First Monday published the May 2011 (volume 16, number 5) issue

This issue marks the 15th anniversary of First Monday. The first issue appeared on the first Monday of May 1996. With the contents of the May 2011 issue, First Monday has published 1,114 papers in 178 issues, written by 1,428 different authors.

The following papers are included in this month’s issue:

First Monday
Volume 16, number 5 – 2 May 2011

Vernacular resistance to data collection and analysis: A political theory
of obfuscation
by Finn Brunton and Helen Nissenbaum

Clandestine chatters: Self-disclosure in U.K. chat room profiles
Chris Fullwood, Mike Thelwall, and Sam O’Neill

Banding together for bandwidth: An analysis of survey results from
wireless community network participants
by Gwen Shaffer

Digging into data using new collaborative infrastructures supporting
humanities-based computer science research
by Michael Simeone, Jennifer Guiliano, Rob Kooper, and Peter Bajcsy

Community created open source hardware: A case study of “eCars – Now!”
by Tiina Malinen, Teemu Mikkonen, Vesa Tienvieri and Tere Vadén

Sounds in the cloud: Cloud computing and the digital music commodity
by Jeremy Wade Morris

Evaluating WikiTrust: A trust support tool for Wikipedia
by Teun Lucassen and Jan Maarten Schraagen