Netherlands Media Art Institute

optofonica presents: CROSSWIRE – in search of the synesthetic effect
exhibition: 3 – 26 July 2008

The exhibition and performance series “Optofonica presents: Crosswire” comprises sound installations and audiovisual environments enabling immersive and spatial sonic experiences through bodily and multi-sensory perception. Whilst the various works offer different points of access to sound experience, all are designed to achieve a distinct impact on the visitors’ physical system, their bodies and brains. As a result, compositions become perceptible as holistic phenomena. Crosswire is curated by Maurizio Martinucci on the basis of the Optofonica platform which is devoted to the presentation of the current state of art in synesthetic media and sound spatialization.

opening wednesday 2 july 2008
with performances:
19h:30 Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
20h:30 Aernoudt Jacobs

INSTALLATIONS Aernoudt Jacobs: Phantom Melodies
Phantom Melodies is an installation with a number of self-constructed rotating speakers, each producing a specific stream of sounds. The speakers are placed in a space where the public can walk about freely. The installation is playing in a constant loop: as a result it is perceived as a constantly shifting sound field. The sound field is created from the rotation and speed alterations in accordance to the sounds and the timeline of the score. The sound field is an automated composition from movements in time. Kaffe Matthews: Sonic Bed
While lying on Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bed the visitor becomes physically affected by a spectrum of sound vibrations shifting underneath and around them. The 12 channel sound system immersed in the bed plays a specially constructed sound work, vibrating through and moving around the visitor. Subtle and dynamic, at times beyond hearing, the composition uses the architectural map of the human body and frequencies it is tuned to as its score. Sonic Bed will play music to feel rather than just listen to, for 1 to 6 people at a time. Telcosystems: Semaphore
Semaphore is a cinematographic installation that emphasizes a subdued and meditative state by submerging the audience in a world of pulsating and shifting shapes. The work is created from two basic compositional premises; pulse and feedback. The backbone of the compositions a stream of visual and sonic pulses, leaving its intervals to be explored and brought to life bya feedback generating network, consisting of envelopes, gates, compressors and masks. The intertwining layers provide the experience of an elaborate audiovisual time-space-continuum. Running almost entirely without input from the outside world, the system becomes a magnifier of its own rudimentary functions and algorithms.

Sagi Groner : Liso Armonium
Liso Armonium (Liso = “cut” in greek)
Two mechanical switches control the distribution of sound to the many speakers erected as pillars, arches or other architectural and sculptural forms, adapted to the hosting space. The sound ‘travels’ and ‘spirals’ up and down the speakers structures as the dials on the switches revolve. The switches in effect chop the input sound signal in many segments which are directed to different speakers. Invisible ‘pockets’ of sound can be discovered by moving in the space. TeZ + Janis Pönisch : Optofonica Capsule
The Optofonica Capsule is a futuristic design/architectural object, featuring a mechanized structure whose parts form an autonomous immersive audiovisual environment. The shell-like shape of the capsule wraps the body of the visitor to optimize the experience of surround and Tactile Sound. Low frequencies are transduced directly into the bone-system of the human body, thereby converting the sound into hyper-perceivable vibration; this adds a completely new sensorial dimension to the fruition of the piece and expands the possibilities of creation by the artists.



wed 2 july 19h:30 Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
20h:30 Aernoudt Jacobs
thu 3 july 19h:30 Martijn Tellinga / Cédric Pigot
fri 4 july 19h:30 Telcosystems
sat 5 july 19h:30 Optofonica Surround Cinema
sun 6 july 19h:30 Aernoudt Jacobs
20h:30 Francisco Lopez The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM) performance on the opening night features virtual instruments designed specifically for each composition created for the Orchestra within the Second Life platform and are played by artists from all around the world making live music together. AOM’s concert includes the beautiful and powerful THE HEART OF TONES (mixed reality version) by iconic composer Pauline Oliveros (aka Free Noyes), and the mesmerizing composition FRAGULA by sound artist Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew Takahe). Aernoudt Jacobs’ work is the culmination of an investigation into how the sounds from the field recordings can be processed into a different context. Field recordings for Jacobs are more than just recordings. The facts, memories and context of the recording are more interesting and provide an additional reason for (re)constructing them. Perception is an important aspect of his sound work. Observing music, sound and harmonies is a physical, emotional and intellectual activity that is always associated with personal memories.The properties of a particular piece of music or a sound will influence each individual’s perception. Martijn Tellinga and Cédric Pigot, respectively dutch and french sound artists, have been invited by Sagi Groner to present live multichannel sound compositions. Their acquaintance with acousmatics and experimental sound research makes their presence particularly appreciated in the context of Optofonica. With Mortals Electrics Telcosystems brings a new audiovisual journey. Over the years they managed to achieve a seamless integration of human interaction and machine behavior. In their interaction with machines they create a form of live cinema in which they fuse the auditive and visual domain into a spatial experience, exploring the limits of the human sensory apparatus. Mortals Electrics brings restrained and lucid imagery, layers of strobing organic structures, deep machinic drones and waves of digital noise. Optofonica Surround Cinema is a “formula” for high quality screenings of the audiovisual works produced for the Optofonica project by over 30 international artists. A selection from the consistent program, soon to be published on a DVD, will be screened in high resolution video (DV PAL) and uncompressed surround sound (6 tracks, 48KHz, 16 bit – NO AC3) directly from computer. OSC is a rare occasion to watch experimental audiovisual creations at their best. Francisco Lopez is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the underground experimental music scene. Over the last twenty five years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion.

“Optofonica presents: Crosswire” is a production of 5 days of media in cooperation with the Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst. 5 days off takes place from 2 – 6 July in Paradiso and De Melkweg, more information