The Public School (for Architecture) New York

We are excited to announce an open call for class proposals to The Public School (for Architecture) New York. Propose any classes that you would like to take, or classes that you would like to teach, or classes that you would simply like to happen at

If you are in New York, then we invite you to an Open House on Wednesday evening, September 30 at the Van Alen Institute on West 22nd Street. Here you can propose and sign up for classes, offer to teach, find out how the school functions, and celebrate the launch of New York’s newest school for architecture. (more info on Open House below)

This project is a collaboration between Telic Arts Exchange and common room (an architectural collaborative based in New York) and it is supported by a New York Prize Felowship from the Van Alen Institute. Excerpting from the fellowship website, which summarizes our joint statement:

“The Public School (for Architecture) in New York City grows out of common room and Telic’s combined interests in the social, political, and economic aspects of architecture and an awareness that the process of working to-scale in the built environment is a productive form of negotiation. Expanding The Public School beyond its existing posts in Los Angeles and Chicago, common room and Telic seek to operate within and between those spaces in New York that have been opened up by current economic crises. Through open-ended discourse and alternative approaches to practice, common room and Telic propose to reactivate dismantled professional networks of the New York architecture community into a productive force that – while unable to repair the economic situation – can collectively begin to make sense of it and explore techniques for adaptation. They plan to install classrooms in semi-public transitional spaces within institutions throughout the city—waiting rooms, lobbies, and la rge corridors—and will publish a corresponding course reader.”

The Public School (for Architecture) New York
a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project by common room and Telic Arts Exchange

Open House:
Wednesday September 30, 7-9pm

Van Alen Institute
30 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010


Please join us for the Public School (for Architecture) New York’s inaugural Open House and launch of the Teachers Lounge at the Van Alen Institute. Through the duration of the fellowship term, the Teachers Lounge will serve as a resource for the Public School (for Architecture) faculty, and a meeting place for School participants to discuss classes, curricula, and related topics of interest. Following Wednesday’s Open House, the lounge will be open to the public each Wednesday, 10am-5pm, through December 9, 2009. During the Open House, visitors will be able to meet the instructors, sign up for classes, propose classes and discuss current and potential class topics with Public School administrators.

Fall Schedule:

September 30: Open House
October 13-25: Class Session I
November 1-22: Class Session II (in collaboration with Performa, as part of Performa09, the third visual art performance biennal)
December 1-11: Class Session III

The Public School (for Architecture) New York is a self-organizing educational program for which the curriculum and schedule are proposed by the general public. Administered by common room and the Telic Arts Exchange in collaboration with Performa, courses will be taught throughout New York City as itinerant installations during Fall 2009. The curriculum will be developed through public access to its website. Enrollment is open to non-architects and architects alike. The project locates areas where new ideas are possible, suggests ways that architecture can be engaged even while financial support is diminishing, and seeks to identify and activate a community of users beyond affiliations to a single organization. In doing so, the school aims to create a public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public.

Visit to propose classes, comment on or register in a class, offer to teach a class, and find out when and where classes will take place.

The Public School (for Architecture) New York is a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project and is supported in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Annenberg Foundation.

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