Digital Cities Exhibition & New Diffusion Titles

Digital Cities: London’s Future
The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT
November 21st 2008 to January 24th 2009

Proboscis is exhibiting works from Snout, Feral Robots and Social Tapestries and our film, Play to Invent in a group show curated by architect and masterplanner, Sir Terry Farrell,
“Digital Cities looks at how digital technology helps us understand and improve the planning and experience of our city. It will look at the impact on movement in cities: how communication and information technologies enhance a persons experience of place; how people interpret cities with the use of technology; and how mapping influences the design and planning of cities. It will also discuss some of ‘the big brother’ issues such as privacy and security. ”
Watch Play to Invent online:

New Diffusion Titles
Marseille Mix: ideal city by William Firebrace –
Social Tapestries by Giles Lane –
Sea Shanties (Traditional) –
Marseille Mix: never look at the map by William Firebrace –
Perception Peterborough: Underused Assets StoryCubes by Proboscis –
Perception Peterborough: Briefing Pack StoryCubes by Proboscis & Matt Huynh –
Perception Peterborough: Blocks of Change by Proboscis –
Perception Peterborough: Lines of Mobility by Proboscis –
Perception Peterborough: Bus Adventures by Proboscis –
Pharmaceutical Cubes by Kenneth Goldsmith –
Insideout by Matt Huynh –
Anytime by Matt Huynh –
Sensory Threads Workshop eNotebook by Proboscis –
Overture by Marcel Proust –
At the Water’s Edge with Joyce Majiski by Alice Angus –

Transformations Series
Proboscis has begun publishing the first contributions in our new series by Kenneth Goldsmith and William Firebrace. Find out more here:

Short Work
Chris Meade, director of if:book london, and Francis McKee, director of CCA Glasgow, have both selected public domain works for republication as Diffusion eBooks in our Short Work series: