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1. Scheduled classes
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1. Scheduled classes
JUN 3: art as a magickal practice (3 meetings remaining)
this course will bring together artists and occultists to discuss how art and magick intersect.

JUN 5: Speculative Realism (Harman, Meillassoux , Brassier, Grant)
Speculative realism is a newly-emerging philosophical mode of inquiry that attempts to think outside of the deadlocks of continental and analytic philosophy, primarily with a non-anthropocentric metap

JUN 9: Alter-Globalization (2010 U.S. Social Forum + Socialism 2010)
A discussion and planning gr oup to formulate a collaborative approach to the upcoming  2010 US Social Forum in Detroit and the Socialism 2010 conference in Oakland.Group will focus on the notion

JUN 13: new music for a new age (4 meetings)
Part listening party, part discussion, new music for a new age will focus on experimental music created by prominent figures of experimental religion and the new age in America starting around 1940.

JUN 19: Specters of LA History  Site-Specific Resurrections (2 meetings)
This class would be an investigation and resurrection of the spectresof LA History through theory, urban remapping and site-specific art/activistprojects.Part one would consist of theoretical and hist

JUN 30: Ableton Live (4 meetings)
This course would consist of teaching the basics of Able!  ton Live for beginners and advanced users. This course will cover all the essential functions of this program.

JUL 24: Home Coffee Roasting (2 meetings)
In this class we would learn about the coffee roasting process, bean selection, roast profiles, and how to apply all this in a home roasting environment.

2. New class proposals
karaoke theory bar
a karaoke bar with a twist. bring favorite theory passages and attempt to read them in the voices of their authors while drinking cheap beverages.

contemporary neoliberalism: 2000 to present
readings in contemporary neoliberal thinkers and politicians. in this class we will look at and discuss amer!  ican empire in the bush and obama eras and their use of classical neol iberalist strategies and tactics (as discussed in the prior neoliberalism class on the chicago school) both at home and abroad. particular attention could be paid to the 2008 crash and neoliberal responses to it.

3. Proposals at other Public Schools
Improvisational Cooking
bring an ingredient and we will create a dish.  when first thinking / brainstorming this course, had considered it would complement the weekly Plausible Artworlds program/series taking place at Basekamp.

Historia de Arte de Puerto Rico
Preparación de un curso dividido en dos partes sobre la historia del arte puertorriqueño desde el siglo XVIII hasta la época contemporánea en el cual se presenten los!  artistas precursores y exponentes de las diferentes épocas. El curso debe ser impartido en el campamento estudiantil de la Escuela de Artes Plásticas frente a los Campos del Morro.

Make electricity for Public School Helsinki kontti
Helsinki Public School will be hosting classes and events inside a shipping container (kontti) this summer located at Kalasatama. Pixelache festival sponsored an ‘Art and sustainability’ workshop at Ptarmigan in January, in which some electricity-generating devices were built – bicycles etc.

Processing basics
Anyone interested in teaching basics of Processing..?“Processing is an open source programming language and environment for          people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by          students, artists, designer!  s, researchers, and hobbyists for          learning, prototyping, and production.””Processing is free to download and available          for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Agression Ergonomics
Ever found yourself not in a mood, trying to do your business, but feeling every thing not in a place, angles popping on your way, glasses of water falling on books and papers, coffee flowing on your keyboard, wires trapping your feet, wishing for you to fall, doors having that stupid inertia which sets them not it the way they should, pens falling, carpet folding et. c.? Ever thought about something’s not right here?You’re not alone.

2 Day Time-Boxed Music Making and Album Recording
2 Day Time Boxed Music Making and RecordingOne full weekend, 2 days and 2 nights (8am-12am) will be dedicated to music making and recording with a participating group of musicians.  The course is open to all musicians current!  ly at all levels of proficiency.The goal of this course is to provide an immersive platform and various scenarios for music making and recording.  By the end of the weekend  we will have a finished short LP which will be distributed to all participants.

Sushi making
Learning to make maki / nigiri sushi – or both!

4. The Public School Enrollment!

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