometimes impenetrable look into the world of serious art writing in the ’80s and onward.” Byron Coley and Thurston Moore, Arthurmag“Critical without falling into the jargon of academia, hip without being hipster, dealing directly with culture in a manner both incisive and informed, /REALLIFE Magazine/ renews our sense of the vitality of a particular time, and underscores its relevance to ours.” Andrew Berardini, ArtReview

“This tempting tangle of material allows the reader a beguiling glimpse of work at the point of its production.” Belinda Bowring, Frieze

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