Mobile Media and Experimental Workshops offered

Coming March to June…mobile media, animation, geotagging, web seminar, tool “skill ups” – media ecology – and more – workshops from itinerant media studies and digital culture experts – Molly Hankwitz and David Cox – Archimedia. Learn new skills in informal, hands on workshops designed to utilize the variable media platorms of today’s wireless, mobile, and portable culture. Classes are 40 for one 60 for two and 80 dollars for three. Saturdays 1 – 5pm now through early June. Untrain your brain at Artists Television Access 992 valencia Street in the Mission District. For more information pls check out the attached flyers.


Learn the basic principles of as well as hands-on animation techniques. Practice drawn animation with the zoetrope, ip books and other methods. Learn
how to set up a basic animation facility at home. Discover what freeware solutions are available for 2D drawn animation on a computer,
as well as stop motion programs which let you turn a digital camcorder and a computer into a puppet/object stop motion animation system.
By the end of the class you will have learned the basics of traditional animation, and how to apply the methods yourself at home using what tools
you have. Taught by award winning animator and lm maker David Cox. $40 per student. Limited to 8 students.
Saturday 4/11 and 5/30 — GEOTAGGING: MAPPING AND MEDIA
An overview of the available useful, free mapping resources and the bene ts and drawbacks
to each, including Google maps, Yahoo maps, MapQuest, and others. Examine the role these play in the development of geography-based art. Experiment
with GPS and geotagging; using portable screens for locative media. Learn the basics and the culture. $40 per student. Limited to 10 participants.
Saturday 4/18 and 6/6 — SOUNDTRACKS Develop the art of listening and expressing with sound. Sound sources, recording techniques,
how to produce primitive sound efx, aesthetics of audio will be studied in this brief immersion into sound design.
Non- lmmakers welcome. Make your own short soundtrack before picking up a camera, and identify audio sources on the Internet.
Good fun for lmmakers and non lmmakers alike. $40.00 student. Limited to 10 participants.
Saturday 4/25 and 6/13 — WEB STUDIES SEMINAR
This discussion-based workshop o ers an in depth overview of the World Wide Web as an historic
medium for the delivery of ideas. Presented as a three Part lecture/discussion, topics will include: Mark up language, Hypertext, the emergence of the
Browser and the URL, Cyberspace, public commons, multimedia/rich media, transformations in the concepts of networks, spimes, blogs and databases.
Great overview of the Web. A must for new media writers and aspiring culturalists.
$20.00 fee. No limit on enrollment.
Saturday 5/2 and 6/20 — USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!– TOOLS SKILL-UP
Many people have new portable computing and digital gadgets.
Most gadgets are never used up to their full potential and so called “old” tools see the dumpster too soon. This workshop promotes sharing
of ideas about what to do with old and used tools, unusual or obsolete technology, and o ers tips, skills, and information on what kind of
power lurks in your personal communications technologies. Find out how much media power you actually have and let your inner geek out!!!!
$50 per student, limited to enrollment of 10.
Registration is non refundable and is confirmed by advance payment in full by check or money order with a note or email stating your
preferred classes and dates. Please include a list of what you intend to work with, and what you are interested in working on.
Checks should be made out to: Molly Hankwitz/Archimedia and mailed to:
3288 21st Street, #28, SF CA, 94110. Please no returned items.
Questions? Drop an email with your information to All classes are held at Artists Television Access,
992 Valencia Street, SF CA 94110. Confirm registration by email or check in mail to the above address. Note: ATA is not set up to
take calls re: Archimedia workshops.
Please contact us:
or call at 415 401 5227, or 415 283 7757 (cells) Course dates may be subject to change.
Learn to make mini movies using what you have – use old camcorders, old webcams, new phone cams, and other types of cameras to make lms.
Work around the limits of small screens, limited frame rates, limits of storage and battery time. Improvise tripods and other stabilization devices made
from ordinary objects and learn production techniques for the small screen. Put your cell phone video into a form you can edit digitally.
Bring your own tools or works in progress. $40 per student.
Limited to 8 participants.