Turbulence Commission: “Facetbook” by Liz Filardi

April 20, 2010
Turbulence Commission:
“I’m Not Stalking You; I’m Socializing: Facetbook” by Liz Filardi

“Anxious about the lack of ownership and access to my personal history, I explore how the structure of Facebook provides a literal construct of identity, framing the tension between the opacity of image and the multiplicity of being. For several weeks, I clear my Facebook profile of public information only to spontaneously repopulate the fields and clear them again, each time leaving a single link in my “About Me” section. Facebook users who select the link will open a flattened “archive” version of the previously visible profile.”

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Liz Filardi received an MFA in Design and Technology from The New School, where she also worked as teaching assistant to Ken Wark and Orit Halpern. In 2008, she was nominated for the William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for “Truth Recruit,” a performance in which she visited a Bronx high school dressed as a military recruiter. Her performance video, “Viral Conversations” is currently on display with Iraqi Memorial at Sheppard Gallery in Reno, Nevada. Based in New York, Liz is a production manager and web designer at Kickstand Animation, Research and Design and has interned at Rhizome, Eyebeam and Rocketboom.

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