Betalevel Events

Our summer break comes to a resounding close with the Furious Fists of Friday-Saturday Double Explosion!

Singular Ideas in Sound
FRIDAY Aug 20, 8:30pm

Microtonal music by Portland’s AURES
Electro-acoustic music by Burlington’s GREG DAVIS
Opening sets by LA artists EARN and RALE

Piracy – Karaoke – Conviviality
SATURDAY Aug 21, 10pm until late

Google made its surprising net neutrality “compromise” the same week that Max Headroom was released on DVD? At least megacorps still have a sense of humor. Thank you, Google. We appreciate your support. We’ll be toasting you this Saturday with a MexiCoke and a song. Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-catch the wave!

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Directions to Betalevel

1. Find yourself in front of “FULL HOUSE RESTAURANT”
located at 963 N. Hill Street in Chinatown, Los Angeles

2. Locate the narrow alley on the left hand side of Full House.

3. Walk about 20 feet down the alley (away from the street).

4. Stop.

5. Notice dumpster on your right hand side.

6. Take a right and continue down the alley.

7. Exercise caution so as not trip on the wobbly cement blocks underfoot

8. The entrance to Betalevel is located 10 yards down on left side, behind a red door, down a black staircase.