You can contribute in the following ways:

Become a contributor for newmediaFIX. You will be able to post your announcements or comments with images and links on our front page directly. All entries need to be approved by the editors before they are posted. To be considered, please send a brief explanation about your experience and why you are interested in posting for NMF, as well as website(s) information (if any) to editor@…

Other ways to contribute:

• Forward official press releases or announcements of opportunities or other types of activities that would be of interest to online communities.
• Submit an online resource, either your own or one that you think is worth sharing.
• Submit the URL of an online project, which could be your own. You may include an abstract or short statement that would be used for contextualization.
• Submit a review of an actual work, an exhibition, or a resource. There is no clear word count, although it should probably be no longer than 800 words. The subject of review does not have to be strictly new media or emerging technologies, but should relate or crossover in some form.
• Submit an interview. This can be an interview of anyone who is active in new media and emerging technologies. There is no clear word count but it should be of some length, around 800 words, preferably more.
• Submit a text on any new media subject. Each piece should be at least 1,500 words. Shorter texts will certainly be considered, and may be released on the Recommendations section if it is more appropriate. We currently do not have specific categories for types of text submissions, but critical works, longer exhibition and festival reviews, theoretical works, are all encouraged.
• Submit a text that was previously published from another website or offline publication. When appropriate, we will credit the site where the text was originally published with a link or other form of reference.

If you have any questions, please ask the editors: editor@…

Independent translation is encouraged if you are working in another language and would like the text published in English or both English and another language.

— All correspondence regarding editorial/contributions should be sent to: editor@…