Talk tomorrow, Nov. 14, 7:30 pm Public Commons vs. Corporate Privatization

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At CounterPULSE, Nov. 14, Wednesday evening 7:30 pm til 10…
Public Commons vs. Corporate Privatization
November 14

With Mayor Newsom trying to give away the city’s wi-fi space to a corporate consortium, efforts by Bechtel and other private contractors to take over our public water system, the ongoing scandal of PG&E selling us our own “public” power and their current efforts to take over alternative power, incessant pressure to privatize the public schools, a national culture that blindly accepts corporate interests as preferable to public interests, we’ll talk about how the San Francisco Bay Area can begin a concerted push back. Ted Nace (“The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy”), Aliza Wasserman, Jessica Bell, Matt Leonard… just added: David Cobb and Shannon Tracey from Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County will be talking about their successful measure T in 2006 to eliminate corporations from local politics…

Then, after Thanksgiving, don’t miss this fantastic panel:
Food Security & Urban Agriculture
November 28
Our food system is being refashioned by new urban farmers, farmers markets and community-supported agriculture, and importantly, by savvy shoppers who demand local, organic and safe food. Still, food security is tenuous for too many of our neighbors. Amy Franceschini (Victory Gardens, past and present), Willow Rosenthal (City Slicker Farms), Jason Mark (Alemany Farm, and editor of Earth Island Journal).
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