New Reviews at April 2008

Artwork by Willy LeMaitre & Eric Rosenzveig
Artwork Title – The Appearance Machine
Review by Natasha Chuk
Review Title – Trash Talk: A Review of The Appearance Machine by Willy
Le Maitre and Eric Rosenzveig.
For nearly ten years, trash has been the focus of a massive project, an audiovisual work called The Appearance Machine, by artists Willy Le Maitre & Eric Rosenzveig. This is a project that deals firsthand with an overabundance of material that won’t go away, and about seeing the beautiful possibilities of trash, giving the act of recycling a new context. The result is conflicting, producing in the viewer a sense of alienation and comfort, disbelief and wonder.

Artwork by Richard Wright
Artwork Title – The Internet Speaks
Review by Mark Hancock
The Internet Speaks: contemplating the nature of images on the net and how we read them without recourse to text and context. There are two versions to this project. The gallery based piece that automatically selects random images and displays them on the gallery wall, and the Internet version that offers the viewer a next and back button with which to scroll through and reverse the sequence so that they can return and reconsider the images. The second, Internet-based work allows the viewer to cheat a little bit, giving them the opportunity to think through the sequence and rework the narrative as it unfurls.

Artwork by Kate Armstrong
Artwork Title – Why Some Dolls Are Bad
Review by Eliza Fernbach
Review Title – Dolls behaving truly madly, but not really badly…
Why Some Dolls are Bad invites the user to a collection of streamed images culled from the Internet, which take on random editorial positions in the frame of an original text written by Armstrong. The result- a bespoke book for the users of Facebook, an infinite precipitation of stirred structure. A ribald evolving commentary on our world of Good and Bad dolls. The same page never appears twice but the user can capture and save a favorite page. This is an intriguing re-enactment of the experience of reading a narrative book where particular passages haunt the imagination and are saved to our cognitive hard drive.

SwanQuake – the user manual
Artists – Igloo
Review by by Rob Myers
SwanQuake – the user manual, is a collection of essays regarding a major interactive virtual installation art project by igloo (Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli) and their collaborators. SwanQuake is, as its name suggests, a meeting of computer game technology and dance. It consists of a series of interactive virtual environments built using the Unreal Engine 3D game system and populated by characters animated using motion capture techniques. Edited by Scott deLahunta. Essays by Johannes Birringer, Helen Stuckey, Shiralee Saul, Bruno Martelli, Ruth Gibson, John McCormick, Katharine Neil, Alex Jevremovic, Adam Nash, Helen Sloan, Stephen Turk, Marco Gillies, Harry Brenton & David Surman.

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