Caravansrai Istanbul

Caravansarai creates a new art project “Two Times Tart” connecting Turkey with its surrounding countries through sweets; connecting people and cultures, transgressing political tensions in the simple action of eating.

Exhibition opening and tasting session
March 28th 19:00 – 21:00
– Sponsored by Taps Brewery –

Julie Upmeyer created the ‘Two Times Tart’, encouraging new taste combinations and geographical arrangements. In collaboration with Mehmet Ekiz and the Bereket Borek Solonu, she created specially designed tart shells, in the shape of a half circle. Upmeyer invited individuals living in Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, Syria, Iran, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iraq to submit a sweet-tasting recipe to go inside the tart shells.

Here in Istanbul, you can taste these sweets, choosing for yourself which two countries you wish to combine.

‘Two Times Tart’ is a part of the Love Difference Pastry Network, a developing project using sweets to connect people, cultures and ideas. Initiated by Cittadelarte and Love Difference – Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic.

Caravansarai is a physical and virtual space for arts and culture events. It is home to the internet-based TV station ‘Caravansarai Istanbul TV’ – CITV and many ongoing projects including ‘The Virtual Chef’ : international cooking in Istanbul, connected live to a remote chef. Caravansarai is open to individuals and projects, local, virtual and international collaborations.

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Julie Upmeyer
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