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Visit our new website & watch the new short film about
Furtherfield by Pete Gomes.
Our brand new media arts website provides new ways for you to visit
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We believe that through creative and critical engagement with
practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.

Furtherfield – a Short Film by Pete Gomes. (front page)

Film and video artist Pete Gomes has created a new film about the
artist-led online community Furtherfield. Featuring interviews with
Furtherfield co-directors Ruth Catlow and Marc Garret as well as
artists, techies, games theorists and users of Furtherfield platforms,
the short film captures a dynamic networking collective working across
technology, social change and art.

“The generation of artists who first encountered the internet
inevitably all came from other disciplines. The desire to explore this
new medium shifted them away from making products and the commercial
art markets towards looking at information and organisation,
influenced by an interest in systems thinking and cybernetic ideas.
This short shows Furtherfield has continued those early approaches and
begins a process of attempting to explain those ideas.” – Pete Gomes

About Furtherfield

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