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The Mobile City

EVENT: Interaces and metropolises 8th encounter between French and Swiss urban planners, Lausanne, 8 July2011

Award Show in Cannes: Framepool announces winners of the 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ FireFlies Challenge

Cannes, June 24th 2011 – The winners of the 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ FireFlies Challenge come from the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The prominent jury chose their favorites amongst more than 40 short-films on the topic of “compassion”. Christopher Watson-Wood, Gianni Manno, Malte Ollroge and Christoph Hars received the most scores. The awards took place in Cannes yesterday evening.

The winners and their films:

Firefly Gold
The award for the best film of the 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ FireFlies Challenge goes to „Motherless Child“ by Christopher Watson-Wood from the UK. The short-film deplores man’s effect on nature, or more specifically wildlife. It is
primarily based on archive material from Framepool, in particular animal shots against blue screen. Those are composed into urban life scenarios. Christopher Watson-Wood started his career as a visual effects artist and
worked on several major films, including the Academy-Award nominated ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ directed by Terry Gilliam.

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FÒRUM OBERT. QUAM 2011 | WIKPOLIS. Cartografies i construccions col·lectives de l’espai social

FÒRUM. 08-09.07.2011 | TALLER DE PROJECTES. 10-15.07.2011

Més informació i inscripcions a la QUAM 2011 – WIKPOLIS: aquí

D’un total de 40 propostes presentades a la convocatòria oberta de projectes, ponències i comunicacions s’han seleccionat un total d’onze. Sis d’aquestes propostes seran presentades en el marc del Fòrum QUAM 2011 – WIKPOLIS. Totes elles formaran part del Fòrum Obert que es publicarà en la pàgina web de ACVic.

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Turbulence Artists’ Studios: “Insurance.AES256” by Michael Takeo Magruder

Turbulence Artists’ Studios: “Insurance.AES256” by Michael Takeo Magruder

On July 28, 2010, WikiLeaks posted a link to an encrypted 1.4GB file entitled insurance.aes256 on its Afghan War Diary website. The file’s appearance generated considerable speculation and debate as no official explanation was given about its contents or purpose. Countless individuals have downloaded it and redistributed on hard drives and servers spanning the world’s vast unregulated file-sharing networks, virally embedding it into the fabric of the Internet and rendering it forever obtainable and impossible to eradicate. What knowledge (or secrets) will be uncovered within its cryptic digital form?

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Sabato 2 e Domenica 3 Luglio, si terrà il primo Festival di Giocoleria! Con iniziative
per tutte le età all’area feste, in Via Gramsci 36, a Gaggiano (Mi).

Milano, 2 Luglio 2011 – Arci Metromondo, in collaborazione con il Comune di Gaggiano e la Provincia di
Milano, organizza il 1° FESTIVAL DI GIOCOLERIA! che si terrà Sabato 2 e Domenica 3 Luglio all’Area
Feste , via Gramsci 36, Gaggiano (Mi).
Saranno inoltre presenti bancarelle di giocoleria e autoproduzioni, bar, ristorante.
E’ disponibile spazio tende, palestra coperta, docce e ristoro al coperto.
I camper possono sostare nelle vicinanze.

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Turbulence Commission: “You Don’t Know Me” by Liangjie Xia

Turbulence Commission: “You Don’t Know Me” by Liangjie Xia
[Needs Software Download]

You are not always who other people think you are; you even hear your own voice in a different way. By recording and manipulating a recording of your voice with “You Don’t Know Me”, you will be able to restore your real voice and share with people how you hear yourself. This is a unique task that nobody else in the world can do. “You Don’t Know Me” provides a toolset and an online voice gallery. We are looking forward to hearing your true voice.

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Let’s go to Cannes – The 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ Challenge announces details of award show

Only two more weeks until our award show in Cannes! In addition to the enthusiastic feedback of the jury, we are really happy to announce a new sponsor for the 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ Challenge: The post production company ACHT will sponsor prices worth around 14.000 Euros for the winners.

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Volcanoes, lava landscapes, ash clouds and minerals: FACT announces the first major UK solo exhibition of Semiconductor

Semiconductor: Worlds in the Making
FACT, Liverpool
01 July – 11 September
Galleries 1, 2, Media Lounge and Public Spaces
FREE Entry

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool presents the first major solo exhibition of Semiconductor, aka Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. The British artist duo has earned critical acclaim for short films, including Magnetic Movie broadcast on Channel 4, as well as exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, and The Royal Academy, London. ?Combining film, scientific data, performance and animation, Semiconductor make moving image works, which explore the material nature of our world and how we experience it.

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QUAM 2011 | WIKPOLIS. Cartografies i construccions col·lectives

FÓRUM. 08-09.07.2011.

Seminari internacional amb la participació de Mona Fawaz/Ahmad Gharbieh, Stalker-Primavera Romana. (Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito), Iconoclasistas. (Pablo Ares, Julia Risler), Neil Cumings, Jordi Canudas/Carme Carbonell, Francisco Jarauta, Santiago Cirugeda, Straddle 3 (David Juàrez Latimer-Knowles), Todo por la praxis (Diego Peris),, Efraín Foglia i participants seleccionats en convocatòria oberta (recepció de projectes i comunicacions fins 17.06.2011 –aquí per a més informació).

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Osloo – A Public Place in Venice By FOS – 31 May – 1 July 2011 Island of San Servolo, Venice

Osloo is a floating pavilion comprising
a Bar, a Daily Event Programme and a Radio Station
31 May – 1 July 2011
Island of San Servolo, Venice, next to the vaperetto stop
Open Daily 2 pm – 10 pm

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