First Monday published the October 2009 (volume 14, number 10) Issue

The following papers are included in this month’s issue:

First Monday
Volume 14, number 10 – 5 October 2009

Everyday life, online: U.S. college students‚ use of the Internet
by Steve Jones, Camille Johnson-Yale, Sarah Millermaier, and Francisco
Seoane Perez

Gaydar: Facebook friendships expose sexual orientation
by Carter Jernigan and Behram F.T. Mistree

Patterns of online behaviour in the United Kingdom and Japan: Insights
based on asynchronous online conversations
by Milen Martchev

Toward global measurement of the information society: A U.S.-China
comparison of national government surveys
by Kate Williams and and Hui Yan

Political video mashups as allegories of citizen empowerment
by Richard L. Edwards and Chuck Tryon

Insidious pedagogy: How course management systems impact teaching
by Lisa M. Lane