First Monday published the February 2011 (volume 16, number 2) issue

The following papers are included in this month’s issue:

First Monday
Volume 16, number 2 – 7 February 2011

The more people I meet, the more I like my dog: A study of pet-oriented
social networks on the Web
by Jennifer Golbeck

The value of online friends: Networked resources via social network sites
by Michael A. Stefanone, Kyounghee Kwon, and Derek Lackaff

Effectiveness and user satisfaction in Yahoo! Answers
by Chirag Shah

Personal Web searching in the age of semantic capitalism: Diagnosing the
mechanisms of personalisation
by Martin Feuz, Matthew Fuller, and Felix Stalder

The age of Web diplomacy: An exploration of international broadcasting online
by Aziz Douai

Political activities on the Internet: Slacktivism or political
participation by other means?
by Henrik Serup Christensen

Open data: Empowering the empowered or effective data use for everyone?
by Michael Gurstein