M.A.P. Mobile Artistic Platform – Call for Applications (deadline 20th August 2010)


M.A.P. – mobile artistic platform- is a trans-disciplinary travelling platform that will move
across different locations in South India between 18th October and 15th November,
culminating with an open studio presentation at 1Shanti Road Gallery in Bangalore. The
travelling project is open to 6 participants from different artistic/creative backgrounds.
At the core of the project is a commitment to foster meaningful interactions and vital
collaborations between Asian, Indian and International artists through participatory and
new media tools.

The project proposes two general levels of inquiry. On the one hand, the four locations
selected will frame the specificity of our investigations with the direct exchange and
interaction with the local communities and joint partners. On the other hand, the project
aims at investigating the act of travelling in relation to creative exchange and learning
processes. At the junction between travel and artistic production what is important for
us to explore are the ways through which self-organization and creative exchange could
be initiated and experienced collectively. The experimental format of this project will try
to address a series of issues concerning sustainable tourism, cross-cultural exchange
and hospitality. A series of generic questions will lead the travelling residency and
the creative collaborations between the artists and the people, places and practices

In which ways the act of travelling can be understood as a learning process, as
well as becoming a space for creative collaborations?

How can we approach mobility in terms of artistic process?

What forms of exchange can activate a critical reflection on the relationship
between different set of polarizations (perception/projection, observer/observed,
inclusion/exclusion, artist/tourist)?
The project is scheduled to start on the 18th October 2010. The first week will be spent
on a location near Bangalore for an initial session of workshops and to plan the journey
with the participants. After this initial session, the group (the invited participants together
with members of Reloading Images, Maraa Collective and City Spinning) will start
the journey (17/18 days) visiting some specific locations in the South Indian regions
of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. A joint partner active in each location will
interact and cooperate with the group. More information about partners and places will
be announced soon.
The initial series of workshops (delivered by Reloading Images, Maraa Media Collective
and other invited guests) has also the function of activating and initiating conversations
and research directions in preparation for the journey. The methodologies explored are
based on different artistic practices (film, photography, visual art, critical theory, writing,
community based practices, theatre and performance making) with particular attention to
the creation of the aural archive.
At the end of the journey, the group will have an open studio presentation at 1shantiroad
studio gallery (http://www.1shanthiroad.com/) on the 13th and 14th of November. The
final presentation will exhibit the work-in-progress developed during the journey. It will
not be an exhibition of finished individual projects, but the focus of this final event is
to share the experiences and exchanges that have emerged during the mobile artistic
A web-based radio station/podcast will act as the main creative repository tool to be
developed by all participants.
It will encourage participants to interact and engage
not just with the communities at each site but also to promote internal discussions
and debates with each other. After the completion of the project, an interactive
website will be created to offer an alternative and creative presentation, visualizing
the ‘learning route’ followed during the residency, reflecting on historical layers and
present connotations, and acting as an archive of all the visual/textual/aural material and
collaborative projects produced during the platform.
We are looking for independent and open-minded artists and cultural practitioners from
various disciplines, with interest in exploring new ways of interaction and collaboration,
and, as a web-radio project will be developed during the platform, an interest in aural
documentation is very much appreciated. The project focuses on collaboration and
direct learning. Therefore we are not interested in object-based production but rather on
the work-in-progress potentiality of opening up spaces for dialogue and reflection. The
official working language is English and participants should speak it fluently.
Due to the circumstances of the project, the candidates should be self-aware and
experienced in travelling in basic conditions. Self-management, adaptability and
teamwork are crucial.
If selected, each participant will have to sign a form, which in essence states that the
individual will be responsible for his/her own safety, life and health. The organizers
will not be held liable in any event. The entire project will be legally framed under the
Bangalore High Court jurisdiction. The selection process is at the sole discretion and
decision of Reloading Images, Maraa and City Spinning. The decisions will be final and
Paid by the organization: The organization will pay for accommodation and travelling
costs (train tickets, transportations) within M.A.P from the 18th of October until the 15th
of November, as well as the production and organization of the final open studio, web-
radio and website. Where provided, food served will be Indian, and accommodation will
be fairly basic.
Paid by the participant: The selected participants will have to cover the costs to and from
Bangalore, visa and health insurance. Participants are encouraged to carry sleeping
bag, medicines, mosquito repellent etc.
Beatrice Catanzaro, Carla Esperanza Tommasini, Roberto Cavallini
for RELOADING IMAGES  – (NYRT e.V. – Berlin, Germany)
RELOADING IMAGES is an initiative of the Berlin based art association NewYorkRioTokyo. It is
an open network, initiated by Azin Feizabadi and Kaya Behkalam in 2006. RI started in 2007
with its first international project, Berlin-Tehran 2007, followed in 2008 by an artistic research
platform in Damascus (Syria). The projects can take different formats, from a process-oriented
artistic research to presentations and publications, creating temporary structures in which
experiments can be undertaken, formats explored and modes of (re) presentation investigated.
Ram Bath, Ekta Mittal
for MARAA COLLECTIVE – Bangalore (India)
Non-profit trust, rooted to the philosophy of community based activities; it is a platform for new
media and interdisciplinary art forms. It aims at activating networks and share experiences, in
order to foster debate and dialogue between individuals and communities. Maraa has worked
with various NGOs, from Madurai in Tamil Nadu to Garhwa in Jharkhand and Mukteshwar in
Uttarakhand. With UNESCO and NOMAD India network, Maraa facilitated the setting up and
capacity building for the first eight licensed community radio stations in India, as well as for other
radio stations (currently broadcasting in their respective regions). The final outcome of this project
is a bi-lingual publication, which captures key lessons and challenges from community radio
Prayas Abhinav
for CITYSPINNING – Bangalore (India)
CitySpinning is a platform for proposing and demonstrating new urban configurations for
conversation and diverse social interaction. Initiated as a space for inter-disciplinary collaboration
and dialogue, CitySpinning has initiated numerous interventions as well as curated projects
in Bangalore and Delhi across the last two years. Using technology and social networks
to imagine new urban possibilities is an ongoing interest which CitySpinning is pursuing.
Please send the completed application form
in one single PDF document (max 6 pages) to map@reloadingimages.org
The PDF document should include:
1. Contact details (see below)
2. A letter of motivation and artistic intention. (max 1 A4 page)
This should include: a short description of your artistic and professional experiences
relevant to M.A.P.; the description of your field of interests and activities relevant
to the project; What are you expecting from this experience? What can you
bring to the project? What’s your relation and/or interest in sound as media?
3. CV (max 2 A4 pages)
4. Examples of your previous works (max 2 A4)? . For audio or video works you can also
send us a link to vimeo or youtube.
Deadline: 20th August 2010 (Late submissions and incomplete applications will not be
The selected participants will be contacted by early September via email and
later announced on Maraa’s and Reloading Images’ web sites: www.maraa.in;
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? female
? student (specify):
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? researcher, (specify):
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