Un’intervista per parlare d’arte contemporanea. Questo mese: SUKRAN MORAL

Sukran Moral (Terme, Turkey) she’s an artist who works between Istanbul and Rome. She’s specialized in works which illustrate the condition of women in Turkey, dealing with issues of social exclusion, justice and religion. She made artistic video-documentaries about people who live on the margins of society such as transsexuals, prostitutes, mentally ills, immigrants. In a brothel in Istanbul, where access is forbidden to women, she has achieved a performance in which she controversially renamed that place as “Modern Art Museum”; In the Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art of Sapienza – University of Rome – in 1997 she achieved a performance entitled “Museum & Mortuary”, a museum turned into mortuary. Other works have been carried out at the female asylum, and in the turkish bathroom of Galatasaray in the male section, both in Istanbul. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, fairs and international festivals, in 1997 even to 5° International Istanbul Biennial.

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