Visualizar’11: Understanding Infrastructures | International Seminar

Plaza de las Letras
C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid
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International Seminar
Visualizar’11: Understanding Infrastructures

06.14.2011, 06.15.2011 and 06.27.2011

@ Medialab Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid (Spain)

Presentations and seminar program on June 14 and 15, 2011 during the workshop-seminar Visualizar’11: Understanding infraestructures, an event on the production of projects that will investigate, analyze and represent through data the running of infrastructures and global systems. The seminar will take place on June 13 and 14.

Free admission. Limited seating. [live streaming]

Simultaneous translation English/Spanish

Tuesday, June 14

10 am: Opening and presentation of the event
10:30 am: Presentation of the workshop and the 10 projects selected through an international open call that will be collaboratively developed during the workshop
2 pm – 2:30 pm: Collaborators’ presentation
5 pm: Lecture by Amber Frid-Jimenez: Data Is Political
6 pm:
Lecture by Rob Holmes: An Atlas of iPhone Landscapes
7 pm: Break
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Lecture by Dietmar Offenhuber (SENSEable City Lab/ MIT): The Internet of Obsolete Objects

Wednesday, June 15

10 am -10:30 am: Paper presentation by Daniel Rojas: Cartografía, descubrimiento, uso y representación
am: Paper presentation by José Luis Muñoz Muñoz: Some Looks of the Art Over the Space of the Urban Infraestructures of the Contemporary City
am: Paper presentation bye Anil Bawa-Cavia: Flowprints: Visualising Urban Network Dynamics
am: Break
am: Paper presentation by Inês Salpico: Visualizing Financial Networks: New Understanding of the Financial System and Implications for Policy Makers
am – 1 pm: Paper presentation by Evangelos Kapros: Poverty & Immigration: Visualising Simulations
pm: Lecture by Tom Raftery: The Terms Smart Grid Has Recently Started to Enter the Everyday Lexicon, But What Is It, And Why Do We Need It?
pm: Lecture by Drew Hemment: Innovation in Infrastructure: DataGM
pm: Break
pm – 8:30 pm: Lecture by Usman Haque (Pachube): The Craft of Data

Monday, June 27

6 pm: Lecture by Andrew Vande Moere (Information Aesthetics). At EOI School of Business

Other Activities:

Monday, June 20
5 pm – 8 pm: Impure workshop, an innovative tool for data visualization. Held by Bestiario. Limited seating.

Tuesday, June 21

7 pm – 9 pm:  #Redada 8: Transparency and Access to Information. With Ignacio Escolar, David Cabo, Juan Freire, Eva Moraga, Daniel Montero, and Victoria Anderica.

Wednesday, June 22
6:30 pm – 8 pm: Workshop: Introduction to Data Visualization and Analysis with R. Held by Felipe Ortega. Limited seating.

In collaboration with EOI School of Business (

Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Plaza de las Letras
Alameda, 15 28014 Madrid
Tfno. +34 913 692 303