Dear CTheory Readers,

We are pleased to announce two upcoming lectures to be streamed through CTheory Live on Wednesday, March 16th. The first presentation by Barbara
Rauch, titled “Synthetic Emotions” is at 2:00 PM PST (March 16th). As director of the e_Motion Laboratory at OCADU, Professor Rauch is a leading
researcher exploring the boundaries of natural and digital environments. Her presentation on ?Synthetic Emotions? investigates the future of
artificial emotions and virtual affect in a posthuman culture increasingly shaped by the power of technology. Here, 3D scans are used to capture the
once and future evolution of life in the posthuman future.

The second lecture is by Ted Hiebert, titled “Werewolves, Magnetic Fields and Fingerprints of a Technological Imaginary” at 3:00 PM PST (March
16th). A visual artist, curator and theorist, Professor Hiebert will expand on Barthes? notion of technology as an extension of theatre in the
context of relational art. Using three art projects as ways of visualizing technology, his perspective breaks with the discourse of authenticity,
proposing instead a way of seeing technology that relates the question of technology to social and ideological (and sometimes delirious) relationships.

CTheory Live may be viewed at: http://pactac.net/watch-ctheory-live/.

This is part of a new CTheory research initiative focused on new media:
Digital Inflections.

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker